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  1. Re: Custom set up credit Thanks for you help
  2. I currently have one custom set up credit, is it possible to change this to a standard set-up credit?
  3. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports Nottingham Forest begin season with a solid 3-0 win with2 goals coming from MOM J Bazalar nand a goal from loan player Micheal Johnson. Forests next game is a tough away trip to Millwall although Nottingham forest will be aiming for all 3 points. On a side note a thought I thought you could only play a keeper in nets, unfortuantely this was not the case in the leeds - Bristol game
  4. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports The nottingham Forest team for tonights home game againest Hartlepool will line up as follows 1 G A. MARTINEZ 2 RB C. SUAREZ 3 LB J. SANGUINETTI 4 CB J. CALLSEN-BRACKER 5 CB M. DA COSTA 6 CM J. BAZALAR 7 RM R. CAPRIA 8 CM M. JOHNSON © 9 F R. PALLADINO 10 F E. CHIESA 11 LM J. ALMIRON S1 RB D. BALLERI S2 CB Z. ANTONIO CARLOS S3 AM R. LATAPY S4 F C. MORALES S5 CM/F D. YORKE Both manager Paul Getty and the forest fans are confi
  5. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports New Nottingham Forest manager is looking to loan 3 players 85+, if anybody has any players available pm me.
  6. Re: NEW SETUP, APPLY NOW. 1ST GAME SUN 2ND SEPT Interested if man u are available
  7. Re: Make Your Own Standard Setup I still have a credit for a custom setup worth 9.99 is it possible for me to exchange this for 2 standard setups?
  8. Re: Gold Championship 7 Sunderland are looking for a centre back on emergency loan for tonights game againest man u - If you can offer me a good centre back for tonight please PM me
  9. Re: Reporting abusive PM's Thanks for your help, I have also discover he may be part of a group of cheaters in that setup so I also have reported what i suspect. Some very dodgy deals
  10. Although must people in SM are pleasant to deal with I have recieved a few abusive or agressive PM's, although it is not that serious I dont apperciate messages calling me a knob or an ***. Just wandering if anybody else as had these experiences and what they have done about it or what they think should be done.
  11. Re: Premiership top scorer Sir David Healy
  12. I was recently reading a thread relating to the match engine and how tactics may effect the result, as there is only one rating for each player maybe each player could have up to three key skills e.g. Xabi Alonso - passing, Beckham - Freekicks ( Therefore increasing the likleyhood of him scoring a freekick), Essien - Tackling ( Decrease the likelyhood of the oppostion scoring or the effectivness of an attacking midfielder), Henry (Speed - Counter attack). I am not sure how the match engine works but I assume probability depending on player ratings has something to do with it. In my opinion if
  13. Re: Team has no keeper in GC7 I have a keeper they can buy at his value if someone takesover them just to sort this out.
  14. I am Sunderland in GC7 and have Stephen Elliot Transfer listed ( Age 23, Value 3.8mil and rated 84) I currently have Giles Barnes, Anthony Stokes, Ryan Jarvis, David Nugent, Stern John (Transfer listed) and Yorke. I have recieved an offer from Wolves of a P/E for Mark Little, age 18, value 2.1mil and rated 81. He is a right back, I currently have 3 players who can play right back Chris Baird - Age 25 rated 83 and value is 3.1mil ( I expect him to get a rating increase but he may need to play centre back as my first choice CB's are both on loan. Stephen Wright ( Transfer Listed - age 27 rated 8
  15. Re: Who's for the drop next season The season before last Steve Davis won 3 out of the 4 Villa's player of the year awards and this season did not get much chance and also had personal problems last season, this year I expect a good season from him. Chris Baird one southamptons player of the year last season and Lawrie wasnt the only one to have an interest in him Roy Keane also made a transfer bid. Aaron Hughes is a very experienced player but has never really performed for Villa but hopefully will Lawrie will get the best out of him. Dont know as much about the other players. The premi
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