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  1. Re: Franco Douglas He has had another increase and is now a 86 rated CB/RB He has risen 6 from the time I made this thread Arnautovic also rose to 85
  2. Re: Greating From Kosova Again Hi Dardan. Im Armand...and from Albania Have fun on the forum
  3. Re: Dennis Josep Krol He has been signed by German Club Bayer Leverkusen. He is on a contract there until 2011. I think he will play more matches there so he could be added to the DB soon
  4. Re: How Long Will SM Be Around For?
  5. Re: The Lyric Competition. Thats really good Keep on doing this stuff, you are good. Never knew their was a word called Hedonism though It would be funny if someone like Britney Spears or Lady Gaga came online, somehow found this website and stole one of someones songs You should copyright all your stuff, just incase you become proffesional in the future...just in case.
  6. Re: Gold Championship 54 Match Reports/Transfer News Nottingham Forest win their first match of the season 2 - 0 against Barnsley
  7. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread I still havent got my Watford/Nottingham Forest winning but they are improving : Watford lose 6 - 0 to Borussia Dortmund!!! Watford lose 2 - 1 to Arsenal!!! Nottingam Forest are just not doing to well for me so Im trying some new tactics
  8. Re: Best Internet Provider I am good with words
  9. Re: Best Internet Provider Thanks Guess What!!! Virgin Media took half of the ammount off!! I called there customer services on Monday, she said she cant do anything. Then Yesterday I called Customer Relations (any difference??) and they said they can!!! The woman said that Customer Relations is better when it should be the same lol!!! Guess I will be keeping Virgin but I guess other people can use this thread AOL, Tiscali and BT all caused me trouble in the past!!!
  10. Well, I have a dilema! Virgin Media are getting on me and my family's nerves. They are charging us extra for nothing. So I need to know which company to go to after this. I just want good speed internet (at least 5MB) and Free Evening Talk + Weekends. I dont know which one is the best to go to so I thought my friends () on the forum could maybe help me. If I dont find another one quick...I will have to miss out on SM for weeks
  11. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Thanks. If I win, I will make the most of those 2 lines
  12. Re: Operation-A + NickJustice Basic & Complex Match Skins. Get Your Requests In Now! Whenever its possible could I get this one done please : Simple Watford Yellow Gold Champ 1!
  13. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Will do Thanks
  14. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread I just took over Watford in GC 1. Good Side...TOO much depth in my opinion. I have to loan out a few players because I dont need them. I like to keep my teams tidy and I just find it too hard to choose tactics for a squad as big as this! Does anyone mind having a friendly so I can try out a few tactics ?
  15. Re: Gold Championship 54 Match Reports/Transfer News Forest Off To A Bad Start! Nottingham Forest didn't get off to good start his season. They lost their first match of the season to Lee Winslow's Sheffield United. The match was quite even with everything (possesion, shots on target etc.) but Forst just weren't as good attacking wise. That performance made Armand Derri think. After that match he made 2 new signings to help Forest's attacking force. Mariano Martinez and Silva Santos Gilmar both arrived for a fee believed to be £2 million each. Armand Derri hopes that these new signings will help Forest's chances of a top 10 finish this season.
  16. Re: Football Manager or Soccer Manager? Yeah I know that now. I saw it on sale a few weeks ago (the 2008 one). I got the PSP one (2009) instead and I really like it. But as I have joined a GC again, SM is still ahead for me...but by a bit.
  17. Re: Gold Championship 54 Match Reports/Transfer News Forest Complete Signings Of 3 New Players! Nottingham Forest have completed the signings of 3 players. 2 experienced ones' and 1 not so experienced. Iain Turner was the first to arrive for a fee of £1.5 milllion from Everton. He will be used as a Rotation keeper. Then Fernando Nino arrived from Elche for £800k and Erol Bulut came from Metalurh Donetsk for £1.4 million. Armand Derri hopes that they will bring some exerience to this young side. Those are the only signings so far, but they are really important. These players will all play a big part in Forest's season. Armand Derri has set his targets for this season. He is hoping to get a top 10 finish in the league but admited it will be tough. More news to come soon.
  18. Re: Operation-A + NickJustice Basic & Complex Match Skins. Get Your Requests In Now! Can I have one of those basic ones with the Nottingham forest shirt and Gold Championship 54 written on it please. Red please Thanks
  19. Re: Gold Championship 54 Match Reports/Transfer News Nottingham Forest????? Armand Derri yesterday came back to GC management...but with Nottingham Forest!!! Armand admited that he was hoping for a bigger club but said that he was very happy at Forest and likes the age of the group (average 24). He said this : So, it looks as if Forest fans wont be cheering over any new signings this season but they will be happy about the loan signings of Parejo and Van Der Wiel. On other news..... Armand Derri was also offered the Argentina job today and he didn't even think twice about accepting. He said that it was the biggest National job that he had ever been offered and was honoured ().
  20. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! I have made my mind up!!! I will be going for : Man Utd or Liverpool or Tottenham or Real or Villa or Hull (). I like my decision I will probably go for Burnley/Cardiff if thats the forumers league though!
  21. Re: Football Manager 2009 Does anyone know how to get a patch for the 2009 handheld one. I only find the ones for the computer version
  22. Re: {UKFSC} Euro League Discussion. When I looked at my fixtures I thought I had it easy !!! And we have West Ham so I am getting ready to lose
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