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  1. Re: Must Buy: Viktor Fayzulin With Danny coming into the side its tough for Fayzulin to be in the starting lineup as he's now competing with a Portugese international. I doubt he will increase.
  2. Re: Must Buy: Viktor Fayzulin If anyone wants to know there is a big talent at CSKA who has knocked some Brazilian sub-internationals out of the side. His name is Alan Dzagoev and there is a lot of talk about him being in the national side.
  3. I haven't played SM for a while and have lost all my teams to time but I now want to come back to SM although this time I only have enough time to keep 1 team. If there are any active setup owners out there with a good team around the standard of Liverpool/Munich/Lyon or better then I'd like to join.
  4. Re: Euro 2008 I also as glad that technique prevailed over physical ability. The Spanish team, Torres aside, may have been slow and weak midgets and the Germans may have been giants compared to them but the technical level of the Spanish completely destroyed the Germans and I'm glad they won it and for once we have a major tournament winner who actually deserved to win it (no offence Italy) be it that Spain did need a penalty shoot-out along the way. Casislas, Xavi, Inieasta, Torres, Villa, Rammos and Senna would all be in my team of the tournament,
  5. Re: Euro 2008 Its funny how the 2 games in which Turkey were second best they won, yet today when they completely destroyed the Germans yet lost.
  6. Re: Which player(s) will shine at Euro 2008 and earn an increase? Sell him for a good price as next rating changes for Russia are in JANUARY which I think is ridiculous but I'd sell him simply because of that. Oh and if Nasri didn't earn an increase he did earn a move to ARSENAL. He hasn't yet performed on the big stage but hopefully Wenger will develop him into a good player. My main issue with him is his athletic ability. He has technique but is not fast enough.
  7. Re: Euro 2008 Because I want Russia to win obviously.
  8. Re: Euro 2008 So it'll be Spain who unfortunately have absolutely no injury/suspension problems to play Russia to decide who will face Germany (or Turkey). Spain will obviously be the favourites but if they play like today they'll get destroyed the way the Dutch were. TBH once you win a game on penalties in a major tournament your whole pride disappears as you know that even if you win the whole thing there will be few bragging rides as people will just say "Yes you won it but you needed a lottery draw on your way to success". I think this may be on Spain's mind in the semi's.
  9. Re: Euro 2008 Russia is the east. The west refers to western Europe and the North Americas.
  10. Re: Euro 2008 If Italy beat Spain then Russia are as good as through to the final against Germany. To beat Russia you need fast strikers who can beat the offside trap. And Italy/Holland/Greece/Sweden only had slow strikers who were about instinct and aerial ability. Kolodin looked good again but he'll be replaced. Despite the win I'm not happy for some reason. Nor would I have been sad if we lost. I'm usually passionate about football but right now I almost have no pleasure in the fact we won. Lol and you should see my parents. They didn't even know what football was when I told then Russia
  11. Re: Euro 2008 I think its sad to blame injuries. Turkey have had Eduardo out for the whole campaign and he is while not their best but their most important player and if they had him then I would only see a comfortable win for Croatia. All teams in this tournament have had injuries and many more then Turkey. Also its Turkeys fault that they have suspensions because they rely on defensive tactics which means they end up having players sent off. If they had the quality to attack we would see them having much less suspensions.
  12. Re: Euro 2008 You only have too look at the incidents involving goalkeeping and the woodwork to understand that they were lucky in their last 2 games.
  13. Re: Euro 2008 Well Germany are through to the final. I predict Spain - Germany final but wouldn't be surprised if Holland do not bottle it or if Italy/Russia make it as well. BTW the one thing I will say in defence of Turkey is that the referee shouldn't be criticised for not letting Croatia take their sub.
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