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    Re: finances You at the end of the season? Will your board give you much money to spend? For example I manage Ajax in Dv2,I won't get promotion this season,but I don't think I will be relegated either..How much should I expect from the board for the start of next season?(I know it's a bit away but I'm planning!)
  2. Keith Fitz


    Re: Hi! Actually no Ashbourne Co.Meath,and I go when I can wasn't in Bray tonight though.. 0-0,Kirby was sent off after 13mins
  3. Keith Fitz


    Re: Hi! Well let' see I have Ajax in 805 nad my rep is 42,only played games and unbeaten,I support Chelsea and St.Patrick's Ath
  4. Re: Alexandre Pato and Vela ya but some of the other threads are old,and people often don't reply unless they're new threads..
  5. Re: Eircom League(Rep Of Ireland) Players Also Paddy McCourt of Derry City should be higher than ALL of the Derry City players,he's easily their best player,he's got great vision,good passer,good dribbling skills,and when he plays well derry City win,he's a big game player.. Mark Quigley of St.Pats at 65??
  6. any Irish here who thinks any eircom league player is under-rated? I think Roy O'Donavon of Cork City should be higher than 73,Denis Behan is 75! O'Donavon is the top scorer in the league,is widely acknowledged to be the best striker in the league and will move to a Championship or Premiership club in the summer,he's got great pace aswell,this boy can make the impact that Kevin Doyle has for sure...
  7. Re: Ratings - Week number? I'm confused aswell,what's after the Irish summer league?
  8. Re: American Players I think the ratings for these american players are fine 89 is too high..
  9. Will any of these players ratings go up in the next rating change? If so what rating you reckon? Pato is at (80),Vela at (83)
  10. Re: Bidding for players against another bidder? This is a good idea,I mean I signed Moutinho from Sporting and somebody else signed Nani,at least if someone comes in to manage them they will have funds to work with..
  11. Re: Bidding for players against another bidder?
  12. Re: Bidding for players against another bidder?
  13. Re: Bidding for players against another bidder?
  14. Re: Bidding for players against another bidder? The seller is an unmanaged team though,how would that work??
  15. Ok not sure how to put this,ok I have made a bid of 3.3m for a player and another club then came in for a bid of 5.5m,is there a chance my bid could be accepted or would I have to match the 5.5m bid made by the other club?? Also say if I bid 5.6m could my bid be accepted and theirs not?
  16. Re: transfer cheating I manage Ajax and I don't think I make any money for my home games..
  17. Young Turkish Talent.. 18 year old Sahin Nuri who plays for Dortmund and has capped for Turkey.I've seen him play and he's a great talent,what you guys think?
  18. Re: need recommendations He's at Real Madrid
  19. Re: Moutinho - Sporting Just to clarify something can you still exchange players to teams that are unavailable to manage?? Surely you can? I can understand the teams that are unmanaged though..
  20. Sporting are unmanaged in my game I made a bid of 10mill + Leonardo (4.8m) and Roger (3.7m) and it was rejected why is this? It says it would take around 12mil to get him and this deal well exceeds 12mill..
  21. Re: How good are,Isaac Promise,Fabio Quagliarella,Mario Zarate?? He obviously lacks ambition on the footballing side..
  22. Re: How good are,Isaac Promise,Fabio Quagliarella,Mario Zarate?? Ya sounds a bit odd for me,I believe it when I see it..
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