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  1. Re: Ola John - FC Twente prodigy Oooh, look at that. Score's the winner for Twente to keep the pressure on league leaders Ajax.
  2. Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion Actually, Stoke are one of my favourite teams if you look at it that way. I wish they could play in Seri A/La Liga for a season:D.
  3. Re: Graphics Design Feedback The background render should be 'flipped' and bought closer to the main render. Change the colour of the text also' date=' badge looks good. You're really improving mate. Background looks a bit random and doesn't fit in with the signature. Render's shape is funny aswell. You seem to be going worser:o! I've seen much better from you.
  4. Re: SuperPro League Official Thread - Manage and Win Prizes!
  5. Re: Most Punchable Face In British Football? I think it's harsh, if it's for the challenge on Shawcross. It's not like he did it intentionally, and to be fair to the lad, he was disgusted with himself afterwards.
  6. Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion Only when they play against your team:p. It's pretty good watching them thrashing other teams.
  7. Re: Most Punchable Face In British Football? I've looked around a bit on the forum, and i've seen my posting style, signature's are nothing like that off A2R. I don't see why i'm being compared to him. I was just showing a bit of humour, and i get people calling me another name! Also some people think it's fine to insult me, which is sad as we're on a forum.
  8. Re: Most Punchable Face In British Football? What's he ever done wrong?
  9. Re: Most Punchable Face In British Football? Well i'm sorry if i make signature's like A2R. I never knew there was an A2R way of making them. I've never seen any A2R signature's' date=' so i can't comment. I posted that because i found your posts to be very amusing, also i don't actually 'love' you, so you should have nothing to worry about:p.
  10. Re: Most Punchable Face In British Football? So what does that mean?? Why would i even join the forum if i wasn't going to post on it??
  11. Re: Most Punchable Face In British Football? Why do you need to insult me? Can't remember saying anything wrong:confused: He squared right up to Schole's face, it didn't help the incident.
  12. Re: Most Punchable Face In British Football? To be fair, Nasri needs to stop getting involved in incidents aswell:o. Although Scholes behaviour was just disgraceful.
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