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  1. Re: McBloggin Brilliant post Carbon (and Sinny)......... really worth a read !!! How long did it take ya ???? 5 hours ????
  2. Rishabh Desai

    Happy New Year

    Re: Happy New Year Wishing all you forumers a Happy New Year !!! Best of luck with your life and teams.
  3. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Oh well, frankly i feel happy for you guys. I have always like Newcastle and i am really happy that you guys are begining to get the results. Spurs are a good opposition and a win against them is a really good result. Pompey are quite a decent side as well so you guys do have quite a bit to be happy about. Up to 12th i think....... Qwen and Gutierrez seem to be linking up really well. Gutierrez is looking great down the right flank and Owen seems to have found his touch again. Duff scoring reminded me of his Chelsea days.......legend Just waiting for the Alan Smith to return from injury, heard that he should be back soon. Loe the guy Anyway, lets see what happens against Wigan on Friday. Somehow i sense another win.
  4. Re: Arsenal Gossip Forget about the title mate. Arsenal are going to have a hard time finishing in the top four, espically with Villa playing the way they are........ Even though i am a manu fan i can't help but feel sorry for Fabregas. Hope he recovers soon. However much i may hate arsenal, i still have to admit that he is a brilliant play......get well soon Fab.
  5. Re: Cabbytoodles Youths Rating Thread Hey Cabby mate....great thread, some good predictions there mate. Keep up the great work.
  6. Re: Gold Championship 50 - Match Report / Transfers Thread Cardiff City News Cardiff City 2-1 Nottingham ForestJ.BOTHROYD (70) G.MOUSSI (83) R.MCCORMACK (89) A late show from the Cardiff City players stole the win for the Bluebirds at Ninian Park on Saturady night. The first half was a scrapy one and nother of the teams were playing well. Both were failing to create chances, giving the ball away cheaply and playing some really blad football. They went intot he break at half time with the score still at 0-0. The second half did start a bit differently. Nottingham Forest began to make some really attacking moves and Nottingham striker Moussi, really began to trouble the Cardiff defence. No the other hand Cardiff were attacking on the break but failed to do any substaicial damage. Stephen Mcphail came close to scoring on the break but he was denied by a great save from the keeper. But in the 70th minute, much against the run of play, Jay Bothroyd, headed in a great cross from Ross McCormack to give the Bluebirds a 1-0 lead. (Bothroyd celebrating Cardiff's opener !!!) After the goal the game turned on its head and all of a suddewn it was Cardiff domionating proceedings. Wave after wave of attck fornt he Cardiff player forced keerper Nèstor Muslera to make some great saves to keep Nottingham in the game. Finally in the 82nd minute Nottingham got the equalizer.Nottingham caught Cardiff on the counter, Lee Martin tore down the right flank and delivered a brilliant cross right at the head of the waiting Moussi who headed home majestically, silencing 17,541 fans at Nittin Park !!! (Lee Martin: The cause of Cardiff's problems) But the game was far from over in a last gasp attempt Ross McCormack, charged down the left flank and smashed the ball goalwards. The ball thundered intot he goal off the far post, securing three votal points for Cardiff City. Unfortunately McCormack injured himself during the attemot the score and will be out of about one and a half weeks!!! (Ross McCormack: Celebrating Cardiff's late winner !!!) This is what manager Rishabh Desai had to say after the game:"Well, we showed great spirt out there. Even when things were not going our way we got the goal. We never gave up even after Nottingham equalized and got the all important winner. I hope we can maintain this great spirit and keep the wins coming!!!"
  7. Re: WC 4409 Lyon - Napoli - Roma Season Reports Three new faces at Ajax !!! Last night Ajax managed to secure the services of 3 new players, namely:- Pedro Mario Alvarez Pedro Mario Alvarez from Getafe, for a fee of £4.7 million. Alvarez signed a 3 year contract with the club paying him £21,000 per week. This is what he had to say at his first press conference:"It feels really great to sign for a great club like Ajax. It has a huge fan base and i am already loving my time here. I do hope to help my team in any way that i can, and i know that we are good enough to get to division 1 this season. I will try my best to make this happen." Antonio Luis Valencia Antonio Luis Valencia was signed from Wigan for a fee of £3 million plus Dennis Rommedahl. He also signed a three year contract with the club paying him £21,250 per week. This is what he had to say:"I enjoyed my time in Wigan and i hope to enjoy my time in Ajax as well. It will be a new learning experience for me, but with my experience of playing the in the premier league as a regular for Wigan, i should be able to adapt well here." Matthew Upson Matthew Upson was bought for £3.0M & Eyong Enoh & Laurent Delorge. The former West Ham player signed a 4 year contract with the club playing him £22,250 per week. This is what he had to say:"I hope to give it my all in my new club. I do my best here and i really do hope we can do big things this season. We do have the quality and the class. We only need to gel in well together. Once that is done, we will be a great side." More news Later
  8. Re: Official Red Devils thread O well, since no one has posted on this thread for a while just thought i'd post. Firstly, i am really proud to say that we are the best club in the world !!! Good win over Liga de Quito. We battled hard, and sorry to say but we did miss some good chances (espically Park who missed a good one imo). But in the end we came out on top !!!! Now then, coming to Inter. I must say that Fergie really does have quite a horrible record against the man. They have met 12 times as managers over the years. Jose has won 6 encoutners while Fergie has won only the 1 game in nov 05 when Fletcher scored the winner for us (lets hope he can do it again ). Another startling fact is that no team has ever successfully defended the Champions league ever (just found this out a few minutes ago ). A bit of good news is that with our draw against AaB we have managed to equal the CL record for the longest unbeaten record !!! 19 games unbeaten that is. So all we need is a draw against Inter to break the record. Some more good news for us is that last night Arsenal and Liverpool drew 1-1. So both teams dropped points. We can onl hope that Chelsea mess up against Everton at Goodison Park tonight as well (but for some reason i don't think they will ). Neither of the big four have won a game in the last 15 days. Anyway, i'm looking foward to our game against Stoke. Hope we get a good result in that one.
  9. Re: WC 4409 Lyon - Napoli - Roma Season Reports Maybe we can change it to just WC 4409 I'll ask i mod if ya want.
  10. Re: Gold Championship 25 Transfers / Match reports Thread PSV Eindhoven News Troubled Times for PSV !!! PSV are currently going through a bit of a rpught patch. A string of poor results has seen them slip form the top of the table to second place. Losses to FC Utrecht and Ajax and draws with FC Twente and Feyenoord, have seem them fall 4 points behind currewnt leaders FC Utrecht with 9 games to go this season. This is what manager Rishabh Deasi has to say:"Ah well, looks like we are going through one of those bad patches. Personally i feel nothing to worry about much. We are a great team and we do have what it takes to win this league. As we all know, form is temporary but class is permanent !!!" Sliver Lining !!! Venue - Philips Stadion Attendence - 31,413 PSV 3 -0 NEC Nijmegen T.SIMONS (25) D.KOEVERMANS (28) T.SIMONS (47) Man of the Match (Danny Koevermans) Thaknfully for PSV they did manage to win their last game against NEC Nijmegen 3-0. The game did turn out to be quite a one sided affair and a brace from captain Timmy Simons and a goal from Danny Koevermans won the game for PSV. The game started off really aggressively with both team making rash tackle and within the first 20 minutes of the game three players had been awarded yellow card. PSV's Jan Kromkamp and two other Nijmegen players. (All three yellow carded within the first 20 mins of the game !!!) Neither side was able to create any chances. The game was more of a midfield battle. But the breakthrough for PSV came in the 25th minute when captain Timmy Simons rounded the the keepr and finished off in style from a very tight angle. Just 3 minutes later a great left foot volley from Danny Koevermans went into the back of the net making the score 2-0 in favour of the home side. (Koevermans celebrating his 10th goal of the season !!!) The second half was pretty much dominated by PSV and in the 47th minute Simons cored his second of the night. A brilliant cross form Dzsudzsak was volleyed into the back of the net by the PSV skipped bringing a smile on manager Rishabh Desai's face. The game ended 3-0. (Simons played a captains role !!!) This is what manager Rishabh had to say after the game:"Well, it was much needed win for us. Our last 4 or five resuts had been very poor and we really needed the win. Hopefully this will will boost our morale and help us win as many games as possible from now to the end of the season. Timmy played brilliantly. He really worked his socks off and it paid off in the end. Dzsudzsak played really weill down the left flank as well. We really will need a few more performances from him like that. Anyway, enough about this game. We have to concentrate on our next game in hand and try win it!" More news Later
  11. Re: WC 4409 Lyon - Napoli - Roma Season Reports Ajax Announce New Manager !!! Last night Ajax Amsterdam unveiled their new manager Rishabh Desai, after former manager Marco Van Basten left due to a bust up with the management. This is what Rishabh had to say in hif first press conference when interviewed:- Reporter: So Rishabh, how do you feel becoming the new manager of Ajax? Rishabh:Ah, it feels great. Ajax are a big club and have huge fan support as well. We have some really good players as well. Some really young guns, who are bound to blossom into great players. Plus we have qutie a few experienced players as well, so it's a good mix. Reporter: What are your aims for the new season? Rishabh: Well, my main aim will be to gain promotion to the 1st division. Lets hope that can happen. I also hope that we have a good run in the cup and the shield and we do hope to reach atleast the quaters in bother of them. Reporter: How busy have you been in the transfer manket? Rishabh: Well, i have been a bit busy. We do need to strengthen our defence. So i wilo be looking to sign about three to four new defenders. We have already launched some bids and we hope that they will be accepted soon. Reporter: Thanks Rishabh and wish you all the best for the new season !!!
  12. Re: WC 4409 Lyon - Napoli - Roma Season Reports Just took over Ajax.....hope nobody minds me joining (btw i had to join with another id coz i'm running out of space on my main on ). Will do my report after the liverpool arsenal game.
  13. Re: Arsenal Gossip Well, good match underway.....score locked at 1-1. Fabregas injured, and it does look pretty bad. Both goals were brilliant. Hope we are in for a good secong half. EDIT: Woooooo Ade off !!!!
  14. Re: Italian Championship 10 Match Reports/Transfer Thread ROMA ARE ITALIAN CHAMPS AGAIN !!! Inter Milan 1-1 AS RomaLast night Roma faced off with rivals Inter Milan in the last game of the season. Second place Chievo were only 2 ppints behind Roma, and Chievo faced off against 19th place Napoli. This ment that Chievo would almost certainly win so Roma needed atleast 1 point in the game against Inter to secure the title. The game did not start off the way Roma wanted it to. In the very first minute of the game Robinho dummied the keeper and finished off in style to give Inter a 1-0 lead over Roma. There was more drama to come in the early stages of the game though. Roma striker Luca Toni was tripped in the box but, much to the shock of the entire Roma team the ref waved play on !!! Aftr that incident though there was not much action. It was more of a midfield battle and neither of the teams managed to created any good chances. (Up:Robinho celebrating Inter's early goal !!! Down: Toni tripped in the box !!!) But Roma came out with a new spirit in the second half and just 30 seconds after the restart, Toni, thanks to some brilliant footwork, wriggled past both Maicon and Puyol and and smashed the ball past a helpless Casillas!!! Thus making the scores level again. But as the second half progressed Inter bagan to dominate the game again but The Roma defend held fort brilliantly. Robinho missed a shot from only 6 yards out and cracking shot from Fabregas was saved brilliantly but Doni. As the whistle for the end of the game blew the stadium erutpted and the Roma players were extatic !!!! Their second title in two seasons under Rishabh !!! (AS Roma players celebrating their second title in a row !!!) This is what manager Rishabh Desai had to say after the win:"Ah well, it feels great to get our hans on the title again this season. Despite the horrible start to the season we still managed to came out on top and prove to the world that we truely are the champions of Italy. I must give credit to the Chievo manager as well, he really had a great season and deserved to win the title as much as we did. It's really unlucky for him that he lost the title on goal difference after fighting hard all throughout the season. Anyway, now we have the new season to look foward to. We will not be too bust in the transfer market this time. Just looking to strenghten the defence a bit. I do hope that we can do as well next season and win the title again. Player of the Season Fernando Torres Jose Fernando Torres was awarded the best player of the season, after performing consistently throughout the season and also scoring 15 goals. He was also AS Roma's top scorer. He got 16 assists to his name and won 7 man of the match awards as well. Midfield Magician Van Der Vaart Van Der Vaart was instrumental in helping winning the season. Scored 12 goals in all and was Roma's second highest scorer. Plus he got 4 assisits and won 4 man of the match awards. Final Table
  15. Re: WC 3966 Manchester United Reports Wow, cabby mate......some brilliant posts there. I must say, you are one of the bestmatch reporters ever. Just wish i could rep ya but i can't for the moment. Anyway mate. Keep up the great work.
  16. Re: Official Red Devils thread Well, we just got Inter Milan for our round of 16 opponents in the CL. Can't wait for the game even though it is in feb. Jose knows manu a bit too well, so he does have that slight bit of added advantage. But it still will be a cracker of a game. Hope manu come out on top.
  17. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread OMG !!! some real mouth watering fixtures.....can't wait for manu vs inter. Will be a cracker. Hope manu can make it through. Roma have been disappointing in the Seira A this season but they seem to be getting their act together. They did finish top of their group as well, so they are more than capable of beating Arseanl. Liverpool vs Real.....now that is another HUGE fixture. Its going to be interesting to see who comes out on top in that one. Was hoping manu get real. Anyway, can't wait for the round of 16 to start now.
  18. Re: Official Red Devils thread Ah well, i missed the game coz i was studying for exams But the good thing is that we won. Talking about Nani, well as you guys have rightly pointed out he is a bit greedy but he is improving. He is getting some good balls into the box, and is begining to show signs of getting better. Just read about Real saying that they have come to an agreement for signing Ronaldo. Well imo it's ********. But if it is true then we are in a bit of poo. We don't have quality wingers. We have Nani (who is still developing), Park (who is playing quite well), Giggs (getting old)......thats it. I don't think Tosic has signed yet.
  19. Re: Anderson or Fletcher? Ah well, good question. IMO both are great players but i think Anderson is more of an impact player. Fletcher is consistent, but almost every time Anderson comes on as a sub he tends to change the game. His passing is great, he's a great team player as well, he is really fast and tends to beat he oppontents to loose balls, and is quite crrative as well. Flecther on the other hand is good, he tends to play well when we need are in sticky situations, his passing is good and his shooting is not bad either. IMO what Fergie is doing atm is really good. Starting Fletcher and then bringing on Anderson in the secong half. As i said Anderson does create an impact when he comes on as a sub and imo not when he starts the game (don't know why). If you see his preformences in the games that he has started in and compaire it to th games he has come on as a sub it, you will see he has played better coming on as a sub. I still haven't answered the question yet ..........imo the better play talent and skilll wise is Anderson but i do prefer him coming on as a sub.
  20. Re: Gold Championship 50 - Match Report / Transfers Thread Cardiff City News Bristol City 0-2 Cardiff CityLast noght Cardiff sity secured a 2-0 victory over Bristol City. Cardiff were forced to play a reserve squad last night due to fintess plaroblems but they still came out on top. Cardiff's first goal was scored by Eddie Johnson in the 14th minute of the game. He smashed the ball in to the back of the next from 25 yards out. Both teams went in at half time with the score 1-0 in favour of Cardiff. Just 6 minutes after the restart Peter Whittingham scored Cardiff's second as his shot went in off the post !!! (Eddie Johnson and Peter Whittingham won Cardiff the game !!!)
  21. Re: Rooney or Ronaldo who has the greater impact For United Well mate, all i can say is either you hate Rooney or you just don't see him playing. He does not just wonder about the pitch. He is always doing something to help the team. When he loses the ball he makes a real effort to win it back, wth even if he doesn't lose the ball he still tries to win it back. Plus he is one of the most hard working and professional players i have seen. If SAF needs him to play on the right wing he will do that without any complains. He is a team play, always helping the team and nither England nor Manu suffer due to him. manu don't suffer from nothing.
  22. Re: Rooney or Ronaldo who has the greater impact For United Ah well, good question. A tough one but i think it is Rooney. Last season it was Ronaldo hands down, but this season Rooney seems to be making the bigger impact. As Neller said it does depend on form as well. IMO Rooney has been the better of the two this season. Ronaldo is not giving it his 100% imo and Ronney is giving his 110% (as usual ). Both are great players but this season i think it is Rooney who is making the bigger impact. He may not be banging in the goals as often as Ronlaod but as usual his work rate is brilliant, he is always running up and down the pitch, winning the ball back for us, creating chances and banging them in ocassionally.
  23. Re: LONGEST UNBEATEN RUN I'm not sure about my longest ever unbeaten run, but my best unbeaten run with a current club is 18 games unbeaten with braca. Also my Celtic in GC 37 are no a 15 game unbeaten streak, lets see how far i get.
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