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  1. Re: The Newspaper.. Cool cause it's a good idea to see who's doing what etc..
  2. Re: Players and their conditions?? Ya I manage Ajax and Babel is at 78,now if I managed Chelsea let's say and Robben's fitness was at that,well I could afford to give him a rest!
  3. Re: Young Striker recommendation required? I'm Irish too,but I currently think Nugent is better,I still think Stokes has a lot to learn..
  4. Re: It's easier managing Chelsea,Barcelona,Milan etc... Well the thing is with Larsson I was short on cover for strikers,bearing this in mind surely the fact that I paid 400,000 was a good price you think? I'd rather have someone like him as cover than paying let's say 3mill on Kluivert (85) who was transfer listed,I play with one striker Huntelaar and Babel can play there,so Larsson is good back-up in my view
  5. ok age 19-21 rating 88+ who are the best prospects as defensive midfielders? with this attributes?
  6. Re: Players and their conditions?? I play 4-2-3-1 and I have Babel who's at 78,dodgy? Play 45mins? I play normal tempo and attack down the flanks,I think giving him 45 could be the best thing and spring him from the bench..
  7. Apart from selling players how can you make money for your club,for example is there t.v money? Do you get a certain amount for where you finish? Even more if you get promoted? How does it work?
  8. Re: Advice on players Are there any young up and coming centre backs that anyone can recommend?
  9. Re: Advice on players Cool so this shows I'm in the market for the correct players then?
  10. Re: Advice on players Chelsea fan like myself!! I actually signed Mikel for 9 mill,bargain in my view! Didn't think they would sell..
  11. At what level of a players condition would you think he shouldn't play?? Under 90,under 85,under 80? Get the idea?
  12. Re: Advice on players No point on me starting a new thread but can you give me advice on these players,whether you think they will go up or down? Gareth Bale -Southampton Rosina -Torino Kerlon -Cruzeiro Vanden Borre -Anderlecht?? Drenthe - Feyenoord Babel - Ajax Huntelaar -Ajax Dessena - Parma Jenner - Az Pato - Internacional N'Gog -PSG Obertan - Bordeaux
  13. Re: Wayne Bridge I agree he has been as good as Cole,and Bridge is a world class left back no doubt..
  14. Re: Players Online.. Oh I see what about green? I'm online and it's green under my name?
  15. Re: Players Online.. How do you know who's online though??
  16. Re: It's easier managing Chelsea,Barcelona,Milan etc... Well I need a left back cause I have none!! I got Hoyte of Arsenal on a loan deal,lets so Lb 18-21 rating 86-,value well not sure really,and I need a winger something similar as the lb?
  17. Re: It's easier managing Chelsea,Barcelona,Milan etc... Any tips/examples of top youth?? What do you think of the following Drenthe from Feyenoord,N'Gog from PSG,Obertan from Bordeaux and Piatti from some Argentinian club?
  18. Re: It's easier managing Chelsea,Barcelona,Milan etc... I agree I think he could be,maybe he will be a late developer though,as for Mikel to my surprise the Chelsea manager gave him 2 me for 9mill(I manage Ajax) and I've made a bit for Martinez..What are your thoughts on Huntelaar,Babel and Sarpong,Vanden Borre and Zapater?? Just one thing on Kerlon? What you think you think he'll make it or are there better options around his age?
  19. Re: Young Striker recommendation required? Ya it would appear that Sunderland are gonna sign Dave Nugent,at present he is better than Stokes,as an Irishman though I would like Stokes,but I think it could take longer to develop.. Have Chelsea signed Pato??
  20. Re: It's easier managing Chelsea,Barcelona,Milan etc... Interesting guys! Ya I'm managing Ajax and have just signed Rivaldo and Henrik Larsson for just over a mill,I think this is great business as they're only squad players anyway,but have the quality to come in,I have persuaded to my suprise the Chelsea manager to sell Mikel for 9mill (rt 87) but surely he is under-rated and this will turn out to be great business,I'm also looking at Freddy Adu (81),Javi Martinez of Ath Bilboa and Pato the 17 year old brazilian that Chelsea are interested in,also Gareth Bale and Rosina who I think are both under-rated..What does anybody think of my signings and players that I am looking to sign??
  21. ya this thread is all about maybe managing sides such as Palermo,Ajax.PSV,you know decen clubs but aren't gonna have class squads as the one's named in the topic as an example,but what's the trick to managing these clubs? Is it getting in older players with good ratings and cheap? i.e Rivaldo,Henrik Larsson and maybe mixing with trying to find young talent that you feel will be top class,.ie Gareth Bale,Kerlon etc?? What ye think?
  22. Re: Some players that should be better.. Just back to Obi Mikel,I'll put this agrument forward.. He is international class and played with Nigeria at a very young age,yet hi srating isn't international class,he has performed in a mature fashion in a Chelsea squad that is full of top class players,and he was better than Ballack last season! Also his position should be dm/cm.
  23. I'm looking for a striker ages 17/18 rating 82-85 who people reckon will be a star soon,I was thinking Vela a young Mexican striker and foti of Sampdoria? Which of these ya reckon are the best bet or is there someone else I should consider??
  24. Re: Javi Martinez - Ath Bilboa Ya strongly considering it I play a system with an att mid,and I've just sifned Rivaldo on the cheap for that position,but I think this guy could be a great investment for the future..
  25. Re: free agent Cheers,are there any good 'Free Agents' in the game? If so can you give some examples?
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