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  1. Re: January Transfer Window Predictions Interesting. They have loads of strikers already......Daniel Sturridge, Benjani, Ched Evans, Felipe Caicedo, Jo, Vassell and Robinho. So buying Bellamy means that they now have 8 strikers. But tbh Bellamyis better than most of them on the list so he should ge he the starts. I think Bellamy and Robinho would do well together.
  2. Re: Xabi Alonso Well, tbh Carrick has been brillaint this season, better than Alonso. Both of them deserve the same rating and right onw 93 is fine for Alonso. Carrick will defo get a rise, hopefully to 93 coz he has been noting short of amazing this season.
  3. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread O well, great win for you guys. Fought hard right till the death and got the win (i do feel bad for Stoke though ). Lampard's goal was great and so was the celebration. Anyway, what do you guys think of Stock's performance once he came on. He realyl impressed me. When he came on against Arsenal he did pretty much nothing tbh but last night he played really well for the 10 odd minutes he got to play. Was quite impressed.
  4. Re: The Serie A News Thread! Atlanta 3-1 Inter What a result for Atlanta. Personally i think Joes is messing up. No width what so ever. Why did he play Chivu as the left mid and Zanetti down the right??? Overall poor stuff from inter. Was quite shocked with inters performance. They did not get a shot on target till the 60th minute !!! They only made one really good move all throughout the game and that was just at the start of the second half. They strung together a crazy number of passes and finally got the ball to Adriano who fired of target. The build up to that shot though was brilliant.
  5. Re: Official Red Devils thread Ah well, big win for us. Botlon defended really well and we were pretty poor for the first 30 odd mniutes of the game. It was after that, that we started putting a bit of pressure on the Bolton defence. The seacond half was much better than the first. Bolton started to make some good attack-ups and created a couple of decent chances (Kevin Davis was good as usual). So basically the game opened out and even thouhg we did have most of the possession, we really did not use it well. IMO the substitutions of Giggs and Scholes really had a positive impact on the game. And as mentioned above, Giggs was played on the right. Looks like Giggs will have to get used to playing all over the park. First in the centre against Chelsea and now down the right . Anyway, good win for us. Berba's goal was good. Welbeck was about to come om for Tevez just then. Luckly for us play did not stop and Welbeck did not come no. Tevez did brilliantly to get past the two defenders, (he did get a bit lucky but still......) and cross the ball in brillintly for Berba to easily head home. Well done Tevez and Berba. So end of the day, we are now top of the table.
  6. Re: Official Red Devils thread Huge blow for us.....we really will miss him. According to manutd.com me injured his liagment while crossing the ball in for Rooney's goal. These are the matches he is most likely to miss:- Patrice Evra could miss as many as seven first team matches... 14 Jan - Wigan (h) - Premier League 17 Jan - Bolton (a) - Premier League 20 Jan - Derby (h) - Carling Cup 24 Jan - Tottenham (h) - FA Cup 27 Jan - WBA (a) - Premier League 2 Feb - Everton (h) - Premier League 8 Feb - West Ham (a) - Premier League Not good at all.....
  7. Re: offer rejected from an unmanaged team? This happened to me in GC 33 as well. I bid for a player fom an unmanaged club and it got rejected. The bid was above the chairmans value but yet it was rejected. But a made a new bid ( a bit higher) and it got accepted and the transfer got completed.
  8. Re: Official Red Devils thread It really is good to see Ronaldo winning the player of the year award. He truely deserved it. 42 goals in one season is not a joke. But as we have all observed, this season he has not been as good as last season. Last season was a dream of a season for him and he will have to work really hard to have another season tlike that, But he has been playing well. Player really well against Chelsea. Hopefully he will start as well as he did against Chelsea in other big games as well. But he will have a really tough time retaining his title as world player for this year. As we have all been seeing, barca have been doing brilliantly this season. They are without doubt the best team in the world at the moment. the football they are playing is just a treat to the eyes. A major factor for them doing so well is Leo Messi. Messi have been nothing short of mazing this season. I have see hi make some of the most breath taking runs ever. He has scored some 11 or 12 goals and has created loads of chances for Eto'o. In fact the only reason Eto'o is the top scorer atm is because of Leo Messi. So basically what i am trying to say is that Ronaldo desreved the title last year but will have a really hard time retaining the title this year.
  9. Re: The Song Name Game Rasmus- Livin' in a World Without You
  10. Re: Ricardo Quaresma O well, just though i'd bump this thread. As we all know, Quaresma has been out of favour and ad not been played for quite a few weeks. But he did come on in the second half against Cagliari and looked decent. He was a bit rusty and was mainly confined to taking shots from distance, but another thing i dod notice was that he won inter loads of free kicks down the right flanl as well. So overall he did have a decent game. He did feature in the game against Siena, in which i have no clue as to how well or badly he played. Quaresma has always been one of my favourate players and i really do hope that he manages to win back his place in the Inter side. He is a great player, filled with talent, he can pull of some amazing tricks and over the years has scored some brilliant goals. I just hope he gets some more playing time.
  11. Re: The Song Name Game Ok Go- Here it Goes Again
  12. Re: Man Utd vs. Chelsea - LATEST! is this all about....... Wrong section mate !!!
  13. Re: Man Utd vs. Chelsea - LATEST! Giggs, awarded the man of the match (and rightly so imo). Was brillaint all throughout. Played really well. Fought and won the ball back well, played fair, created some good chances, and played some really good one touch football. He and Evra linked up brilliantly. Anyway. Good to walk out with a big win against Chelsea. We have the game against Wigan next. Should be a good one, and hopefully we will win it. Wigan are a decent side, but we really will be pumped after this win against Chelsea and should seasl it. Then we have the game against Derby. Will be a good one. Hope we can make ot to the finals of the Carling Cup...... Liverpool here we come.
  14. Re: Man Utd vs. Chelsea - LATEST! 3-0 !!!! Berba does it again !!!! Brillaint stuff by Vidic, blocking Terry and Di Santo!!!! Glory Glory Man United !!!
  15. Re: Man Utd vs. Chelsea - LATEST! WWWWWOOOOOOOO!!!!! Roonay scores !!! Brilliant ball in by Evra !!! I really am enjoying the second half. Some brillaint end to end football. Some amazing tricks. The tempo of the game is amazing. Some brilliant football being played !!!
  16. Re: Man Utd vs. Chelsea - LATEST! Mate he clearly placed the ball in the quarter cricle and then kicked it out. See the relpay propery.
  17. Re: Man Utd vs. Chelsea - LATEST! Well, now that i have understood uniteds move properly (the corner in which Ronaldo scored) i must say, it was a brilliant move by united. Straight from the training groung onto the pitch. But no complains, we got justice in the end. We seem to be playing alot of one touch football, touch and go. Some fancy moves, and as a result we have been giving the ball away a bit to oftern and a bit too easily. Brining on Carrick would help us keep possession better but i kinda like the idea of Giggs at the centre of the park. I just makes that game that much faster imo. Anyway, really entertaining first half. Full of action, card s and controversy (just how i like it). Can't wait for the game to restart. Common you Devils. BTW: Anelka in for Deco. ITs going to be interesting to see the Drogba-Anelka combo.
  18. Re: Man Utd vs. Chelsea - LATEST! WWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!! Vidic heads us in front !!!!!! TBH we deserve the lead after a really frustrating first half, in which we should have scored atleast one more goal.
  19. Re: Man Utd vs. Chelsea - LATEST! Manu should have won an f-ing penalty !!!! Ronaldo was clearly pulled down by Ricardo Carvalho !!! Abd on top of that Ronald gets a yellow card. Commom ye devils P.S. Everyone has been falling all over the place. Ballack just dived in the box !!!
  20. Re: The Song Name Game Dolores O' Riordan- Ordinary Day
  21. Re: Benzema or Henry Mate sell Pandev and get Benzsema. Do not sell Henry. I really do not know why so many people are saying Henry is going to fall. Coz he is not. Barca are playing the best football i have ever seen in my life and Henry has been instrumental in the performances. He's been brilliant in front of goal (so have Messi and Eto'o). I'm sure he is going to keep his rating (as long as he does not get injured).
  22. Re: Benzema or Henry Benzema would always be a good buy. So if you can pick him up then by all means do so !!!
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