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  1. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Show off I will catch you up in a few years...
  2. Armand_Mufc

    SM - Mock The Week

    Re: SM - Mock The Week "Ok folks,this is your captain speaking, before we begin our flight I just wanna send a holla to all my soccer manager peeps. You know I love ya'll! That's all. Enjoy your flight"
  3. Armand_Mufc

    SM - Mock The Week

    Re: SM - Mock The Week Ok today on 60 Minute Makover.....Wait a minute, no one told me we had 60 minutes to makeover a house. Screw this..
  4. Armand_Mufc

    SM - Mock The Week

    Re: SM - Mock The Week Ok here we are at day 3 of 60 Minute Makover..... I love this thread
  5. Re: WC6770 - being made at 1,00PM - JOIN! World Championship 6770 has already been made?? Its only for new members though???
  6. Re: WC6770 - being made at 1,00PM - JOIN! SM is closed down for me??? Website error ? Well when its made I will join hopefully
  7. Re: Gold Championship 67 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Burnley Armand Derri, the guy that didn't manage a team in a GC for ages and now comes back, has taken over Burnley in GC 67. He has said that his target is a place in the top 15. To help him, he has put in bids for players with experience and some youngster that have been neglected by their managers. No players, probably, will be leaving. More to come when Armand can find time to write
  8. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! Got Burnley. Clicked Arsenal... All the other teams I wanted were gone. Happy with Burnley. I hope not to get relegated
  9. Re: Marks animated Avatars request thread. I dont think Jessica Alba is very football related I think he is. It shouldn't be any more difficult than football related ones
  10. Re: EXCLUSIVE! Want my Sigs? Hurry up and request then! Could I have one please? All I ask is it to have : Anderson and Rooney in it somewhere. My name somewhere but quite small. Anything else you think will make it look cool. Surprise me Thanks. If you dont have time then no proplem
  11. Re: Marks animated Avatars request thread. Can I have on that goes from United logo to Sunderland please? Like James's.
  12. Re: Greig Spence Trust me Bourkey...do what this guy says...he will actually go loco Greig hasn't competed his move yet. Does anyone know when he will be close to completing it? And do any of you think its possible that maybe a Celtic scout came on to this forum...saw this thread and snapped him up
  13. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! Sunderland -- Thats who Im going for. I just downloded Google Chrome for this computer im using but the internet connection in Albania is soo slow I would be really hapy to get Sunderland but if not then I will go for anyother English Team, then Spain...then Greece
  14. Re: Greig Spence Good Luck To You Greig. I hope that (for the second time) I can say to people wheni see you on TV "Hey, I kinda knew that guy" [Pixie Lott came to my school a few weeks before becoming famous] Hope to see you scoring some goals against Rangers...just to see what people say on the forum. Greig probably wont see this or anything else you guys have said. He is busy living the life of a footballer now. I would have been such a good agent for him. He would be playing for man Utd by now if I was his agent
  15. Re: Premier League 09/10 [Fantasy Football] I have joined. Happy with my team.
  16. Re: Should SM make GC67 at 23:00 GMT tomorrow * no spoilers * Do any of you think that it could be made today? Because forumers were the only ones to know about the GC being made to start with. As far as i know of..only forumers were told it would be made tommorow (maybe SM Westgate forumers). Maybe SM wrote that it will be made on Monday to give some forumers an advantage because maybe some of you actually listened to what they said So maybe SM will make it tonight ? Maybe its me just being crazy...but I have a feeling.
  17. Re: Championship Table Predictor My Prediciton 1. Reading 2. Ipswich 3. QPR 4. Sheffield United 5. Middlesborough 6. Newcastle 7. West Brom 8. Cardiff City 9. Peterborough 10. Leicester City 11. Preston North End 12. Swansea City 13. Coventry City 14. Crystal Palace 15. Nottingham forest 16. Derby County 17. Bristol City 18. Doncaster 19. Plymouth 20. Sheffield Wednesday 21. Watford 22. Blackpool 23. Barnsley 24. Shorpe
  18. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! I got the best team in the world Las Palmas I was shocked when I saw them in Blue. I thought they would be the first to go. Thanks goodness I got such a great team like them after waiting an hour for GC 66...then had to go because the battery of my laptop finished and I woke up the next morning at 7am to find it was made 30 minutes after I slept. Oh Happy Days
  19. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! I know. He is my hero
  20. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! oooh I thought it was at 7pm Well...I will be going for Sunderland. I really hope I get them. But on this slow computer I am using...its very unlikely. good Luck everyone
  21. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! when is it being made? Im refreshing now lol
  22. Re: Ferdinand is Doing a Ronaldo That is scary!! Why did he do that!!? What is also as scary is that the guy behind him is checking him out!
  23. I myself am quite angry with this because if you remember in January..I think that Sepp Blatter was saying that Man City's bid for Kaka was crazy and saying other bad things that I cant remember. Now when it gets to a spanish team thats buying...its alright! Man City bid for Kaka - £100mil Real Madrid bid for Ronaldo - £80mil Not much of a difference really! And Blatter also said that Man City's crazy spending is bad..well what about Real Madrid! He hasnt said anything about them has he. Thats just my opinion and sorry if some of my facts were wrong.
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