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  1. How the hell did the lad not at leat get booked for the foul on Hazard yesterday? From what I can see at the moment our main problem is at the back.Ivanovic is killed most games and slows us down when going forward.Zouma has showed potential,but still has a bit to learn.I have never been impressed with Cahill and with Terry on the wane,its really showing Cahill up.

  2. Same' date=' it's not my go to game but i played it 1 game yesterday scored my best goal in this fifa 16 yet in a 1-0 win. Free-kick 30 yards out on the right side chipped over 1 man wall onto the path of Muller who decides he wants to do a bycycle kick after taking a touch then it goes right into the top left corner. It had a unatural look to but it was still a good goal and the best i've scored so far.[/quote']

    I bored of it quickly,its ok in small doses.

  3. I've come to the conclusion that whilst the game sucks to play it is indeed better in terms of dribbling but whilst the defending is better in the sense of tarcking and keeping shape it doesn't give you enough control to actually defend the off the ball dribbling. You can simply hold the right stick in and constantly press but anyone who is good at the game will destroy you. There has always been ways to score free kicks a high percentage of the time but when you keeper positions himself to far from the side he is expected to defend and your opponent takes the free kick quickly there's little you can do except watch it hit the back of the net. Is anyone actually enjoying the game now that wasn't where they have had time to play and get used to it now?

    I play from time to time,but it lacks fluency the game.

  4. When we deserve to lose' date=' we deserve it. Yesterday we didn't, feel hard done by tbh but away at Stoke is never easy (anyone with a football brain should know this).

    No way we should let Mourinho go, even now. Rodgers no way in hell would I want him. Ancelloti maybe but would he come back? Rumours of Simeone rejecting a contract extension in the summer could tweak Roman's ears though. Griezmann, Godin, Gimenez, Koke, Saul, Oliver. But then again I still feel we will go for one or two of them whether its Jose, Diego, or anyone else managing.

    January could be the biggest in Chelsea's history.

    Oh and by the way, I think Butland is out of this world![/quote']

    Who would want to join in January though? Its a tough market at the best of times.If we don't get champions league we won't get top class players.We seriously missed a trick last summer.I have supported Jose hugely,but we have lost 7 out of 12 prem games and lucky to win 2 out of our 3 wins.If this continues for much longer,the club will have to sack Jose.

  5. I don't know why they said there was no contact there was the keeper clipped the front of his feet which made him stumble it was a clear penalty and i don't think people are complaining as such about diving as much as the theatrical dives that are clear to see which is obvious cheating.

    True but I don't blame players that make the most of challenges,otherwise refs will not give a foul.Blatant dives are different.I hate when a commentator says,"Not a pen for me,as he went down too easily" But a foul is a foul.

  6. I see the mentalists are still active in the asylum!

    Anyway' date=' decent game that I thought we were lucky to come away with all three points in the end. Especially when Remy went round Butland, if he hadn't of been so honest he could of had a penalty.

    Also I can only assume that Costa is a Stoke fan because he really did not like Cameron one bit ha![/quote']

    People complain about players diving,but look what happens when a player tries to be honest..

  7. To be honest(saying this for a few years),with all the money in the Premier League,the top teams in this league have been miles behind in the champions league.I think only once in the last 5 seasons has a club made the semi's!

    As for Arsenal,they will get out of the group as they will win their final two games and that will do it.

  8. Thanks for working hard at the rules but I do have a question.

    Why does Bayern get a 50% free player for promotion and Man City only get £15m to a striker for finishing 2nd again in Division 1. We've consistently performed above expectation whereas Bayern should at the very minimum be in Division 1?

    I really do appreciate the hard work guys I just think there seems to be very little reward for me finishing 2nd place 2 seasons in a row with let's face it a squad that isn't as good as Barcelona' date=' Bayern Real Etc?[/quote']

    Ben you have a bigger budget than me,not sure what you are complaining about!

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