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  1. Re: Liverpool Vs Manchester City Yippee !!!! Liverpool draw....we are now 7 points clear at the top !!!!
  2. Re: Official Red Devils thread Blackburn really did give us a run for our money last night. For the first time in games we looked really vulnerable at the back. Santa's goal was good but i really think that Thomaz could have done a bit better...he charged out and got himself and the defender (not sure who it was) into a mess. Ronaldo's free-kick was brilliant, great goal. Blackburn played well, especially at the start of the second half. They could have won a penalty and the hit the post as well, i tell oyu i had my heart in my mouth for those few seconds... So overall a great result for us. But the bad news is that we really do have problems at the back. Evans got injured and is most likely to miss the game against Inter. O'Shea picked up an injury against Fulham so he is in doubt as well. Plus Neville and Brown are also injured. If O'Shea does not recover in time for the match against Inter then we really will be faced by a few problems.
  3. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Yeah, he really is playing a very important role for Real atm. Similar to the role Ronaldo played for ManUtd last season. He may not be banging in as many goals as Ronaldo did but he is scoring a fare share of them, plus he is creating loads of chances for Real. He has a lot to contribute in every goal they score.
  4. Re: Gold Championship Honours Vélez Sársfield Season 1- SMFA Shield Season 1- Argentine Shield PSV Eindhoven Season 1- Dutch Cup Winners Season 1- Division 1 Runners-Up Season 2- Charity Shield Runners-Up Valencia Season 1- Spanish Cup Winners Celtic Season 1- Scottish Cup Winners Season 1- Scottish Shield Winners Total Winner- 6 Runners Up- 2
  5. Re: Wenger and Ferguson - Last of their kind? All i have to say is that, your above post is really really good. Makes a lot of sense to me. And i really do have to agree with basically everything that you have said above. Personally i don't think Wenger and SAF will be the 'last' of their type but managers like them (who have practically full control of the club) well be found less and less. As started above, now days the chairmen do not give their managers enough time to settle down and do their thing. I really don't believe i'm saying this, but clubs should actually be more like Arsenal!!! The last time Wenger, or in that case Arsenal won any silverware was a looooong time ago (FA Cup in 2004–05, in which they beat us in the final ), but yet the club has kept faith in him. Same for ManUtd and Fergie, he started off real slow but they kept faith in him and now look at what he has become. Clubs like Chelsea who keep changing managers at the drop of a hat, will (imo) never really go far. All of them just want instant success, which most of the time they are not going to get........and as you said above, this is destroying football.....
  6. Re: Official Red Devils thread Yeah really god result for us. At least a break from the 1-0's. But on a more serious note, we played well and deserved the win. Scholes' goal was a cracker (trademark Paul Scholes goal). Good to see Rooney back and scoring again as well, will be a real confidence booster for him. We do have a string of 'tough' matches ahead of us so we really will need to put in the extra bit of effort if we wanna come out with some positive results. We have Blackburn on the 21, Inter on the 24 and then Spurs on the 1st of March. IMO we really can't underestimate either Spurs or B'Burn coz imo both the sides are capable of causing upsets (especially spurs, even though they ain't doing so great atm ). And of course, Inter are always going to be a difficult side to play against. I guess we'll just have to wait and watch and hope for the best.
  7. Re: Chelsea new manager to be announced in the next 24 hours. I thought he was going to manage both Russian and Chelsea simultaneously. Atleast that is what this article says: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story?id=618107&sec=england&cc=4716 Will be interesting to see how Hiddink fares at Chelsea
  8. Re: Offical Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Why would it be bad news ??? Thought it would be good news. I mean a new manager coming in, having to adjust things, put things straight........imo it will take a little while for the new guy (whoever he is) to get things going.
  9. Re: Official Red Devils thread Well, i must say, great win for us against a good opposition. Berhami was brilliant all game to really close down Ronaldo, he did his job really well imo. Giggs goal was brilliant but i must agree with the commentators, Scholes ought to be given some amout of credit for finding Giggs with a trademark pass. Anyway, back to the top !!! Wooooooooo
  10. Re: Official Red Devils thread Wow, hardly 3 minutes of the second half are over and WHU really are attacking well. Looking dangerous....... EDIT: Giggs just scored !!!! Super goal !!! That means he has still scored in every season he has played. Common United !!!
  11. Re: Official Red Devils thread Well, the first half really has been quite poor. I actually drifted off to sleep at time (not exaggerating) . Neither side has managed to get the better of the other. The half has been full of only half chances. Both the teams have failed to create any kind of really good scoring opportunaties. It must be said that even though we have been the better side WHU have come close to scoring. For the first time in games an opposition attack has really somewhat threatened to score. I really do hope that the second half is better. I do see us scoring a goal though. WHU grnerally tend to slipp up in the second half. Just compare the hatf time table to the full time table and you will see.
  12. Re: Has rafa benitez gone nuts? Well personally i am not a big Rafa fan as well but i do have to disagree with the statement in bold. Yes, they have been down innumerable times this season and have come back to win the game or atleast grab a point, not only because of luck but because of sheer determination and some class acts by players like Gerrard, Kuyt and Torres.
  13. Re: Chelsea land Quaresma Wow, the guy who wrote the article or whatever must have seen the wrong game. Quaresma was intense for the first 20 minutes espically. He was brilliant off the ball and made a couple of good dummy runs really opening out the field for Chelsea. He showed some fine skills on the ball as well. Some neat footwork and some good passes. He almost scored as well. The ball was definately curing into the bottom corner of the net but unluckily for him the keeper just managed to get his fingure-tips to the ball causing it to fly past the post. I really don't know why anybody made such a statement coz he had quite a good game (espically the first 30 minutes). I'm not saying that he had the best game of his life or anything like that, just that he had a fairly good debut and not a rubbish one. Why Scolari repplaced him with Drgoba i really don't know.
  14. Re: Has rafa benitez gone nuts? 30 odd minutes of the game up and tbh it's not been great. But imo Liverpool have been the better of the two teams. Mascherano's shot was great.
  15. Re: Offical Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Wow, you guys really are on a good run. A good 2-0 victory against Bolton. The passing was good. Villa created some good chances and even had 2 goals disallowed !!! The passing was great and the finishing was even better. Milner's goal was a cracker. I'm still not sure whether it took a deflection or not. Agbonlahor's finish was good as well. Noly thing is that the Blackburn defending was not all that great. Anyway, still in fourth but level on points with Chelsea and only 3 behind L'pool. Great going.
  16. Re: Chelsea land Quaresma Well, Chelsea played pretty porly today but i am really happy to say that Quarsema played well. One of their best players (he really wasinfluential), anlong with Kalou. I really don't know why Big Phil took him off at the hour mark coz he and Kalou were the best things about Chelsea. Hopefully Ricardo will continue to preform well after this game.
  17. Re: 50 years on - The Busby Babes still remembered Well, i couldn't post yesterday coz my net was down but i'll do so today. R.I.P to all those who died in the crash. You'll never be forgotten.
  18. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Well, all i can say is that you guys are being a bit hard on him. Yes, he is currently not playing brillianly, but imo, overall the Madrid defence is not brilliant. yes, Heinze is not performing up to the mark but he is not playing badly........
  19. Re: New Tactics Help Good point there mate. I think SM should introduce an option for us to choose a player to sub out during the game of the keepr gets sent off. For eg. suppose you manage Manchester United and VDS gets sent off you should have a box provided (like the ones for choosing the captain etc.) to choose a player to be subbed off when the keeper is sent off. Just a thought. Lol. Will take me a couple of hours for me to get everything in order tonight....
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