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  1. Re: Official Red Devils thread Schole has just stated that the end of his career at manutd is near. He claims that he will will give it his best shot while he is here, but in a short while he wil be gone. Here is the link: Scholes admits end is near at Man Utd It really will be sad to see both him and Giggs leave the club. I just hope that the two of them are there for atleast a couple seasons more. But we should enjoy watching them while we can, cause you never know when they will play their last game for us. Kinda sad the thought of them leaving.
  2. Re: Arshavin saga over?! O well, just when we thought this saga was over there comes another twist in the tale. Wenger claims that no fee has been agreed between the two clubs. He also stated that the deal is far from coming to an end. According to him the Arshavin deal comes as a second priority and that he is only concentrating on the match against Everton atm. Winning the game is more important than signing a new player. Here is the link to sky sports:Wenger - No deal for Arshavin
  3. Re: Australian Open Murray lost in a close game, it must be said. Both players gave it their best and Verdasco came out on top. Murray just never game up. Even after Verdasco broke Murray, Murray held his next serve and fended off two match points on Verdasco's delivery, he was unable to deny Verdasco a third time as he produced a service winner. Murray Lost 2-6 6-1 1-6 6-3 6-4. Anyway, just waiting for Blake vs Tsonga to start. Will be a cracker. Tsonga to win in four sets (my prediction).
  4. Re: Australian Open O my, what a day of tennis. Federer almost got knocked out by Tomas Berdych !!! He was 2-0 down !!! But somehow he managed to win: 4-6, 6(4)-7(7), 6-4, 6-4, 6-2 !!! Baghdatis vs Djokovic was another brilliant game. Was glue to the T.V. for 3 odd hours !!! The shots both of them were hitting were phenomenal. Djokovic was brillaint in the first set, totally out playing Baghdatis. But from the second set onwards they were equally matched (though i must say Baghdatis was getting a bit luck were the net was concerned ). In the fourt set was the most entertaining imho. The score miight have suggested that it was a one sided set but by golly it wasn't. Both players were hitting some amazing shots, but Djokovic did himself a huge favour by breaking Baghdatis for the second time. That one him the game. Both of them battled really hard. And the Baghdatis fans were going wild. Final score was 6-1, 6(1)-7(7), 7(7)-6(5), 6-2 to Djokovic. Jankovic was hammered by Bartoli !!! 6-1, 6-4 ....... the goes the no.1 seed.
  5. Re: FA Cup Arsenal held to a draw by Cardiff.
  6. Re: January Transfer Window Predictions Aston Villa have just signed Heskey for 3.5 million pounds.
  7. Re: Australian Open Ana lost 7-5 6(5)-7(7) 6-2 Safin lost in straight sets: 3-6 2-6 6(5)-7(7) He also claims that he is no longer play in the Austrailian Open Here is the link:http://www.skysports.com/tennis/tournaments/story/0,25174,15663_4837991,00.html
  8. Re: Official Red Devils thread Talking about winning the quad this season, i must say, history os very much against us. Firstly, no team has successfully defended the UFFA Champions League and secondly, no team has ever won the EPL 3 times in a row. Now we are trying to break these records and set new ones. Lets hope that we are successful.
  9. Re: Australian Open Why Ana, why ????? 50 odd unforced errors !!!!! Whats happening ???
  10. Re: Spanish Ratings Higuain defo deserves a rise to 92. He has been the one banging in all the goals for Madrid this season. With RVN out for the rest of the season and Huntelaar just getting used to the SPL he will play a vital role for real this season.
  11. Re: Australian Open Murray smashed Marcel Granollers 6-4 6-2 6-2. Anyway, Ana Ivanovic's up against 29th seed Alisa Kleybanova. Common Ana !!!
  12. Re: Are aston villa actual contenders for champions league or higher Ah well, it really is good to see a side which is not one of the 'big four' in the top four. They are still only four points above fifth place Arsenal so they are far from guranteed a top four finish. Couple of seasons ago it was Spurs who almost grabbed the 4th spot (displacing Arsenal), but sadly in one of the last games of the seaon they had to play Arsenal and they lost 2-1 i think. Keane scored a controversial goal in the first half but Henry won Arsenal the game in the end. After that season i really don't think any club has been even close to touching the top four clubs. This season though Villa are, and that is what is making this season so much better and more interesting than than the past 3 odd seasons. Personally i feel that Aston Villa have played really well this season and defo do deserve to be where they are right now. But Young, who has been one of their best players all season has been suspended. It will be a interesting to see how Villa will cope without him. They really will have to work hard to maintain their place without him. Anyway, if Villa do manage to finish in the top four this season than it will also make the CL a bit more exciting to watch as well. For the past couple of season the english clubs have domniated the CL but with Villa in the picture it will be interesting to see how they fair against some of the bigger names in Europe.
  13. Re: Official Red Devils thread O well. We won the game, but as mentioned above, at a great cost. Tosic would have made his debut had it not been for all the injuries. Looks like we'll just have to wait a bit longer to see him play. Here is the injury status of the recently injured players:- Anderson- Gone for an X-Ray so they are not yet sure how long he will be out. Jonny Evans- Injured his ankle, b ut should be back in only a week. Rafael- Is down with a hamstring injury and will be out for a few weeks. Plus Rooney and Evra are also injured for a couple more weeks as well. I have no clue when Rio will be back. But lets look on the bright side. Atleast we are in the Carling Cuo final and we are in with a good chance of winning it. Plus the injures to all the defenders should allow us to get a glimpse of Fabio Da Silva. Also James Chester made his debut. We played well in the first half last night. Nani was really good and Gibson had a good game as well (except for the one bit in the start). Rafeal had a great game attacking but did make a few defencive errors, but good to see that he is imporving. Giigs was brilliant in the first half as well. So overall we did deserve the win. In the second half we did not play all that well, but i guess it was due to numerous injures to many of the player. But the important thing is that we won the game. Now we must concentrate on our next encounter against WBA and try our level best to win it (which we should ).
  14. Re: Australian Open I wouldn't say that mate. The first few rounds will be easy but by the time we arrive at the round of 16 games will get hard to predict. Pundits had a hard time last year.
  15. Re: Who needs Kaka? I would have to disagree with you there mate. How can you say that you guys do not need Kaka. After all he is one of the best players in the world currently. The partnership formed between him and Robinho might have been unstopable!!! Anyway, now that he has said no, you guys should try buying good players who are ready to play for a club like man city who are not doing all that well despite having soooooo much money. Once you guys start doing better then top players might actually want to come to man city. I really don't believe i'm saying this, espically because i support Valencia, but the best club to raid it this point of time is them. They are going through a rough patch and are having major financial problem. Villa and Silva will be sold if the right amount is offered. That would be your best bet. But if that ever happens i will become the biggest man city hater ever !!!!
  16. Re: The Song Name Game P.O.D- Good Bye For Now
  17. Re: Liverpool vs Everton O well, it was a good game. Espaically the first half. Torres missed a great chancne in the 27th minute, when he hit the post, but other than that he had a great first half. Made a brilllaint run as well. Liverpool should have got a penalty as well at the start of the second half, but unfortunately for L'pool the penalty was not given. Gerrard's goal was top quality as usual. Loved the celebration (espiaclly Reina's ). Cahill was left unmakred when he scored. The defence should have done better. Anyway, United are now top of the table so i'm mighty pleased.
  18. Re: Official Red Devils thread Well i just read that Tosic might get his first start for manutd against Derby. SAF had orginally said that he would not start Tosic or the other dude (forgot his name ) till the end of Feb. But he seems to have changed his maind and there are chances of Tosic making his debut tomorrow night. Hope, this is true coz i really would love to see Tosic in action. I have heard great things abput the lad, but have never see him play. Lets hope he get a chance to prove himself agaimst Derby.
  19. Re: Its all over! Milan has rejected the deal to sell Kaka to Man City! Just found this......what do you guys make of it..... EDIT: I just found this article as well: Robinho walks out on Man City training camp From what i have read it seems like Robinho was really upset by the fact the Kaka decided not to join him. The article also saws that Robinho is supposed to have flown back to Brazil.
  20. Re: Who's the best striker in the world atm? Roonay many not be a goal poacherbut he is invaluable to united. He may not be the top goal scorer but ono the whole he is a brillaint player. BTW Messi is very much a winger. He has played down the right flank for majority of the season.
  21. Re: Its all over! Milan has rejected the deal to sell Kaka to Man City! Great to see that Kaka has cecided to stay with Milan. He 'listened to his heart' in deciding to stay. Good to see that there are still great footballers like him who care about their club more than they care about money. Anyway, all milan fans will be hugely relieved. As for Man City, they'll just have to look for someone else.
  22. Re: Who's the best striker in the world atm? Well as Sef stated, if we count Messi as a striker than he is no doubt the best in the owrld, but if you consider him a winger then it's Villa. The man is a genius and imo is the one of the two major reasons Valencia are fourth atm. He's been brillant this season. For majority of the season he has not had to link up with but he still managed to bang in the goals. Eto'o is a brilliant striker no doubt but he is only scoring so many goals coz of Messi. The amout of chances Messi is creating for him and Genry are crazy. So it's Villa for me.
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