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  1. Re: How good are,Isaac Promise,Fabio Quagliarella,Mario Zarate??
  2. Re: Fifa World U21 Championship Discussion?(Mainly player discussion) Who scored?? Rosina of Italy is 23 too..
  3. If you where to but one which one? Individually how good are they? Will any of them go up in the ratings?
  4. Re: Over-rated Players thread.. Agree with Maloney,disagree with James..
  5. Re: Fifa World U21 Championship Discussion?(Mainly player discussion) Who scored for both teams? Who played well for both teams?
  6. Re: Under-rated Players !! Oh god Mikel by far man! He's the only midfield man at Chelsea who can control and dictate things.
  7. Re: Over-rated Players thread.. By the way as I have you here Arsenal should sell Henry and use the money to sign Babel and Huntelaar,I think his desire is to move away anyway and these two would be fantastic investments!
  8. Re: Under-rated Players !! Ya I complained about that in the over-rated post! although I thought he was 90 or 91! But I think he's a 86 and people are complaining because I think Obi Mikel should be higher tahn 87!?!
  9. Re: Over-rated Players thread.. Aiden McGeady is for sure over-rated! I think he's a 90 or 91?? Come on he can't even get in the Irish team!
  10. Re: Over-rated Players thread.. Sorry that's just a silly comment,how many goals did Rosicky get last season?
  11. Which players have impressed you so far in the tournament? For me it's Drenthe of Feyenoord and Holland who has impressed me the most,his energy,ability,and willingness to work for the team has really stood out.
  12. Re: Over-rated Players thread.. Coming from an Arsenal fan?! I'm a Chelsea fan but I gotta say he's not over-rated he is so vital to Chelsea it's untrue! Name a central midfield player who reaches 20 goals nearly every season? Priceless..
  13. Re: Over-rated Players thread.. I think it's too late though..
  14. Re: Under-rated Players !! Babel,Maduro,Huntelaar? Anyone consider any of these may go up soon??
  15. Re: Over-rated Players thread.. He's not even that old,I just think it's burnout,he's starting for Real since he was 17!
  16. Re: Under-rated Players !! Cheers dude for agreeing!
  17. Re: Young Striker recommendation required? anyone know anything about Fabio?
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