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  1. Re: Over-rated Players thread.. He was a passenger in the World Cup! The only question is,is there a big difference in the game between say 89-90 or as you say 96-97??
  2. Shevchenko-Chelsea (95) Same rating as Drogba but Sheva has clearly lost half a yard Raul-One of my fav players of all-time but (93) is a tad too high for him now.. Totti-(96) He is nowhere near as good as Kaka,Ronaldinho etc etc..
  3. Re: Over Rated Players In general man 96 is a bit high,put it this way he's nowhere near as good as Kaka,Ronaldinho etc..
  4. Re: Over Rated Players I think Totti at 96 is over-rated yes he has talent but he always disappoints in the big games/tournaments.. Raul - Raul was my favorite player but it's fair to say that a 93 is a bit high,he's still captain of madrid but a 91 I think is fairer.. Shevcenko-Now I'm a Chelsea fan but for me he has lost half a yard and he's rated the same as Drogba,who would you rather??
  5. Re: Under-rated Players !! What about Kevin Doyle maybe an 89??
  6. Re: need recommendations What about Adrien Silva at Sporting?? He in the game? He was linked with a move to Chelsea..
  7. Re: need recommendations P.s is Adrien Silva of Sporting in the game?? I can't find him!?! Defenders I would think will make it... Anthony Vanden Borre -Anderlecht(think Fiorentina have just signed him) Garay -Racing Santander Domenico Criscito - Genoa (Juve have just signed him) Thiago Heleno- Cruzeiro Winger Rosina -Torino(can only go up currently 87)
  8. Re: Under-rated Players !! What about over-rated players?? Michael Carrick Wayne Rooney Totti Raul
  9. Re: Young Striker recommendation required? What are people's opinions of 23 year old Sampdoria centre forward Fabio Quagliarella?? Plus I f I where to go for him how much would I have to pay?? I was going to offer Mitea(5.1mill) in part exchange and my club message said that you would prob get Fabio for 9mill... Or should I be looking at someone else at a similar age and quality? (88)?
  10. Re: Best Young Central Defenders?? I am a Chelsea fan and I signed him for Ajax! Didn't think the Chelsea manager would sell him! I'm looking to have a real strong central midfield I play 3 in the middle and an player in behind the front two,I've also signed Zapater and there is a good chance Moutinho will be arriving too,any opinions on these plans? Martinez of Bilbao is on the way aswell..
  11. Re: Best Young Central Defenders?? Ya I have had a 7mill plus Gabri bid accepted for Zapater,good deal? I think he'll move to a big fish in a year or so..
  12. Re: Best Young Central Defenders?? Who's you think is better Luis Leiva or Veloso?? What do you think pf Zapater??
  13. How long will they be guys?
  14. Re: Players and their conditions?? Yes sir by the way do can you recommend a decent left back because I have none in my squad! say about 19-22 rating 86+??
  15. Re: world's best finisher In terms of finishing alone and nothing else mattering here's my top 5.. 1.Ruud Van Nistelrooy 2.Thierry Henry 3.Michael Owen 4.Jan Huntelaar 5.Samuel Et'o
  16. Re: Players and their conditions?? What league set up etc are you in?
  17. Re: Players and their conditions?? Problem is though it's just my 2nd game in charge and I was bottom before my first game! so I'm trying to pick my best team and hopefully get some players in who can do a job soon...If I win my game tonight I'll rest him for the next game;)
  18. Re: Best Young Central Defenders?? Sorry! I meant defensive midfielders! I had centre backs in my head! lol
  19. Re: world's best finisher Where's Huntelaar?!
  20. Re: It's easier managing Chelsea,Barcelona,Milan etc... anyway Larsson will be in and around that rating for about another year and by then I could have more cash,or a younger player may have improved!
  21. Re: MIKEL, Jon Obi I think Manuel Fernandez is 89 and to say that he's better than Mikel would be as joke,I don't know if there are 'emergency' rating changes but Mikel should be upgraded to 90/91 asap!!
  22. Re: Young Striker recommendation required? Vela ahead of Pato??
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