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  1. Re: Official Red Devils thread Thursday nights, Channel 5 Thursday nights, Channel 5!!
  2. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 Sorry to be picky, but Sarpei is already 86 Nice list though. Hope this thread is as good as the 2009 one.
  3. Re: Official Red Devils thread Happy with that. Bayern in the QF and if we progress the winner of Lyon v Bordeaux in the Semi's. Think we got very lucky, especially when you see what Arsenal were landed with Still woulda liked Barca, but then again I suppose there's Arsenal and Inter on that side of the draw who could give 'em a decent game. I'm plumping for a United v Inter final EDIT: The Draw in Full: Lyon V Bordeaux (QF1) Bayern V United (QF2) Arsenal V Barcelona (QF3) Inter V CSKA (QF4) Semis: winner of QF2 v winner of QF 1 winner of QF4 v winner of QF3
  4. Re: Official Red Devils thread Nice to see Hargreaves got 45 mins unscathed: http://www.manutd.com/default.sps?pagegid=%7BF9E570E6%2D407E%2D44BC%2D800F%2D4A3110258114%7D&newsid=6647425 And also, Champions League QF & Semi's draw this morning, anyone have any preferrence as to who they get? Wouldn't mind CSKA as they were average at best in the group, although the travel is a bit of a pain, other than that either Lyon or Bordeaux seem the "easiest" draws. Would like Barca in either the QF or SF though, think we stand more chance over 2 legs against them than in a one-off game.
  5. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread They're not always that bad. TBH, probably best gambling on them this week due to the reduced prices. 5000 coins as opposed to the usual 7500 for a premium, normally rake back at least 1200 on discarding the players (unless they're Pato of course ) get 2/3 contracts (which normally sell for about 400 each = 1200) and a couple of injury things which come in handy when the muppet you're beating in the semi decides he's gonna try and injure as many as possible of your players. They're actually not that bad value @ 5000 as opposed to 7500, don't think I'll be buyi
  6. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Tell me about it. Best I've had up to now (ratings) is Petric, and the most valuable (although only about 1k) is Raul. Couldn't believe it when I saw it! Not wanting to rub it in, but he's goooooood Especially up top with Lavezzi and Quagliarella in behind, working a treat up to now, with Vucinic as a backup I'm over the moon with that front line EDIT: Sorry, most valuable was Aquilani in a Gold Pack, he was a duplicate though and I had himn already so it doesn't count I guess!!
  7. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread My faith in gold packs has been restored....... PATO!!!!!!! well that's Cassano's replacement sorted :D:D:D:D
  8. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Had an ok night last night, only this of any significance to report: GC 77 - Port Vale guarantee their promotion from Div 5 after a 3-2 win over 3rd place Darlo. Resigned to 2nd tbh, 5 points behind Wiggles Rotherham side with 2 to play. GC78 - after the mother of all comebacks in the 2nd half of the season, which was a combination of luck and a good run of 6 wins and a draw from the last 7 Bayer Leverkusen miss out on the title by GD, finishing level on points with Bayern, but Bayern's +22 was too much for my mere +14. Was an excellent sea
  9. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Won the St Patrick's cup again last night, decided to sell Cassano as he's pap! Just can't play with him. Anyways, winning it for the 2nd time made my mind up about the 2nd squad and I've now started the La Liga and any other Spaniards to go alongside the Serie A and any other Italians side. Here's the two squads: Italy/serie A: Manager - Ancelotti Handanovic Zambrotta Nesta Legrottaglie Vargas Cambiasso Aquilani Quagliarella Giovinco Vucinic Lavezzi Subs: Montolivo Juan Stankovic + any spaniards that need a fitness boost by sitt
  10. Re: GC19 discussion / rumours etc thread Had a game message saying one of my players had a position/rating change today, and no-one did Anyways, the reserves beat AZ 5-3 away from home to move up to 3rd, 3 points off PSV. Hoping the league form picks up after the SMFA Group stages when the first team are let off the leash in the league, no domestic comps after last week's humiliation
  11. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Well managed to win the final of the St Pat's trophy. decided to start my 2nd squad (La Liga/spaniards) and with the winnings bagged Forlan for my new squad and Cassano for my original Italian/Serie A squad. Hoping to repeat tomorrow
  12. Re: GC19 discussion / rumours etc thread Congrats on the first 90 Think I'm taking your place as the perennial bidding war loser, bar Warnock I've had nothing lately TL'd 19 y/o AM/LM Naoki Yamada after his rise to 85 today, only one cash bid up to now (just over CV) but I'm looking for something a little more substantial. First decent offer will be accepted.
  13. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread anyone on the ps3 got any Italians or Serie A players to sell, looking for a good CB primarily. Have a little stack of coins, nothing special EDIT: I see that big bonus has brought out the big boys for the St Patricks day tourney, just played a semi against an amalgamation of Barca and Real. I was dizzy by the end
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