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  1. Re: Manchester United Chucking The Title Away? Chelsea loose 1-0 to Spurs. It's made me feel a lot better......just hope Liverpool mess up Villa.
  2. Re: Manchester United Chucking The Title Away? Enough with the lame excuses mate We lost the game, Fulham were by far the better side in the first half but we were defo the better side in the second half. We just missed the finishing touch and Mark Schwarzer had a brilliant game in goal as well. P.S. No one make any nasty comment, i just ain't in the mood for that....
  3. Re: Manchester United Chucking The Title Away? Someone plz thell me that this is a nightmare !!!! Can't believe this is happening. Not only have we lost to Fulham but we have also lost 2 key players, one of them Rooney . Things are just going from bad to worse for us.........
  4. Re: EARTH HOUR - Saturday 28 March 2009
  5. Re: Valencia to let 16 players leave this summer! Wow, i really have not thought of that one. Selling the Mestalla could really boost their finances and get them back on track. But the thing i'm really scared off is how they would do without Villa. Villa got sent off in the game against Deportivo and it has been pretty evident that Vancia have been struggling. They were outplayed against Valladolid, they started off well against Numancia but after conceding the first goal they just fell apart and lost the game (again outplayed in the second half), mind you they were missing Silva and Morientes as well. Against Recreativo, they woke up only once they had conceded the goal. they created a host of chances but failed to capitalize on all but one, you could clearly see that they were missing Villa's finishing. These were the three performances without Villa, now take away 16 off their main players (Silva, JoaquĆ­n etc.), and well, Valencia are in deep trouble.
  6. Phil Brown claims that he has witnessed Fabregas spitting on the Hull assistant manager Brian Horton after the game in the tunnel. Tbh if this really did happen then it really is disgraceful. If there is one thing i really can not stand, it's people spitting on others. If anyone did that to me the first thing he would recieve is a nice punch square on the jaw. If this really did happen then i have lost all respect for Fabregas....... Plus i don't think Wenger shook hands with Brown after the game......
  7. Re: Valencia to let 16 players leave this summer! Well, i am a Valencia fan and i really will be devastated if anything like this happens. But tbh this is so not going to be happen. Yes Valencia are in financial crisis but selling 16 of the main squad players is like committing suicide. Vicente Soriano will not let that happen (i hope so ). Silva committed to helping Valencia arrest slide Striker Villa will snub Man City move Time and time again Villa has stated that he does not want to leave the Mestalla, but as stated above, his options will be very limited if Valencia decide to sell him. Frankly, i will be gutted if he is sold to Man City. So there are chances of Villa and maybe Silva leaving but 16 players seems a bit crazy. It really will be sad if it happens.
  8. Re: Don't open the link I clicked it......twice, firefox shut down and then restarted....though it was a joke....that SOB......
  9. Re: French Prospects Well mate, not a bad first try, but here is a bit of advise:- Next time try predicting the rise the players will get (initially this will be a bit hard but soon you will get the hang of it) . You can get the stats of various sites (like guardian, espnsoccernet), PM me if you need the links. Also, try scouting players that have not been mentioned too often. And avoid posting about the more famous players, eg. Ban Arfa coz you will get more than a mouthful of not so great comments. This is just a bit of advice. Do not take it in a negative way. Keep up the great work and hope you become a great scout.
  10. Re: Spanish Ratings 16 starts' date=' 5 sub app. and a total of 1449 min. He has scored 1 goal and has 2 assists to his name. Should stay at 91 as well. Daniel Jarque is a tricky one. Statistics wise he should stay but Espanyol are liast in the table and are really under performing. So if Espanyol do get relegated (and there is a high chance of that happening). he will fall to 89 imo. Here are his stats if u want......25 starts, 2294min, and a goal..... Jose Andres Guardado, this is another tricky one. He has started 18 games, i.e. played 1480 games this season, and has scored 2 goals and has 3 assists to his name. He might stay at 91 but there are chances of him dropping to 90 as well. But i can say this, he ain't gonna go higher. Tamudo- I"s gonna fall from 91, to around 90 or maybe even 89. As stated before Espanyol might get relegated and a lot depends on that. Plus Tamudo has not been all that good this season. 14 starts, 3 sub app., 1132 min, 3 goals and 1 assist. Not 91 material.
  11. Re: Iraqi Footballer killed by rival fan O well whatever the real story might be it is still disgraceful for a fan to shoot a player in the head on the field (or even of the field). I really don't have anything else to say, other than i am really shocked. R.I.P. Heidar Kazem
  12. Re: Champions League Draw Predictions My predictions:- Arsenal vs Villarreal Chelsea vs Bayern Liverpool vs Barca ManUtd vs Porto Cant wait for the draw !!!
  13. Re: Official Red Devils thread Will have to disagree with you there mate. They are really gaining momentum now. They have managed a total of 11 points in their last 6 games which is not bad. They are now 11th on the table, 6 points above relegation zone. Those are optimistic predictions. I would love them to come true but i do have my doubts......
  14. Re: Spanish Ratings Well Danny, Lafita will get a rise to 88, but 89........maybe, maybe not......lets hope he does but i'm 50-50 on this one.
  15. Re: Official Red Devils thread Well, considering Pomey's form off late they should not be too much of a problem. Villa to have been under performing. Only 5 points in their last 6 games !!! And if they continue to play the way they are currently then they should not be too much of a problem either. But if O' Neil gets organizes the team well and Villa suddenly decide that they are gonna have to pull up their socks they, yeah we are in a spot of trouble. Spurs......well they have been playing quite well of late. Regaining their form, and building up momentum. Both the games we have had against then have ended in draws so they might be a bit of a problem. The last home and the toughest game is against Arsenal (the game is on my B-Day ). All of us know just too well that anything can happen in a ManUtd vs Arsenal game. We must be prepared to drop points and really must make an effort to try seal the season before entering this game. It would make life a whole lot better.
  16. Re: Offical Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Full time...... Villa 1-2 Spurs, looks like Spurs have done the gunners a BIG BIG favor.
  17. Re: Official Red Devils thread Yeah, you do have a point.....Fulham ain't doing well atm and Villa seem to be playing quite poorly. But this is football, and if Villa decide to pull up their sock just before our match we might have a bit of a rocky time.
  18. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool My friend, all i have to say is that it is going to take a lot more than just a 4-1 victory over us to shut us up. Unless things go horribly wrong we will defo win more silverware this season. The quintuple is on its way. lol P.S. Expecting either a really close, scrappy game against Fulham or a 4 or 5-0 hammering.
  19. Re: Official Red Devils thread This really is not how i imagined my 2000th post to be but what the heck.... We've just lost 4-1 to Liverpool, and to add to that we have lost Vidic for the next 3 games. Bumpy times ahead with the game against Villa right around the corner. Fulham should not be a problem and people are expecting a backlash. IMO the score will either be 1-0 or 4/5-0. Just hope we can pull up our socks and get over this loss quickly. Fulham here we come !!! P.S. All you United fans, show some love and join this group: http://forum.soccermanager.com/group.php?groupid=47
  20. Re: Alonso 94 You are saying that Carrick deserves a rise to 93 or 94 making him as good as Alonso......so the debate should be over. Well' date=' just to let you know Spains last four games were:- Germany-Sub app Denmark-Sub app Chile- Start England- Start What he ment was that United lost due to their defending. And saying that they could not cope with Torres and Gerrard is just plain dumb. Just because they made mistakes does not mean they could not cope with Liverpool. And plus i don't think anyone on this thread has said that ManUtd were the better team in the game neither did anyone say that Liverpool were lucky. You said it yourself Carrick +1+2. Carrick is as good as Alonso. End of debate.
  21. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool Actually i'm qutie sure the topic was raised that time as well. I remember debating with Shev's about it. Not sure who raised it though...... I might be a bit bias here but as i mentioned earlier, i think the red card was a bit harsh.
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