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  1. We are in out 6th season! Its a very competitive setup,with 4 divisions of 12 teams. We currently need 3 new managers. Some Rules... 1.Max Squad Size 33 2.You can only buy players rated 74 or less. 3.All clubs are lower English clubs If interested post here or check out the GW via the GW.
  2. Can't see us doing any business in January unless its for grade b or c eggs.So hopefully we don't buy anyone.That said,we should sell Remy,he is never available when needed and as I suspected Falcao signing was stupid.
  3. How the hell did the lad not at leat get booked for the foul on Hazard yesterday? From what I can see at the moment our main problem is at the back.Ivanovic is killed most games and slows us down when going forward.Zouma has showed potential,but still has a bit to learn.I have never been impressed with Cahill and with Terry on the wane,its really showing Cahill up.
  4. New season starting one clubs available,if anyone is interested in taking them give us a shout!
  5. Venk you basically have 25mill to spend from the start of the season,but your clubs has spent 45.8m and recouped 27.7mill.If I was you I would just wait till next season to do deals etc and get the new rules.
  6. Same for Chelsea,should make our fixture interesting!
  7. I play from time to time,but it lacks fluency the game.
  8. Klopp slagging off Liverpool fans for leaving early,Rodgers would not have noticed and said "But,we are a classy club with great tradition" Well done Klopp I like him already!
  9. True but I don't blame players that make the most of challenges,otherwise refs will not give a foul.Blatant dives are different.I hate when a commentator says,"Not a pen for me,as he went down too easily" But a foul is a foul.
  10. Even Arsenal fans have to laugh at this attempt of Wenger trying to model clothing! https://m.dreamteamfc.com/c/pictures-these-tragic-arsene-wenger-modelling-shots-are-truly-heartbreaking/
  11. Looks like there will be openings for Lyon,PSG and the Arsenal manager is taking the mickey a bit..
  12. To be honest(saying this for a few years),with all the money in the Premier League,the top teams in this league have been miles behind in the champions league.I think only once in the last 5 seasons has a club made the semi's! As for Arsenal,they will get out of the group as they will win their final two games and that will do it.
  13. I love reading through everyones rules,always a good read!
  14. Another poor display against a very limited side.
  15. Some horrible tackles from Adam,Shawcross tonight,will there be a media outcry???
  16. Thiago,Fekir,Gabriel,Bartra,Saul and Bony in for Hannover so far.We have made 35mill on transfers.
  17. Budget for me will be 750k next season.Nice
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