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  1. Re: Alonso 94 Now that my friend, is a brilliant post. Reeking of sense. Couldn't have put it better.
  2. Re: Juventus young talent - Ayub Daud Nah, it doesn't really matter. Great write up plus the vid an all. It's pretty evident that a lot of effort has been made. Great thread and do keep us updated. P.S. Ignore all those who say that there is already a thread on this guys.
  3. Re: Alonso 94 And after the Boro game i don't know why people are trying to prove Alonso is better than Carrick O and plz add all the three games against Everton to the list......
  4. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool Well i just saw the highlights of the game and i must say Vidic had quite a pathetic game. But i do have one question. Did Vidic deserve the red card? I mean he was not the last man. Rio was ahead of him am quite sure he would have been able to cover up for Vidic had he not brought Gerrard down. Just a question.
  5. Re: Alonso 94 Just because he did not play well in one game does not mean that he is bad. Carrick has played consistently well all throughout the season for United....
  6. Re: Alonso 94 Personally i can't see the rise coming. Yes, he is a good player, plays a big part in the center of midfield and his long range shooting is brilliant but i can't see him get a rise any time soon. Yes, he is a regular for Liverpool and has all the above qualities but he just ain't better than Carrick. And 94 would be over doing it. It will take a bit more from him to get a 94.
  7. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool Lol. I've forgotten why i missed the the first game but must have been something important coz i don't miss big games for nothing. Well, i missed 2days game coz i forgot about the game until today morning and i had already booked and paid for movie tickets and i was dragged to the theater (literally). Quite stupid but yeah......
  8. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool Can someone plz tell me just happened. I managed to miss the entire game (thank God ). But 4-1 !!!! :eek: I'm a bit shocked and over the past 1 hour i've been recieved call after call after call from friends rubbing this loss into me and i just don't know what to say. I'm gonna to a James C here. I've never seen ManUtd loose against Liverpool (honestly). Every time they loose against Liverpool i always miss the game.
  9. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool Wow, that is a great bit of news. I was really disappointed when Ferige did not give Tevez a crack at Inter but i guess starting him against Liverpool is also good enough. I'm sure he will greatly impact the game. Mark my words he's gonna score. Common Tevez !!!! P.S. Is Berba injured or did Fergie just decide to give Tevez a start? Berba had injured his ankle before the inter game.
  10. Re: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ignorance Well, mel i do agree with your summary but also with ACBN's as well. Zlatan is a brilliant player and i too, do get a bit ticked off when people say that Ibra does not perform well and is overrated. He is a brilliant player, blessed with a crazy amount of talent and is defo one of the best strikers in the world. But the problem is he genius in him tends to show up mainly in the Serie A and not on the bigger platform where majority of the people watch, hence the criticism. I too don't what every Inter game (coz i live in India and the games are broadcasted too late at night) but i do make it a point to watch the highlights. Now, obviously the highlights can't really tell you how well a player has played throughout the entire 90 minutes, but it does give you a rough idea. And then i do end up watching him the the CL and in Intentional games and in the big Seire A games. Even against ManUtd. He played rubbish in the first half but he came out in the second half raring to score, and boy was i pooing in my pants !!! Even in the second leg, he dazzled with some really good on the ball moves, his passing was great, his trapping was brilliant as well....i mean he did everything right by score a goal. He was brilliant in every aspect of the game, its just that he lacked the killer finish. Personally whatever people say about Ibra, i will always rate his highly. And well, Alan, i do agree with you to a certain extent as well, yes the best in the world are getting attracted to the Premier league (and as you said it has a lot to do with money), but the Serie A does have its own good players. Yes the 3 english sides did beat the Italian sides but not by much. Arsenal won on penalties. Juve fought right till the death against Chelsea, and tbh had inter got a bit luckier (i.e had Ibra's and Adriano's shots which hit the post gone in) then we might have been out of the champions league. Yes we beat Inter 2-0, and the scoreline suggests that we won the game quite comfortably but that was not the case. At times Inter showed why they are the best in Italy. I'm still saying that the EPL is better than the Italian league, but the Siere A ain't that bad. It's just the way the media make it sound that the Siere A looks bad. They make it sound as though all 3 of the english side smashed the Italian one.
  11. Re: Official Red Devils thread Ah, well good win for us. The team did seem to be a bit nervous at times in the game (that is until we got the second goal), once we scored that we looked much more confident. The only part of the game we really did dominate were the first 4 minutes of the game!! Inter always looked good and if they had got a bit luckier they could have scored at least 2 odd goals. Ibra headed onto the post and Adriano hit the post as well (mind, had that gone in it would have been one of the best goals in the CL this season). So finally we got a bit of luck against Jose in a game (and it was about time ). The second goal really did come totally against the run of play. Inter came out of the tunnel all guns blazing but Santon lost the ball just outside the Manutd box and all of a sudden we scored a goal. Full credit to Giggs for the brilliant run and Rooney for the brilliant cross (don't think i'll see a better one than that soon ). Anyway, relief for us and disappointment for Inter. Just like Real they can not get past the round of 16. This season we knocked them out, last season Liverpool did, the season before Valencia did (thanks to one of the best free-kicks i have ever seen, taken by Villa).
  12. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Well, tbh Real played pathetically last night. I expected something much better form them. They looked really lost. They gave the ball cheaply away way too many times. Credit must be given to Liverpool though as they really did put pressure on Real all over the pitch forcing them tho make mistakes. Robben and Sneijder just did not show up in the first half. All Robben did in the first half was walk up and down the left flank,and Sneijder was invisible for most of the half as well. They did not make any use of the flanks (something i though they would do), and all of their attacks came form the middle of the park. Full credit must be given to Liverpool. They really showed spirit, determination and they wanted to win the game much more than Real. They were a team on a mission, and now they can proudly say, mission accomplished. Chelsea vs Juve was a much better game. The first half was dominated by Juve but right at the death Buffon save the free kick which might have gone over the line (i'm still not sure whether it did or not), but anyway Essien scored the equalizer right at the end of the first half. But imo the goal could have been prevented, Buffon seemed a bit top far off his line. The second half started off with Chelsea beginning to pick up the pace. The started to creat much better chances and Juve were just not the same. But Jive then got a man sent of (Chiellini) but soon scored a penalty (loved how coolly Del Piero took it ). But Chelsea delivered the knock out punch right at the death. Drogba finishing off what really was a brilliant move on Chelsea's part. Anyway, Liverpool, Chelsea, Villarreal and Bayern are through. Lets hope United manke it though safely as well.
  13. Re: "Do not count your chickens before they are hatched." Well, from the last couple of posts on this thread it is quite evident that most of you are doing exactly what the title of this thread is telling us not to do i.e. "counting your chickens before they are hatched." I personally feel that this tie is far from over. Real are a quality side and on their day can be one of the best in the world. From their line-up tonight it is quite evident that they plan to play down the flanks, via Robben and Sneijder. Liverpool are not the best side when it comes to defense and when it is Robben vs Aurelio and Sneijder vs Arbeloa then i'm sure Madrid can do some real damage down both the flanks. Robben, on his day should be able to run rings around Aurelio and though Sneijder will drift into a more central role i'm sure he still will be a bit much for the L'pool defense to handle (if he plays well that is ). Plus they have Raul and Higuain up front who we know are more than capable of slotting the ball into the back of the net. But on the other hand of Torres and Gerrard can combine well than they will cause some havoc in the Real defense as well. So it is going to be a close one and i for one will not count Real out just as yet.
  14. Re: "Do not count your chickens before they are hatched." Can't agree more with ya. Taking into consideration the amount of chances we created against Inter in the first half we really should have scored at least one goal. But we were a bit unlucky and we failed to capitalize on our chances and we really will regret it Inter manage to score a goal.
  15. Re: "Do not count your chickens before they are hatched." As SmartDoc and Alan have said above' date=' those are really big words. Zlatan did not perform well against us in the first half but he and Adriano came out all guns blazing in the second half, abd tbh at times i was peeing in my pants. They combine together brilliantly and could easily have scored a goal or two. And do not forget that we are playing at home, so that means if Inter score 1 we have to score 2. Just one mistake or piece of genius (from Ibra or anyone else) could knock us out of the CL !!! O bo, i'm really scaring myself now. Personally i would not be surprised by any of the two. But i must agree with you about the outcome of the Arsenal-Roma game. Arsenal have been getting the result of late and are now begingin to find some kind of form. Many of their injured players are returing and they are only getting stronger and stronger. But Roma are at home where they have performed really well this season so i think the game will end in a draw sending the gunners through.
  16. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Well, i would not hate him that much after his performance against Real if i were you. Yes, he did sink the Barca ship, but it was he who got in the cross for Forlan to finish against Real. . Anyway, the gap may have widened to 6 points but Real are still very much in the race. Things are really spicing up in the La Liga.
  17. Re: Official Red Devils thread Well' date=' i really would love to see Tevez start against Inter. Fergie has just not given hiim a proper chance to prove himself this season and, as Dai has rightly said, whenever Tevez performs well SAF just does not seem to pay any attention to it. Yes Berba has been good this season for us but i really thunk that Tevez is the right man to start against Inter. All said and done the guys is a fast little bugger and has loads of talent. If he is given a chance to start then i am sure he really will gave the aging Inter defence a hard time. Now that would be interesting but it would be a big gamble taking into consideration that we are playing Inter in the second leg with the game very delicately poised atm. Plus i am quite sure that we would get battered in midfield, but i hope SAF does try experimenting with the 4-3-3 against a smaller, easier opposition sometime.
  18. Re: who is better carrick or mashcerano ? Well, i guess that you would be right by saying that we should not compare the two coz they are very different players. But if it is between Alonso and Carrick i would choose Carrick any day. Carrick not only has the ability to break down attacks but also creates some great chances going up and contributes heavily to the ManUtd attack. The only good thing about Alonso (when he attacks) is his long range shooting.
  19. Re: Official Red Devils thread Well, i really am happy that we finally won the Carling Cup. I mean for the last few seasons we have been knock out by much smaller teams in the early stages of the cup. Finally this season we have not only managed to reach a much later stage of the competition but even win it. I did miss the first hour for the game but i saw the game from then on till penalties. From whatever i saw, i really was impressed by Anderson, he really did play well, he made some brilliant runs and helped in creating some good opportunities. Ronaldo on the other hand was absent for spells in the game but at times he did really come out strong (hit the upright as well). But tbh, Spurs did hold fort well and the result after 120 minutes of football was fair. Then came penalties.......need i say any more. Anyway, this has been a really good week for us as Liverpool lost 2-0 to Boro and Arsenal and Villa both drew, Chelsea did win but not in the most convincing manner. So things are looking good for us. 2 trophies down and 3 to go !!!!
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