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  1. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo is a disgrace wow what a c ronaldo fan lol Even refs hate him :/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8z08qytF3M&NR=1
  2. Re: Portuguese league ratings..
  3. Re: Euro 2008 Who Will Win And Who Do U Support i hope portugal does because they never won anything and i think they deserve to finaly win something
  4. Re: Chelsea V Man Utd not watching the game but who got who was the victim? and was it a penelty or a dive or something?
  5. Re: Portuguese league ratings.. Gizb do you think Carlos Saleiro will reach 80? all i know is stats and he scored 10 in 27 matches. i dont if he will rise because he plays for the last place team in second division. so what u think?
  6. Re: Ronaldinho Vs Ronaldo Yet if his name was (insert English playere here) you would of not said ronadinho. This video was Added: August 10, 2006. i think it would better if u judged off a clip that was added/made this season. hands down ronaldinho was better at that time but the tables are turning...
  7. Re: Portuguese league ratings.. And when u guys said i am biased for liesdons thats not true did i say he should increase? and tbh i really dont like liesdon lol i just like when he scores and about lopez i think its so dumb how he will be a 93 in one season. If Luís Fabiano goes to a 93 then why should Lopez get to it? i mean spanish league is was better then the portugese league and Fabiano has more goals in then lopez. i just dont think he should get a 93 and all of a sudden become porto best players in one year.
  8. Re: Portuguese league ratings.. Might be a bit bias but does anyone think tonel should get 90? i mean he has 43 appearences and 5 goals. i mean if burno alves can rise 2 in one season so can tonel. i can understand alves getting to a 92 becasue of international but he has only played a total of 37 games with one goal. so whats your toughts? Also i think its a lil dumb but i think lisandro lopez shouldnt rise becasue all he has proven is one season so how you a 93 when u have quersma a 93 for i dont know how long. in 3 years his stats are.. Goals / Appearances 7 / 29 11 / 34 25 / 35 Liedson on the other hand has... Goals/ Appearances 15 /31 17 / 29 20 /43 So Lopez has 43 goals in 3 years while liedson has 52 goals. So how you can rate someone a 93 in one season? thats just dumb.
  9. Re: Spanish Ratings does anyone know any players that are below 80 that will reach it and go higher?
  10. Re: EUFA Cup i was mad when sporting lost especially on two counter attacks. i wish they had anderson polga because he is better is more proficient then gladstone. i think sporting deserved more. if joao mouthinho saw more of the ball i think it would be a different story. no offence but i think rangers will lose since they dont have 2 star players in the semis
  11. Re: EUFA Cup i think bayern are going to lose in getafe. so with that said i think Sporting is going to win it
  12. Re: SM Predict - Season 3 - Week 33 Saturday 12th April Derby 0v2 Aston Villa Juventus 1v1 AC Milan Werder Bremen 3v1 Schalke Bayern Munich 2v2 Borussia Dortmund Sunday 13th April Manchester United 3v0 Arsenal (ESB) Getafe 1v1 Zaragoza Real Madrid 1v0 Murcia Inter Milan 2v1 Fiorentina
  13. Re: Portuguese (future) stars Yep Sporting are great aren't them gizb lol
  14. Re: Portuguese (future) stars He has appeared 22 times 14 of them subing in the rest starting. he has played a total of 912 minutes with 3 goals in. Lately he has been starting for Setúbal so thats a good sign of getting better.
  15. Re: Join my potuguese league.. Viva o porto que sou faz mal
  16. Re: Your homepage. Anyone have a quake 3 clan as i would like to join one
  17. Re: Spanish Ratings What is everyones toughts on Fernando GAGO?? Has played 31 total games for Real Madrid playing 1933 minutes. anyone will think he will reach 91??
  18. Re: Join my potuguese league.. Beira Mar!!!!!
  19. Re: The League of Extraordinary Forumers Kim Kallstrom Joins CSKA The Swedish midfielder Kim Kallstrom (above) signed a 2 year deal agreement with CSKA from Lyon. Kim stated that "Liverpool were after me but i preferred CSKA because i know i would have some playing time rather then in Liverpool me having to compete with Gerrard and company for a spot".
  20. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! Thanks mate i love it..
  21. Re: The League of Extraordinary Forumers 3 New Signings for CSKA Rafinha From FC Schalke 04 Govou From Lyon Montolivo From Fiorentina
  22. Re: Portuguese (future) stars he is not on the DB. he is in Sportings youth Academy. he will probaly be added when he is called up to sporting
  23. Re: A challenging setup. yes i am in that setup and i saw that there are 4-5 spots in this setup. i suggest pm the owner of the setup for a job
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