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  1. Re: Free Kick Fusion Tournament Id Like to Fill in one of those 3 missing spaces if possible
  2. Re: Official Red Devils thread Could this be the introduction of Fabio? I really hope so as I can imagine what it feels like...your brother has scored a goal and plays regularly for Man Utd first team...and you are a reserve. Very Annoying. O'Shea has no pace! He is not fast enough and hasn't been playing too well regulary!
  3. Re: Marko Arnautovic - FC Twente Sorry mate...I really did check
  4. Re: Marko Arnautovic - FC Twente I will I love FC Twente - Franco Douglas and Marko Arnautovic (and thats just the ones that I wrote about )
  5. Marko Arnautovic Real Club:FC Twente Age:19 years old Born:19 April 1989 Nationality:Austrian Position:Central Striker (CF) Foot: Both Rating: 77 Last Rating Change: 5 (Date: 25-3-2008) Marko is 19 years old and is Austrian. He has 2 Austrian caps. So far in the Dutch Eredivisie, they are heading into gameweek 18 (so they have currently played 17). Out of all these matches, Marko has started 10 of those matches and been a sub for 2. And out of 12 games he has scored 7 goals and 2 assists, which is really good for a 77 rated player. Compared to the other strikers which are rated 87 - 89, Marko has done better then them! For example, Romano Denneboom, who is rated 87, has played the same ammount of matches but only scored 1! So I think that a rise to 85 is more then likely if he keeps playing the way he is and Steve Mclarren keeps playing him (which he propaply will). And at a price of 830k, he is not too expensive. Espicially when you could propaply be selling him for over £6 million after the next dutch rating changes. Here is a video : 5Iu89ntGqcs Wait until after video for even more choices
  6. Armand_Mufc

    Who Am I?

    Re: Who Am I? Do you mind giving us another clue? It might help me....totally stuck
  7. Armand_Mufc

    Who Am I?

    Re: Who Am I? Someone can do one now as I dont think Jacko is going to do one lol I cant think of one now as I am watching eastenders
  8. Re: Xbox360 - Xbox Live! I have been having nightmares about that! How does that happen anyway?
  9. Re: Xbox360 - Xbox Live! I made my Xbox Live account today. Am called Armand027. I might be able to play sometimes, but i warn you.... I am rubbish
  10. Armand_Mufc

    Who Am I?

    Re: Who Am I? Its a coincidence that you revived it Ahmed, I was thinking about doing the same thing last night And Allan....all the credit is mine
  11. Re: The Restrictor Challenge (TRC!) Me and Atkin are the : Australian Fajita's We are Smart and Dangerous
  12. Re: World Championship 4617! Is He Crazy? After only 24 hours in charge, Armand Derri has already caused fans to get angry! Armand Derri has sold Owen Hargreaves, Park Ji Sung, Ben Foster, Tomazc Kuzcack and Cristiano Ronaldo. All the deals were straight money deals except from Ronaldo's deal, which brought Silva and Villa into Old Trafford. 2 other players came in ; Mendes Sylvinho as cover for Patrice Evra and Luiz Ronaldo as cover for the other strikers! Fans are getting even angrier because of the oldies coming in. But Armand promised to fans that quite a few youths would be coming in by the time they play the first match. More to come later....
  13. WC 4617 Man Utd : Armand_MUFC Bowenboii : Internazionale Mr.Adamski : Sevilla Which one will finish top? Mr.Adamski, Bowenboii and myself joined this setup, and as we were all in the division, I thought it would be good if we made a thread so we post transfers/results etc. We will each post later on......
  14. Re: Official Red Devils thread Sorry if I seem a bit dumb, but why is Berbatov - What did he do?
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Huntelaar + Sneijder + Money was another bid. But the Milan manager said that he would bid Kaka + pato...so I am waiting to see if he will do it. EDIT - Milan manager said no, so gonna accept Villa + Silva
  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Ok, thanks for the help. I will see how I can negotiate
  17. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I am selling Ronaldo, but I have got two good offers : Kaka + Gattuso Gerrard + Dossena
  18. Re: The Official !FIFA 09! Thread I think that the tasks are somewhere on the start menu. Am not sure but I remember finding it somewhere. Leyton are rubbish lol. I am better then all of them on Fifa (the reserves anyway ). They just wont put me in the first team or even captain of the reserves even when Im getting hatricks and 9 ratings
  19. Re: The Official !FIFA 09! Thread I got Fifa 09 on XBOX 360 about a week ago and I love it Its great..shame I can't play it on HD tv. One time it dont work with sound then it dont work with video? But I do love the game. Be a Pro is fun. I play for Leyton Orient (was being realistic.....as if I would start my career at Man Utd . I managed to beat Pompey 6-1 in Community Shield (profesional level). I love it
  20. Re: The Restrictor Challenge (TRC!) Ok. Me and atkin will tear you all up With my money and players and his scouting knowledge and managerial wizardness...no one can beat us
  21. Re: The Restrictor Challenge (TRC!) Yh lol. But arent u meant to have a mexican team?
  22. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... What formation do u use? U don't have many good forwards mate Have u tried buying from Unmanaged/Unmanageable clubs?
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