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  1. Cheating in gold setups is discraceful.
  2. Re: Help me!! I have managed them about three/four months. I have PM'd him. I there is no Answer after 4b days I will do the support thingie
  3. Hi, I was managing Barcelona in Phoenix European Championship and I got a PM saying I had been warned by the setup owner (what for i don't know). I then noticed I couldn't switch to Barca. I then went on to the setup to manage another club and I checked who managed Barca, it turned out to be the setup owner. I think the owner wanted to to change his club so he booted me out. I din't cheat atall. Please do something asap.
  4. Hilbian


    Re: Why? A long time!!
  5. Hilbian


    Why have games suddenly become late EVERY night??
  6. Hilbian


    Re: CHEAT Sorry, I will email SM and get rid of names.
  7. Hilbian


    One of my friends asked me to tell you all for him. In Christain Puolsen - World Club Championshp he made an offer for Ronaldinho for roughly 22 mil, rejected. Then Liverpool offerd 19 mil, accepted. Managers involved: Please look in to this, I think it bloody cheating.
  8. Re: Ignoring Transfer Bids - suggestion for improvement. Yes they should. I am fed up with waiting just because some idiot can't be botherd to respond.
  9. He is only an 82!!! Rasiak for southampton is aa 86 when basicly all his goals have been tap ins. Saganowski has roughly scored over 12 goals in 12 games for the saints. I think this really should be looked at carfully. In my opinion he should be more than Gzregorz Rasiak. 87.
  10. Re: Season update Now updating, thanks for the advice:)
  11. The season has updated but none of my transfers have been completed, is there still more updating??
  12. Re: 2 youngsters at southampton He can play at CB and CM.
  13. Re: Help with Southampton What about target man? Shall I use one?
  14. Re: Help with Southampton thank you, i will do that
  15. Re: 2 youngsters at southampton I have seen Write Phillips and yer play. Dyer is very short and quick but has a lot to learn ie, when to pass and when to shoot. Write Phillips was a ledgend pre-season but dind't do too well in the season, BUT he is very quick, and has got us goals after coming on. He drives defenders a bit wild so Write Phillips I think is a giood player and soon might be off to Tottenham or a premiership club.
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