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  1. Re: Gold Championship 53/Match Reports/Transfers. Rovers Appint New Manager !!!! Following the depature of Paul Ince Blackburn have been in the hunt for a good and experienced manger. After a lot of reasearch and discussion, Rishabh Desai has been named manager of the team. This is what he had to say at his first press conference:"Well, this balckburn side can do with a good dedicated manager and i think i am the right manager for the job. The club is going through a bad phase at the moment but with a lot of effort and hard work we will be able to do well this season. We have no goal as of yet this season but we will really be hoping that we can grab an SMFA Shield spot at he end of the season." (Rovers aim to qualify for the SMFA Shield again next season) New manager Rishabh Desai has also stated that all players are available for sale except Keith Andrews and Matt Derbyshire."Well, we are looking to rebulid the team and therefore i will be open to bids for any players in the team. But only player exchange deals will be considered." (Matt Derbyshire and Keith Andrews going nowhere)
  2. Re: Quaresma wins Bidone d'Oro!! Well, i do agree that Quaresma has not lived up to the expectations this season, but naming him the worst player in Italy is harsh. Yes, he has not been playing well, but he can't be THE WORST player in all of Italy. Personally i do not see all that much of the Serie A (only the highlights ) but i'm sure he can't have been playinmg that badly.
  3. Re: Your Favourite Footballer EVER!! My favourate all time player is Oliver Kahn and my current favourate player is David Villa.
  4. Re: Official Red Devils thread Yeah, we have our next game on friday, the 26th against Stoke (we should win that ) and then on monday the 29th against Boro.
  5. Re: Official Red Devils thread O well, we did not get the win we wanted and needed. Tough luck. We looked a very average side and really failed to create many chances. Tottenham on the other hand defended pretty well and i think they deserved a point. Luckily for us all the other 3 big teams drew, but Villa won 4-2. They really are loking dangerous and if i am not mistaken are only one point behind us atm. All the big teams have slipped up quite a few times in the last couple of weeks but none of the other sides have really been able to capitilize on it. Maybe manu did, a couple weeks ago, but after that, nothing. So things are still tight and we do have a game in hand as well. I just hope we can win that game. Anyway. Looks like we will have to wait till next week to see how we fair. Hopefuly we will get a positive result, and hopefully Arsenal vs Liverpool will end in a draw.
  6. Re: Gennaro Gattuso's injury . Wow, quite a big blow for Italy and Milan. From what i have read on sky sports, we will be out for 6 whole months. That means he will be out till around May. Here is the link to the article on sky sports: Gattuso's season may be over
  7. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Ah, well, the last round in the group stages will be played today and 2moro. The two qualifing teams in most of the groups have been decided but there are still two groups which are still wide open. They are Group A and Group B. Roma are currently on top of the group with 9 points, followed by Chelsea who have 8 points. Bordeaux are in third and have 7 points. The matches in that group toinght are, Roma vs Bordeaux and Chelsea vs CFR Cluj. I'm pretty sure Chelsea will win their game and go through to the next round, but the fight will be between Roma and Bordeaux. Bordeaux need to beat Roma if hey are to qualify for the next round. On the other hand if Roma need to either win or draw the game. A draw would see Roma through tot he next round. Speaking based on stats even a draw woiuld not be enough to see Bordeaux through beacuse they have a GD of -4 and Chelsea have a GD of +3. So Chelsea would have to lose 7-0 for Bordeaux to qualify. Inter are top of Group B atm and will go through irrespective of their result toinght against Breman. Thje major fight will be between Panathinaikos and Anorthosis. The former has 7 points while the latter has 6. Panathinaikos will be at home and a win or a draw will see then through. Anorthosis on the other hand need a win. These two groups will be the interesting ones to watch tonight, 2moro night will be a bit boring since the fate of the qualifing sides has already been decided. But in some of the groups the UEFA Cup spots are still up for grabs so that will be a bit entertaining.
  8. Re: Schuster out Ramos in at Real Madrid Ah, well this has been a long time coming. Things just did not click for Schuster this season. Real were struggling to get the results and were just not playing good football. But what surprises me is that people are saying that he was a rubbish manager. Don't forget he won Real the title and the Spanish Spuer Cup last season(they beat Valencia ). Saying that he was a rubbish manager would just not be fair imo. Secondly i am a bit surprised to see Real hiring Ramos espically after his run with Spurs. Maybe he was just not cut out to manage an English side. He does have a good record in Spain, with Sevilla, but for some i really don't think he is the right man for Real. Lets just wait and see how he does.
  9. Re: Internet Addiction Test ! 68 Now that is bad....... I only have Soccermanager to blame for this . I hardly do anything on the net other than play SM, or do i..........
  10. Re: Arsenal Gossip I agre that Eboue played **** but as Neller said, that is no way to treat a player in the team you supprt. Yes, you can say he did not put in enough effort but if the fans used their time and energy trying to encourage him to play better instead of booing him it would be much better. How know, he might get inspired to start putting a lot of more effort into his game.
  11. Re: Official Red Devils thread Yup crazy game. We had 85 puls percent of the posession. I was happy when Giggs came on instead of Nani. Still love the old fella. IMO Anderson's introduction into the game really did make a positive impact. He linked up really well with the rest of the team. Espically Tevez and Evra. Rafeal also played well. He still has to learn a bit, made a few slight errors while defending. Went in for sliding tackles and missed once or twice, but he was great coming up, always twisting and turning and delivering some good balls in. Rooney played well down the right flank as well once Ronaldo left. He dilivered some really good balls into the area. Brilliant player. P.S. Please don't remind me about the Barca Valencia game. I'd prefer to forget they ever played.
  12. Re: Official Red Devils thread At first even i thought it was blood but if i'm not mistaken it was the string of his pant or something of that sort. Had it been blood they would have taken him of immediately.
  13. Re: Official Red Devils thread What a game we just had against Sunderland. In the first half Sunderland were playing rubbish football. Playing like hens with their heads cut off. We dominated the ame and tbh we deserved the win. I was a bit surprised to see Tevez start the game off on the bench but he played decently once he came on. The Sunderland defending was really good and i must say, the Sunderland keeper, Fulop kept brilliantly. He was really unfortunate to concede the goal. The second half was very much like the second. The Anderson sub did make a difference imo as well. When Vidic finally scored the goal in the 91st minute a went crazy. Anyway, we needed the win and we got it, so im happy. Now Valencia have to beat Barca !!!
  14. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 15 Saturday 6th December Hull City 2 - 1 Middlesbrough FC Schalke 1 - 1 Hertha BSC Barcelona 2 - 3 Valencia (common Valencia !!! ) FC Xanthi 2 - 2 Panathinaikos Sunday 7th December Everton 1 - 1 Aston Villa Nacional de Montevideo 0 - 2 River Plate Real Madrid 3 - 1 Sevilla Deportivo Italia 2 - 1 Portuguesa (ESB)
  15. Re: Official Red Devils thread Yup Tevez had a brilliant game against Blackburn. One of the best performaces by him since he has moved to OT. Thius is what he is capable. Scored 4 goals and setup the Nani. I must say the entire team played brilliantly, well except thedending at times. Erva did not defend that well. The passing was brilliant. The link-up play between Tevez, Giggs and Arderson was amazing to watch. I really liked the fact that Anderson sacrificed his first goal for manu just so that Tevez could complete his hat-trick. Now that is what you call to team. The performance last night has been better than any other United performance all season. I think SAF should give this entire squad a chance in the next game against Sunderland.
  16. Re: Carlos Tevez & Manchester Unied Brilliant performance from Tevez. One of the best performances ive seen from him since he came to manu !!! He scored 4 and set up Nani. What a game he had. A brilliantr way to answer his critics.
  17. Re: Sánchez JOAQUIN Mate i happen to support Valencia and Spain and just happen to watch thier games. And Silva does generally play down the left........he played down the left in the first game of the seoan as well (the only game he has played so far this season. The lineup was:- -------------Renan------------ Miguel---Alexis--Albiol---Moretti Pablo--Baraja---Albelda---Silva ----------Villa-----Mata------------ (not sure about the exact defenders) Later Silva was subed of of Vicente. In the Euro's as well, Silva generally played down the left.......
  18. Re: EPL Half Time League The results of this week are as follows:- Aston Villa 0-0 Fulham Middlesbrough 0-0 Newcastle Stoke City 0-1 Hull City Sunderland 1-3 Bolton Wigan 0-0 West Brom Manchester City 0-1 Manchester United Portsmouth 0-0 Blackburn Tottenham 0-0 Everton Chelsea 1-0 Arsenal Liverpool 0-0 West Ham This is how the table looks after matchday 15:- Well, this has been a week full of draws. No changes in the top 5 teams in the table. No Shift in the bottom three clubs either. After thei half time loos to Chelsea, Arsenal have fallen from 6th to bth in the table. With only 1 point in their last two games Blackburn have fallen to 15th from 11th. Tottenham have gone one place up, from 17th to 16th while Sunderland have done exactly the opposite. Botlon jump from 14th to 11th thanks to their win against Sunderland and boro fall one place down to 11th. Thats all for now.
  19. Re: Gold Championship 25 Transfers / Match reports Thread PSV Eindhoven News Venue - Philips Stadion Attendence - 35,109 PSV 4 -3 Roda JC I.AFELLAY (17) I.AFELLAY (18) S.CISSE (19) D.DE FAUW (39) S.CISSE (53) O.BAKKAL (55) N.AMRABAT (82) Man of the Match (Ibrahim Afellay) Last night PSV locked horns with Roda JC in a game that turned out to be a 7 goal thriller. The momentum of the game rocked back and forth, between both teams and each one of them had their own brilliant spells. The game was one, which kept you on the edge of your seat for the full 90 min. This is what manager Rishabh Desai had to say at the end of the game:"O boy, what a game it was. Thankfully we were on the right side of the result !! At this point of time I really am speechless. We started off really strongly thanks to Afellay but the comeback form Roda was brilliant. And our come back after that was as good as Roda's. To be honest, Roda did not deserve to come out of this encounter. They staged a brilliant comeback and truly did deserve a share of the spoils, but that’s football for you. I doubt I’ll see another game like this one in a long time !!! Well played Roda and PSV !!!" The game started of very on sidedly as Afellay grabbed two goals from PSV in two minutes. The first goal in the 17th and the second goal in the 18th minute. Afellay's first was a piece of pure genius as he dummied the keeper and banged the ball into the back of the net. His second goal was created by none other than Mike Zonneveld, who made a brilliant run down the left flank and pulled the ball back, from the line, to the unmarked Afellay, who curled the ball past the keeper and into the goal !! (Ibrahim Afellay- PSV's star man !!!) But just a minute after Afellay's sceond goal Sekou Cisse, got a goal back for Roda thanks to a remarkable strike from 25 yards out !!! This goal did not seem to affect PSV as they continued to play some delightful football and looked the better side without a doubt. But in the 39th minute all this changed. Davy De Fauw, skipped the inside of Salcido and smashed the ball with venom, goalwards, beating PSV keeper Isaksson hands down !!! Both the teams went into the break with the score locked at two all. Roda came out in the second half all fired up. As the wistle blew for the second half to begin Roda began to play some brillaint football. Crisp passing and some brilliant counter attacking football left PSV helpless. Roda finally completed their comeback in the 53rd minuted, when a brillaint through-ball form Vormer left Cisse alone in front of goal. He made no mistake as he rounded the keeper and finished in style !!! It took PSV only 2 minutes to recover form this shock. In the 55th Otman Bakkal hammered the ball into the back of the next beating the keeper at his near post !!! (Otman Bakkal-Brought PSV level !!!) Finally it was the super sub Nordin Amrabat who put the game to bed in the 82nd minute. A brilliant cross from Ibrahim Afellay was met by Amrabat which resulted in the ball easing its way past the helpless keeper, into the goal. Relief spread across the faces of all the PSV players and the manager after the refree blew the final whistke. It had been a nail-bitting encounter but PSV came out on top !!! (Amrabat-Extatic after scoring PSV's late winner !!!) PSV are now top of the Dutch league but are still equal on points with second place FC Utrecht. Things are looking good for PSV as they have managed 16 points out of a possible 18 in their last 6 games and are in fine form. PSV also finished top of their group B in the SMFA cup with a total of 14 points beating second place Real Madrid by a whole 6 points !!! PSV now face Sao Paulo in the round of 16.
  20. Re: Official Red Devils thread So guys, what do you think about this weekends results. Personally i am thrilled with the results. Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-1 at the Bridge and Liverpool derw 0-0 with West Ham. So both of them dropped point. We are now 6 points behind the leaders Liverpool and 5 points behind second place Chelsea. We finally beat City as well. They did the double over us last season and it was high time we beat them. For prode sake and also because we needed the points. We dominted the game right from the start and created some really good chances. And limited City to long range shots. Evra had a good chance and a good Berba header (i think) was saved but Hart. Luckily we grabbed a goal right at the end of the half, Rooney scoring his 100th goal for United !!! The he came out strongly in the second half as well, but once Ronald got sent off the entire game turned on its head. All of a sudden we were on the back seat and we were facing wave after wave of City attack. SWP made was causing all sorts of problems and he really did give our defence a tough time (espically Carrick ). Hart came out of the corner right at the death and City messed up. We had an open goal to shot at but for some reason Giggs delayed. Rooney did get the shot off in the end and it almost went in. Had it not ben for Giggs delay we could have scored that one imo. Anyway, i'm really happy that we have finally beaten city and made up some ground as well. There have been talks of Tevez being......well lets say, not entirely satosfied at the club. He is not getting much playing time and he is not scoring goals either. O well, we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Right now its time to celebrate.
  21. Re: Sánchez JOAQUIN He does play down the middle at times for Valencia but he is way better down the left flank (were he generally plays).
  22. Re: Sánchez JOAQUIN Why Silva in the middle ???? He's way better down the left .
  23. Re: Do You Think You'll Be On SM This Time, Next Year? I'm pretty sure i'll be here as well. Won't be very active (not that i am very active nowdays) but i'm quite sure i'll be here. This is my second year on the forum.
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