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  1. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports $5 DIARIO DE PACHUCA New Manager Today Pachuca appointed Rolando Espino as their new manager. President Jesus Martinez said he brought Espino because he thinks he is one of the 10 best managers in the world. Espino said he is very happy and anxious to manage a Mexican club like Pachuca. He also stated that he expects big things from the club. President Martinez said it's an honor to have a manager like Espino. Javi Navarro is expected to join Pachuca by tomorrow.
  2. Re: Tactics nice thinking jack i guess it is a good idea!!!
  3. Re: Gold Championship 7 nah thomas u know what´s really stupid spending all the money and leaving a team LMAO°°° and i told you i could remember you shared with us that you quit all you teams!!! you quit all of your teams know why do i have to name the setups???
  4. Re: Gold Championship 7 nope thanx i don´t feel like it!!! i don´t want to take this argument further, but i remember that time when you quit all of your teams LMAO!!! i will leave you in your ignorance lol!!!
  5. Re: Gold Championship 7 it means that you change teams alot in other setups also, not only in gold champ 7!!!
  6. Re: Gold Championship 7 well thomas don´t get mad or anything but you just don´t quit clubs in GC7 you do it in different setups!!!
  7. Re: my new setup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ READ!!!! has the setup been made already???
  8. Re: What is going on in Spain??? yes i am looking forward to that match it should be a good one°°°
  9. Re: Kaka & Xavi yeah i agree with sparky you can´t argue that kaka is better than xavi or xavi better than kaka cause they are different in some ways!!!
  10. Re: What is going on in Spain??? i wanted atletico to win, but they lost because of the goal that was supossibly an offside by forlan°°° that sucks for javier aguirre
  11. Re: Gold Championship 1 News just to let you guys know i manage cska movska and they are doing horrible i hope somebody has some players i can buy°°°
  12. Re: patrick da silva cool i hope they add him so i can sign him on some of my teams and i wish he does well in sydney fc°°°
  13. Re: Naths Chatroom,Forum & Friends Elite Transfer Gossip And Match Reports Thread god i knew i shouldn´t of said who i was after °°°
  14. Re: Andre Luis thanx for the shout i may sign him for some of my clubs°°°
  15. Re: Gold Championship 7 $3 DIARIO DE BUENOS AIRES THE 8 WIN IN A ROW Boca Juniors played the 17 game of the season against Newell´s Old Boys from Argentina. The game ended 1-0 in favor of Boca. The only goal of the match was scored by Brazilian Vieira Adriano who came from Porto. Manager Rolando Espino played the match with 11 subs, and said he was very happy that his subs continue to show him what they are capable of. The 2 outstanding players were Vieira Adriano who scored a goal and picked up Man of The Match and Nazario Andrey who had a couple of saves. 1-0THE MATCH REPORT 0:Kick-Off 6:The keeper(Andrey)comes roaring off his line and clatters with Adrian PERALTA sending the ball wide 20:Back-peddling clumsily Nazário ANDREY just gets his fingers to it 27:Mauro CEJAS finds himself clear, but hits the post 33:GOAL!! - Seizing on an error in the defence Vieira ADRIANO rounds the keeper to finish with ease! 39:A dangerous cross by Martins DIEGO TARDELLI races across the mouth of the goal 43:Marco FORTIN tumbles brilliantly to his left to turn aside a misplaced header 45:Half Time 51:Excellent first touch by Adrian PERALTA, he turns skillfully, but rifles his shot wide 56:Mauro CEJAS is brought down in the area, the ref consults his linesman, no penalty!!! 68:Lomano LUA-LUA has a free header which goes wide of the post 89:A spectacular overhead kick is pushed over the bar by Marco FORTIN 90:Full Time Adriano feels he can do more for Boca.
  16. Re: Kasper SCHMEICHEL well i think an 85 should be just fine!!! he is good and he even went to try and score a goal in a corner. lol he almost scored a goal against arsenal, but almunia blocked it.
  17. Re: Voronin i think he has done well in the few matches he has played and if he continues i think he should get an increase!!! i think he shouldn´t be compared to peter crouch yet.
  18. Re: Great season end coming up! well i think you should be able to do it!!! what i do with the 3-5-2 is i just mark playmaker and target man but that is just my opinion just do what you think is good°°°
  19. Re: 5 goals by juventus shows why they will be dominant i think they will have enough to challenge inter!!! and by the way you didn´t get your team in my setup!!!
  20. Re: Is Hitzlsperger worth more than 10.5mil? well if you think you deserve more for him make a counter-offer for the money you want or just don´t sell him!!!
  21. Re: Naths Chatroom,Forum & Friends Elite Transfer Gossip And Match Reports Thread woooo thanx liam!!! and nathan is there going to be a porto in your setup??? i don´t want them i just may be after quaresma!!!
  22. Re: A dog name i got 3!!! you might think they are dumb but i will give it a shot!!! 1.Oliver- oliver kahn. 2.Fraser- my jack russell is named fraser. 3.Buffon- gianluigi buffon. sorry if they sound dumb my bad
  23. Re: my new setup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ READ!!!! can i have arsenal then???
  24. Re: my new setup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ READ!!!! hey mate i would be interested in a barca, arsenal, or liverpool. thanx for inviting me cheerz °°°Rolando Espino°°°
  25. Re: Gold Championship 7 $3 DIARIO DE BUENOS AIRES THE WIN OF THE YEAR TODAY WAS A VERY IMPORTANT DAY FOR BOCA JUNIORS FOOTBALL CLUB. TODAY WITH A FULL STADIUM THANKS TO BOCA´S FANS BOCA BEAT ITALIAN LEADERS MILAN IN A CLOSE GAME. THE GAME WAS VERY CLOSE AS MENTIONED BEFORE AS IT ENDED 2-1. BOCA´S GOALS CAME FROM MAN OF THE MATCH SULLEY ALI MUNTARI AND CAPTAIN BORJA OUBIÑA. MILAN SCORED ONLY 1 GOAL AND IT CAME FROM #10 FILIPPO INZAGHI. MANAGER ROLANDO ESPINO SAID HE WAS HAPPY WITH HIS TEAM BECAUSE THEY PROVED HIM THAT THEY ARE WILLING TO DO EVERYTHING TO WIN AND BE THE BEST. 2-1THE MATCH REPORT 0:Kick-Off 10:GOAL!! - Sulley Ali MUNTARI goes through 2 defenders and puts it into the right lower corner 11:BOOKED - The ref cautions Luis RONALDO after a late challenge 42:GOAL!! - Filippo INZAGHI using his pace and power forces his way into the box and lashes home! He's in great form! 45:Half Time 51:GOAL!! - A brilliant long range shot is blocked by the keeper only for Borja OUBINA to finish! What a poachers goal! 53:A scramble in the six yard box ensues and Filippo INZAGHI blasts it into the arms of the keeper 77:Before Jermain DEFOE shot could nestle in the corner of the net it is clattered away at full stretch for a corner! 90:Full Time BORJA OUBIÑA WHO CAME FROM CELTA VIGO SCORED 1 GOAL FOR THE WIN. MAN OF THE MATCH MUNTARI SCORED THE GOAL OF THE MATCH ONCE AGAIN. NEXT UP: AWAY VS NEWELL´S OLD BOYS
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