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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Ok guys, i need a bit of help. RVN for Tevez straight swap. Should i do it??? RVN does have a long term injury and will be out for i the rest of the season i think. What should i do??? BTW i have RVN. Thanks, Rishabh
  2. Re: The Song Name Game Thunderclap Newman- Something in the Air
  3. Re: The Song Name Game David Guetta- Baby When the Lights Go Out
  4. Re: The Song Name Game Lights and Sounds- Yellowcard
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... He is defo going to rise. May not be the greatest player' date=' but he really is improving game by game. More importantly he is getting the minutes on the clock. Right now he is highly underrated. He's only 88. I really would not be surprised to see him get a rise to 90. Don't do the deal. Simply because Quaresma is a brilliant player. He may be out of favour atm but sooner or later he is going to be given another crack in the first team. I suggest you wait a while before transfering him out. The italian changes are weeks away. It would be best to wait and watch how he does. Quagliarella on the other hand is a good player. He is playing quite well and bagging the odd goal. But as KEn said ask for a player other than Suazo. But imo don't do the deal just yet. I would wait and watch. I do have Quaresma in a couple of teams and i am just waiting patiently for something to happen.
  6. Re: Biggest Wins In SM Holy cow !!!! :eek: :eek: I've never seen such a big win in almost 2 years of playing SM !!! Wow that is something
  7. Re: Premier League 2008–09 Mid-Season Overview Some nice Stats there mate. Just thought i'd add a few more:- Managerial changes Chelsea Avram Grant WHU Alan Curbishley Toon Kevin Keegan Spurs Juande Ramos Pompey Harry Redknapp Sunderland Roy Keane Blackburn Paul Ince Most goals in one half: 6 goals – Arsenal 4–4 Tottenham Hotspur (29 October 2008) First own goal of the season: Robert Huth (Middlesbrough) for Tottenham Hotspur, 90+2 minutes (16 August 2008) First hat trick of the season: Gabriel Agbonlahor (Aston Villa) against Manchester City (17 August 2008) Fastest hat trick of the season: 7 minutes, 37 seconds – Gabriel Agbonlahor (Aston Villa) against Manchester City (17 August 2008) Most Assists:- Pos. Player Club Assists 1 Steed Malbranque Sunderland 8 2 Emmanuel Adebayor Arsenal 7 3 Dimitar Berbatov Man Utd 7 4 Ashley Young Aston Villa 7 5 Mikel Arteta Everton 6 6 Stephen Ireland ManCity 6 7 Florent Malouda Chelsea 6 8 Joe Cole Chelsea 5 9 Neves Denilson Arsenal 5 10 Steven Gerrard Liverpool 5 Most Yellow Cards:- Pos. Player Team Yellow Cards 1 Marouane Fellaini Everton 9 2 Kevin Nolan Bolton 8 3 Alvaro Arbeloa Liverpool 7 4 Lee Cattermole Wigan 7 5 Ricardo Fuller Stoke City 7 6 Wilson Palacios Wigan 7 7 Ian Ashbee Hull City 6 8 Gavin McCann Bolton 6 9 Kieran Richardson Sunderland 6 10 Stephen Warnock Blackburn 6 Most fouls comitted:- Pos. Player Team Fouls 1 Marouane Fellaini Everton 60 2 Kevin Davies Bolton 54 3 Papa Bouba Diop Portsmouth 46 4 Bobby Zamora Fulham 44 5 Carlton Cole West Ham 43 6 Lee Cattermole Wigan 40 7 Ricardo Fuller Stoke City 37 8 Kevin Nolan Bolton 35 9 Wilson Palacios Wigan 35 10 Gareth Barry Aston Villa 34
  8. Re: January Transfer Window Predictions Just in !!! Spurs re-sign Defoe for 15 million pounds !!! Wow he's heading back in less than a year !!! Here is the link: Defoe to Spurs
  9. Re: Official Red Devils thread The Tevez saga has seemed to take another twist. SAF first said that he had offered Tevez a contract which had been rejected. Now Tevez comes up and says that he had never been given any offer to begin with. I wonder what all this is about. From what Tevez said it seem like he has given United the amout he wants but he has recieved no offer from united yet. He also said that if United do not give him the contract fast he will sign a contract (perfebly a 5 year one) with another club without much hesitation. After which he will return to Boca. Personally i really don't know why this is taking so long. SAF should seal the deal asap. Tevez is a great player and is just hitting some really good form. He is a vital player in our team. The thing that bothers me is that if SAF can spend 17 mil on two kids why can't he just agree with Tevez on his salary and a fee. So what if it a little on the high side. I think he's worth it.
  10. Re: What is wrong with Chelsea? Yup, off late Chelsea have looked poor down the wings. Both Malouda and Cole have looked very average down the wings and as fadedwolfz has brillaintly said, Chelsea lack the players on the bench who can come on and turn the game around. Hence the lack of creativity (espically down the wings). So to make up for this the full backs are forced up and chelsea are caught on the break and concede.
  11. Re: Official Red Devils thread Good win for us. Sadly i managed to miss the game(due to homework). But i did manage to see the goals. Can't really comment on how any o the players played, but the important thing is that we got the win. It was also good to see Gibson, Possebon, Welbeck and Evans get some game time. Good news is that Tevez will be back for our semi-final game against Derby. And the bad news it that we have to play Spurs in the 4th round of the FA Cup. Lets hope we can beat them again this time.
  12. Re: What is wrong with Chelsea? As you have stated above Chelsea have a great squad. Some world class players and also have good depth, and overall are a great team. As we have seen, on a good day they can rip appart almost any side but on a bad day they tend to struggle. IMO they don't do well under pressure. Off late i have seen the Chelsea players give the ball away stupidly, like in games against Arsenal, West Ham and Everton. They have not managed to create the clear cut chances that they normally do. Under pressure (and on a bad day) their creativity goes out of the window. So basically thay tend to mess up. Cheslea had a brillaint run from around game 6 to 12 (except for the loss against L'pool) but after that they have been struggling to get the results. And as Alan has rightly stated, Chelsea suffer more due to drawing games than actually loosing them. So basically they just have to get the momentum going again. If they do so they should do well.
  13. Re: FA Cup Welbeck does it again 1-0 to united !!!
  14. Re: FA Cup For the last couple seasons now we have bowed out of the Carling cup very early and to much smaller teams. Good to see us having a good run in the Carling Cup this season. Good to see us not to face a prem team as well. For the past few season we have had some tough opponents in the FA Cup but we generally do tend to do well. Not win it but atleast we get to the later stages of the tournament. Really will be interesting. Jan will be a real hectic month for us. Look at our fixture list:- 4th - Southampton (FA Cup) 7th - Derby (Carling Cup) 11th - Chelsea 14th - Wigan 17th - Bolton 20th - Derby (Carling Cup) We have a game 6 games in a span of 18 days.......now that really will be taxing. Plus we have an all important game against Chelsea. I really hope to see Possebon, Welback, Manucho and maybe even Fabio Da Silva featuring in some of the games. Lets see how we fare.
  15. Re: FA Cup Aye' date=' quite a shocking result....wonder how long Sparky will be at the helm. At the rate he's going he won't be there by the end of the season. Late, late goal by Peter Clarke, but they all count......good result for Southend. They beat us in the Carling Cup as well. Was it last season or the season before that...... Good win for Spurs over Wigan as well. Loved Modric's goal and celebration. Pavlyuchenko's second goal was good but the Wigan keeper was horrible. They played well and deserved it. Reading lost 2-0 to Cardiff, drats !!! West Ham with an easy 3-0 win over Barnsley. Good to see Boro make it to the next round as well. Anyway, waiting for United's game 2moro against Southhampton. Hope we play some young gun and get a positive result.
  16. Re: Eto'o for Zlatan? I don't think you guys are getting what Ahemd id trying to say. Yes Eto'o is on fire atm and has scored 15 goals in 15 games, but Zlatan is a brilliant player as well. Alway there creating chances, getting the assists and still bagging the goals.10 goals in 17 games is not a bad record. IMO none of them will rise in the next changes but as you guys have rightly said that if one of them is to rise it is Eto'o. All i am saying is that on current form Eto'o might be playing really well, but Ibra is consistent and is always there for Inter when they need him the most. So end of the day i would say keep Eto'o but Ibra is not far behind him.
  17. Re: Football Lookalikes !! Guy Assulin and Nadal
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