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  1. How much do you think Stones is worth? 25mill max imo.I reckon Chelsea will get him in Jan or the summer for about that price anyway.
  2. Players need to work harder as simple as that,we have played more or less the same 11 for a year now too because our squad depth is poor.Man City get 100mill nearly every summer.
  3. Disgraceful start of the season from Chelsea,players with big reputations not working hard enough.Drop Matic,Fabregas,Cahill,Ivanovic,Hazard,they honestly need to be tought a lesson..
  4. Thats because Giroud is playing at a lower level
  5. Chelsea beat Lyon 2-1 thanks to goals from Matic and Hazard.
  6. Nice handy draw for the champs league.. Porto D.Kiev Tel Aviv In other news Kenwright has released a statement saying Stones is not for sale.Perhaps he could have done this earlier,but I am happy with that.The money been quoted was getting out of hand and Stones is not ready to play in a Chelsea first team. However Chelsea have been chasing Stones for a while,why didn't they release a statement earlier instead of a few days before the window? Everton don't have to sell the player for any price but Martinez seems to have an attitude of how dare anyone bid for our players something needs to be done about it! He could well damage the good relationship Chelsea and Everton have.We have given them players on loan in recent years etc.
  7. Liverpool very lucky twice! Ramseys goal onside against them
  8. True but Cambiasso was a great leader,we will see if Inler can offer that.
  9. So in the draft we can choose two players rated 90,in two separate draws? Also when will you open the gw?
  10. True,sure I have 30mill spare too,a few other managers have more!
  11. May be a job or two coming up,so if anyone is interested,let me know!
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