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  1. Re: Lamps red card: Liv vs Che Well Kevin' date=' i must say that is quite a harsh post. Firstly, when you guys were 8 points clear on top o don't remember a single prominent manu fan(REDDEVILFC, Armand, Ken, Bed etc. etc.) saying that we were not going to win the league. And even now none of us are saying that the league is ours, only that we are now in a strong position. Secondly, no one has said that we can't slip up. Every team, however good it may be is bound to drop points against some team or the other. And yes, we still have to meet you guys at OLD TRAFFORD. Thridly' date=' the penalty against Everton was clearly a penalty. If that ain't a penalty mate, then i'm afraid to say nothing is. Arteta clearly stuck his leg out and tripped Carrick........ Why do people have to make statements such as this one. Waste of time and brain cells. O and talking about refereeing decisions, liverpool have had a fair couple of decision go there way as well this season. Which was the game in which Gerrard fouled the a player in the opposition box and won liverpool the penalty.......
  2. Re: Lamps red card: Liv vs Che Well, it looks like justice has been done. Lampard has got his 3 match ban removed and he will be available to start against Hull on Saturday. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11095_4891371,00.html
  3. Re: Arshavin to Arsenal. . . . is he the right man . . . . NO Well, Arsenal do need a DM but they really can do with the lights of Arshavin. Yes, they already have RVP and Ade as strikers and Nasri as an attacking mid but they really can do with a bit more firepower up from. Time and again this season they have been unable to break down the defence of weaker teams. On their day they can be brilliant going up front but when its not happening for them i'm sure Arshavin will come real handy. We all saw what he can do in the euros, and on the days when Arsenal are struggling to create and fininsh chances, Arshavin will be the key to them scoring. I really have no clue as to why all you guys are saying that this is not a good tranfers. IMO its a great transfer for Arsenal. Yes, Arsenal do need a DM (which they have not signed yet) but that does not mean that signing Arshavin is a bad transfer on the part of Wenger.
  4. Re: January Transfer Window: Deals Well, it looks like the Arshavin deal has finally been completed: http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11095_4890692,00.html
  5. Re: Arsenal Gossip According to Sky the deal is pretty much complete: http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11095_4888110,00.html
  6. Re: January Transfer Window: Deals Keane rejoins suprs .......... :s well done Rafa Michael Chopra rejoins Cardiff on loan till the end of the season. Birmingham have extended Scott Sinclair's loan spell from Chelsea until the end of the season. I wonder whats going to happen to Quaresma. I really hope he joins Chelsea or Spurs on loan. I can't believe that Jose left him out of his CL squad.
  7. Re: New Tactics Help Well, i still do have to satrt fiddling around with the 'advanced tactics' but they look really good. These improvemnets really will seperate the best from the rest imo. They will get a bit of time to get used to but once we are used to it i'm sure it will be great.
  8. Re: Will Beckham rise and is Posh destroying Beckham's world cup chances? Well, i remember reading an article regarding this just a couplre days ago. From what it seems, Beckham seems to be having a great time at Milan. He really is enjoying his football and in my openion has redisvcovered his love for the game. My the problems are as follows:- 1) Will LA Galaxy want to sell Beckham (their star player) 2) Will it be fair on Posh and more importantly the kids. Problem number one can be sorted out. Milan really do want to keep Backs and i am sure they will be able to reach some agreement. Now imo the second problem is the greater one. Firstly they would have settled down there and all. Secondly the kids are enkoying school and moving to Italy would really be a big change. Yes, they are still small but i am sure that there is a huge difference between the Italian and American lifestyles. Anyway, we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Milan have named Becks in their UEFA Cup squad as well. He had a cracker of a game last night as well, first the brilliant cross to Pato, then, towards the end of the first half he dilivered another brilliant ball to Pato. Too bad Pato was offside. Then the corner for Ambrosini to head in.......o well, all i can say is that he really is begining to play well, common Becks.
  9. Re: Lamps red card: Liv vs Che Poor old Ashley.........Torres is back with a bang
  10. Re: Lamps red card: Liv vs Che Brilliant goal from Torres. Was shut out practially all game but he slottted the only real opportunaty he got. Love the way he sat down cross-legged after he scored.
  11. Re: Lamps red card: Liv vs Che Wow, liverpool really are looking dangerous now. Xavi just hit the bar......looks like the one man advantage is already showing.
  12. Re: Van Der Sar Beats Death!! Well, i mighty pleased the we managed to break the record. But as mentioned abouve by a couple of you guys, if it had not been of the defence it would never have been possible to beat the record. But some amout of credit must do to VDS as well. Well done you devils......2nd time this season we have made history(first was by being the first English team to win the FIFA World Club Championship).
  13. Re: Australian Open O well, i must say that i was really disappointed with the women's final. I really expected a much better performance by Safina, who had, tbh quite a horrible game. He lost the first set 6-0 !!! It was over in 20 minutes flat !!! Her services were horrible. She really has to work on them. Not a single service actually made Serena work, stretch to get the ball. Her serves were such that they came properly on to Serena's forehand so she could smash the ball across the court and from then on dictate the point. Safina played better in the second set but Williams was just too good (and Safina was not good enough). But credit must also be given to Serena who played really well. Four time winner of the Australian open now.
  14. Re: The Song Name Game Leona Lewis- Better in Time
  15. Re: The Song Name Game Linkin Park-Bleed it out
  16. Re: Australian Open Lmao !!! Sorry bout that, bad typo, was typing really fast and didn't pay much attention to my spellings.
  17. Re: Australian Open Nadal Vs Verdasco turned out to be one of the best tennis games i have ever watched in my entire life. Loved every minute of the game. Both the players gave their heart and soul to the game. I really can't believe Verdasco made two double faults in the last game !!! He was 0-30 down when he double faulted giving Nadal 3 match points. But then he recovered well and made it 30-40, and then the second double fault. He must have been gutted (i was....). Not the greatest way to end the best match played in the Aussie Open this year. Nah, got to go against you there mate. For some reson i just can't stand the two William sisters. Go Safina !!!
  18. Re: Official Red Devils thread Well all i can say is that things just keep getting better (where the results are concerned). First we beat WBA 5-0 and then Liverpool draw 1-1 with Wigan. So now we are two points clear with a game in hand. Plus this week is Liverpool vs Chelsea and that means that atleast one of the two clubs are bound to drop points. Hopefully it will be a draw. Our next game is against Everton. They are a great side and have done really well with the bigger sides off late. First a draw against Liverpool and then they almost beat Arsenal. We really will have to be careful agaqinst them. It really was good to see Ferdinand start against WBA and Brown come on as well. Hopefully both of them will start against Everton so our back four should be quite solid against as well. BTW we just broke the reconrd for the most number of clean sgheets in a row in prem history. 11 games without conceding a goal. Mighty pleased about that.
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