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  1. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    Did any of you guys see the game against Hangzhou Greentown? What a game it was. Yes Greentown are a rubbish team but it must be said Berbatov plaued really well. The fourth goal when he and Owen combined was brilliant. Another positive is that Tosic is looking good and Nani has been playing really well in these pre-season games as well. ;)

    Our front line is looking quite strong as well. Owen has fit in nicely and is getting the goal. Berbatov is his usual lazy but brilliant self, Rooney is playing well and Kiko is playing with a lot of confidence. All is not lost yet...:);)

    Here are the highlights if anyone wants to see:-

    Hangzhou Greentown 2-8 Manchester United :D

  2. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    I'm gonna have to go with burs there. Tevez does not have and ego. He is a great great player and he did not leave because of the salary, that need was met it was the fact that he was not getting starts that he left. You guys say he got the start the big games....... he only started one game against Arsenal and and the Liverpool games, he did not start any of the Chelsea games or the CL games against Inter or the final of the CL and the two Arsenal CL games.... After he scored four goals in the FA Cup against B'burn did Fergie start him the next game...... no........ He was just fed-up of not getting the starts. I can't blame him for that, he is a quality player and he deserves more. Even if he had got the salary he wanted Fergie would still not started him more often. IMO that's why he left, he wanted to start games. And trust me he is NOT going to go to Man City. He said he would not join Liverpool due to loyalty to ManU, coz they were our biggest threat last season. ;)

    All i have to say is best of luck Tevez; and i hope we get Benzema...... Lyon have stated that they are ready to sell Benzema if a good offer comes in. :):P

  3. Re: UTD confirm Tevez departure

    I emphasise the word BETTER


    Thierry Henry

    James Beattie

    to name a few..

    Sorry Stevie but i would prefer Tevez over any of the players named above.... and Beattie better than Tevez??? We are in a bit of a soup now that we have lost Tevez and Ronaldo. As stated above they really will be very hard to replace. I hear that we might launch a bids for Benzema as well as Ribery. Ribery will be very tough to get as Bayern consider him more valuable than Kaka etc. etc, :rolleyes: But Benzema actually quite a possibility. I also read somewhere that we are about to launch an 18 million pound bid for Valencia :confused:........

  4. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    O well, i have been gone for quite a while but i'm back for a bit. ;) Just read that Tevez will be leaving even though we made him a great offer, that includes the 25.5 million pound transfer fee and a salary that would make him one of the highest paid players in ManU; he still rejected. Quite a big loss, i mean i was hoping we would be able to keep him. :(

    But anyway, we have to concentrate on getting some quality players now or we really will be in a spot of trouble next season. I hear we could launch a bid for Benzema..... lets hope. :P:)

  5. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread

    Well Rooney will probably play on the right and track back to help O'Shea. Park might start on the left to help Evra against Messi with Carrick and Anderson in CM along with Berbatov and Ronnie up top. Anayway' date=' Ronaldo will tear Slyvinho / Pique apart! :P


    Lampard almost crying. :D

    Oh yeah, also wanted to post this which I saw in the game...


    That is what football is about. Sportmanship!

    Edit - These pictures seem to have a mid of their own. Appearing and disappearing. :o

    Well, i do agree that football is a bout sportsmanship, but the way barca won the game was really.......should i say, heartbreaking. Chelsea dominated the entire game. Created a lot of chances (which they failed to take) and right at the death iniesta scores for barca (that was barca's first shot on target!). Then after that Chelsea should have got a penalty when whoever is was (i forgot :o) handled that ball.

    I would have been distraught had a been a Chelsea fan and as Drogba rightly said at the end of the game the official was a "******* disgrace". :P;)

  6. Re: FA Cup

    Oh no. Why do Man Utd have to have the two single laziest penalty takers in the world? Now there will be a proper enslaught on here. :(

    I wonder if Man U fans still like Berbatov and Ferdinand now...:)

    Nah, i still do like both of them, but i was quite shocked when Ferdinand came in second to take the penalty. I think that was the reason we lost. Could have had Tevez take that ine and Scholes take the fiftha and kept Ferdinand for the sisth.

    Anyway, as i said, i am disappointed but i ain't gonna ponder over this game to much. ;)

  7. Re: FA Cup

    O well, we lost the game but lets look on the bright side. Our young team put up a decent show and we went out respectfully. I still do think that the Welback incident was a penalty though. ;)

    Anyway, won't spend much time thinking about this loss. All i can say is well done Everton and best of luck for the finals. Just hope the Valencia game goes well. :P:)

  8. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    It will be a close game tonight but i think we should get past Everton.

    Everton will be really pumped coming into the game coz this is the closed they have come to winning silverware in quite a while. So they will give it everything they've got, but i think we should manage to get the win. Don't think it will be all that convincing....maybe a 2-1...... ;):)

  9. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    Ah well, good result for us but not a great performance. Sunderland were the better side for most of the first half and looked quite dangerous in the second as well. Great goal from Scholes (he was the shortest player on the pitch :P) and a decent equalizer form Jones as well, but tbh Foster could have done better than that. And then the wonder kid came on and scored within some 2 or 3 minutes. Well, as mentioned above, sooner or later he will run out of luck but it must be said his goal against Villa was not luck and i dare say that this goal was intentional as well. Maybe he did not expect the ball to go into the back of the net but i'm quite sure the flick, though instinctive was intentional. ;)

    Anyway, end of the day a win is a win and we still are top of the table. Our defense still is very shaky and Vidic really does seem to be lacking confidence atm. The only bit of good news is that Rio is back in training and should e back on Wednesday night to face Porto and hopefully steady our defense. I am a bit worried by our performances and i really do hope that they get better. Right now we must concentrate on getting past Porto, but after that we must work on improving our game. We can't carry on playing like this coz sooner or later we will run out of luck, and Liverpool (who are very much back on track) will almost surely capitalize on it. :o;):)

  10. Re: Manchester United Chucking The Title Away?

    the way how he came across during the game' date=' his mannerisms - hence the comment and i'm not the only one who thinks so. if you are unsure what i mean watch the last 30 mins of the game again :rolleyes:[/quote']

    Well mate, you can call him whatever you want but he's still a brilliant player, and scored one of the best goals this season, and might just have saved the season for Untied. You just can't take that away from him. Lets see N'gog or El Zhar do that. ;):)

  11. Re: Federico Macheda - Man Utd

    If he acted the way he did i wouldnt like him' date=' if he was at Liverpool he wouldnt be so up himself hes a ronaldo copy and you'll see soon.[/quote']

    Hmmmmm....i see someone is jealous. :P

    Nah, just kidding mate. But i really would not call him cocky. The kid scored one of the most vital goals for United this season on his debut, and the goal was bloody brilliant !!! And as Allan said, if any of us were in his place we would have done crazier stuff. ;):)

  12. Re: Manchester United Chucking The Title Away?

    I don't understand why Man Utd fans are getting so excited over beating Villa :confused:. Villa are (or should be) a routine win. They're in awful form (we beat them 5-0 last week...) and they played awful against you. The fact Man Utd left it that late isn't something to be cheering over' date=' it's rather worrying.

    You're acting like you've won the league when tbh Villa (on the form they are in atm) are one of the easier game. You're still only 1 point above Liverpool with a tricky run in. And if Man Utd play like that on another day they'll get beaten.

    Remeber, it's not over 'til the fat lady sings.[/quote']

    Villa playing awful against us ??? where did that come from. Mate, villa had a really good game. They really took the game to us, caught us on the break and defended resolutely. Both the goals they scored were quality. ;)

    And the reason as to why we united fans are sooooooo happy is because we just picked up a vital three points in a game in which we were about to lose thus giving away the lead to you guys. :D

    As long as Macheda is there we have nothin to fear !!! :P

    Common United !!! :D

    P.S. We lost our last two game before this one as well. ;)

  13. Re: Manchester United Chucking The Title Away?

    man i called that all the way' date=' knew Villa could not hold a lead even if they had 20 players on the pitch.

    They are far too dumb as a team.

    However the race if not over and i think everyone expected this to be a win for Man u after how easy Liverpool walked through them[/quote']

    I really would not agree with you there mate. United played really well in the last 15 odd minutes. Plus Villa defended resolutely throughout the ame and really took the game to us. They cauht us quite a few times om the break and put their heart and sould into the game. I do feel a bit bad for them.

    No defense in the world would have been able to stop those two goals from going in (Ronaldo's second and Macheda's). Macheda's goal was breath-taking. I went absolutely bonkers when he scored. :D

    Common you Devils !!!!! :D

  14. Re: Mathieu Valbuena - Marseille

    Can anyone help? Its not like he's unknown' date=' just I dont follow the French League.[/quote']

    Well, i don't see much of the french league either but here are his stats:-


    Sub app-6

    Minutes- 1378

    Goals- 3

    Assists- 2

    He is currently rated 89 so either he will keep the rating or might rise to 90 if lucky. Hope this helps. :)

  15. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    I'd rather they didn't lose steam' date=' I'd rather they lost players!!

    Torres' suspect hamstrings to go during a Spain match and Gerrard to get wiped out (obviously in the last minute with England already 4-0 up ;) )

    That would do nicely....... :D[/quote']

    LOL. :D Good to see ya back Craig....hope you've been doing much much better than United have off late. :P:)

  16. Re: Offical Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers *

    Oh Dear:mad::( well tbh we need 2 make some MAJOR signings in the summer tbh

    Well, a good few signings won't hurt but you guys should try looking on the bright side (it's hard but, whatever....:)). There was a period in the first half for about 15 minutes, between the two goals in which you guys really dominated the game. You'll made some brilliant attacks down the right flank and for a while really gave Liverpool quite a bit to worry about, and forced some really good saves out of Reina. It was the second goal that really knocked the stuffing out of you guys imo. If you guys could play even one half as well as you did in those 15 odd minutes against Liverpool you should be able to crack almost and defense in the premier league. Recreate that form and you guys will go far even without buying any players. ;):)

  17. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    I don't think this International break could have come at a better time. We've lost the last two games fair and square' date=' no excuses, but we have played somewhere in the region of nine or ten more games than Chelsea and Liverpool. As vulgar as it is, I think there's a chance you'll see one or two phantom injuries from United players over the International period. And, whilst it's not an admirable part of the game, the break will benefit us in the run-in.[/quote']

    Yeah, i really couldn't agree more with ya. The international break has come at the right time for united. They really will be able to rest, recover and get their act together. On the other hand the break has come for the wrong time for Liverpool. They have been on fire off late and they might just loose a bit of steam during the break (at least i kope they do :P). :)

  18. Re: The Weekend Football Thread

    1) wasnt a free kick

    2) awful defending

    3) not a penalty


    typical' date=' bagsnatchers :mad::P[/quote']

    Can't really agree with 2) and 3)......more than awful defending it was pure genius from Liverpool (Reina and Reira) imo.

    And secondly i think it was a penalty, he did trip Reira, running at a fast pace the slightest of touches can cause a player to loose balance.

  19. Re: Andres Iniesta: 96 at last?

    Well, tbh Iniesta has been nothing more than good for Barca this season. At times he has played well but otherwise he has not been brilliant. He was out for quite a while due to injury and all but so i guess that might also be a reason for him not being able to perform brilliantly. ;)

    But, he is a great player with loads of talent, and i'm quite sure he will keep his rating. All i'm trying to say is that he is capable of performing better than he is currently.

    Xavi on the other hand has been intense for Barca this season. I really would not be surprised if he got a rise to 97....he is on fire... :)

  20. Re: Manchester United Chucking The Title Away?

    Are Man. U chucking it away? Did Liverpool 'chuck it away' earlier in the season? Isn't that what everyone said? Or are they now back in the race? That's football. Swings and roundabouts and all that.

    Liverpool chucking the title away early im the season.....i don't think so. It was to early in the season at that point of time for anyone to say that they were chucking the title away. But i do agree with you on the point that anything can happen. As you said' date=' this is football and things don't always go the way you think they will. ;)

    Who'd be suprised if Villa beat Liverpool tomorrow? It's definetly possible, even given the two teams respective form of late. Isn't this why we love football? I really hope it goes to the final day of the season still undecided.

    Well, personally i would be a bit surprised if Villa did manage to beat Liverpool and that to at Anfield. Villa are not playing great football atm and Liverpool are in the form of their lives. But than again this is football that maybe, just maybe Villa might shock us (i hope they do :P). :)

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