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  1. Park Ji Sung I think this guy should have a raise to 89 or 90, Ferguson has been playing him regularly and hes showed what a good player he is!
  2. This guy is playing regularly for Lille this season and hes only 22. His rating is currently 80 which is very surprising since hes been called up to the french national team to face england!? so i think the least he can get is a raise to 89!
  3. Re: Montolivo, Kerzhakov, Cana, Zubar,Kranjcar, and Ochoa Well the thing is they have all been outstanding domestically...and especially montolivo, ochoa, kranjcar and zubar who have massive potential to become future superstars
  4. I think squad numbers for players should be added to players and managers can decide what squad number the player gets would add realism to the game. this is open for debate of course- any agreement?
  5. I think these players should get a raise to 91 or 92, any suggestions or agreement?
  6. I think this feature should be offered to each team in a setup who has 11 youth squad players or more...but regulations like no less than 3 defenders and havin at least one youth team goalie. wot do u think?
  7. Hi there, i need some advice on these players; whether or not i should keep them for my club. Oubina is on loan at birmingham and hes injured quite seriously(in real life) although his rating is at 90, he plays defensive mid...is he special enough for a rating improvement? Cana is the captain of Marseille in reality and i wonder if his rating is going to change at all for the better as marseille are losing their touch in their domestic league. Ziani and Niang are also dibatable whether their ratings have any room for improvement... discussions are soooo welcome...so please help me out! also, ochoa, i think, deserves 92 as he is brillaint. and 92 for Nakamura and Kerzhakov i think is reasonable, Obertan is coming on deserves 89 like Defour. 89 should also go to Contini and Paulo Cannavaro as they have been performing miracles in serie A. Again...please argue...i need ure help:eek: advive on these palyers would be much appreciated to: Valbuena, Meghni, Matsui, Park Chu-Young.
  8. International Management I think international management and their teams should be allocated realistically to managers; for example success at the club and the amount of time they've been managing; also, maybe the country in which the club the manager comes from can be made to more likely get the job of that country which will add a bit more realism to the game. Managing both a club and a international side can be realistic; like Guus Hiddink with PSV and South Korea before, and I think managers of international sides should pick players from the clubs judging by ability and most importantly form. At the start of each setup, people should still give new managers the choice of selecting clubs rather than national teams. Also, each setup should include all the countries playing football basicly and try and make them go through to their continents main competition and importantly the world cup, giving managers in the game from such countries that aren't major soccer giants a chance to be patriotic and manage their own country.
  9. Re: Regular matches I agree with the idea that peoples' own custom setups can have an adjusted schedule. but the thing about standard setups having an accelerated schedule is that some people wont have the time to play-to make tactics etc...or when they suddenly dont have access to internet or when their pc breaks down...they wont find time. also...playing the matches lets say once a day will take out the realistic feel of the games...3 matches in understandable but 7!? :eek:
  10. I have a suggestion that I have thought of for sometime; In the world championships the clubs in the 4th division are usually not taken and are usually bled dry of their star players to the bigger clubs in the higher divisions eventually leading to less competition in the cups and shields...so i propose that the last 3 clubs of the forth division get relegated in exchange of 3 new decent clubs that are realistically doing well and have a decent team. This will also attract managers that want to start from the lowest division to test there managerial skills instead of people expecting a 4th division club to be missing its star players nd needing a slow rebuilding process. Another suggestion that I have thought of is creating another cup tournament called the Winners Cup (the name can be changed-I'm open to any suggestions!) which is basicly four groups(A,B,C,D) of four teams each with teams selected from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place of the four divisions...the winner of each division will be the first seeds, 2nd of each division the 2nd seeds and so on...they're selected at random and put into groups and each team has to play each team twice in the group to gain enough points to gain the first two places of the group to qualify for the quarter finals...the tournament will be played on every monday where the participants of the tournament will all have byes in the World Champ Shield and Cup-this new tournament could be of course rescheduled and open to suggestions. I believe that these two suggestions or improvements will increase the competative edge of the world chapionships:)
  11. Hi, I think Mourad Meghni, Zheng Zhi, Dong FangZhuo and Niko Kranjkar are all underated- especially Mourad...Mourad Meghni was dubbed the new Zidane before and he is only rated 84 in the game...he has recently moved from Bologna to Lazio and looks promising to blend into the national side. So i wouls say 88/89. Zheng zhi is also underated at 84...he is captain for the chinese national side and probably Chalton's best performer during the second half of the season so i think 87/88 would be reasonable. Dong FangZhuo is ridiculously underated despite him being in the Man U first team and in the chinese national side...86 would be a reasonable rating i think...as for Kranjkar i simply think he is a top performer and he should be upgraded to 90.
  12. I think this player is underated, he is the best defender for Deportivo la Coruna but he is only rated 87. In FIFA 07 however he is rated 82 which is better than decent in FIFA terms, with him almost equivelant to mascherano! So i think soccermanager should take his rating into concideration. Any comments please reply. Cheers, Dan Manager of: Marseille 168:mad:
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