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  1. In real life how good is this player? I have heard a lot about him,but can he reach the top?? What are your thoughts on Zapater??
  2. What do people think about this fellow? I've heard a lot about him but haven't seen him play.He's rated 85 on sm is this a fair assessment of the player? Adu I notice he's only 81,I thought he was supposed to be very talented? Is 81 a bit poor?
  3. I think this is good,but I think it should be updated weekly?? What do the admins think?
  4. Re: Some players that should be better.. When will rating changes for England happen?
  5. Is there any way of knowing if your fellow managers in your league are online or offline? If not should there be some kind of icon to show this??
  6. Re: free agent Yeah but how do you search for free agents??
  7. Re: Some players that should be better.. Ok what do you mean by ratings and stats as such,I do think though that Mikel is a better player than Fernandez,what ya think?
  8. Re: who is the best future hot prospect John Obi Mikel???
  9. Re: free agent How can you find free agents then??
  10. Re: Some players that should be better.. Well with Bale he should be prem class 84 is quite weak,maybe 86 0r 87??
  11. John Obi Mikel - 87 considering Manuel Fernandez is 89 Mikel should be higher prob about 90.. Gareth Bale 84!!! Spurs just paid 10mill euro for him! he should be way higher! Rosina - Torino -87 a great talent should be about 90
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    Hello guys I am a new to this!
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