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  1. Re: Player concerns system I have a wife and kids and I have also discovered a new love: a browser based game called 'Forge of Empires' that is currently running in a beta version and It's very, very addictive. Makes SM look like what it is: old and tired.
  2. Re: Player concerns system Cheers for that mate:) I've been puzzling about why the chairman would choose Bojan to block and I think you offer as good a reason as any. It makes sense for the same reason that when you make an in game tactical change and move a player to his other designated position he always gets a low rating as if he has been played out of position. The more I play this game the more I realise that the programming side is run on a shoestring. Oh well, you pay peanuts you get...
  3. Re: Player concerns system Thing is I've also got Marques MAICON (age 22, rated 87); Romelu LUKAKU (19, rated 88); Emmanuel RIVIÈRE (22, rated 87) and Nils PETERSEN (23, rated 85) who are all more likely to rise at the moment than Bojan. I didn't want to sell him because I think he has long-term potential but I guess that's the nature of the game these days:(
  4. Re: Player concerns system Just had an attempt to loan list Bojan (rated 88) blocked by the chairman. so it doesn't seem like the lad will be getting many games next season as he's fourth choice behind Messi, Ronaldo and Lewandowski. Next thing you know he'll be developing concerns. This seems to be a new development. Has anyone else experienced an 88 rated player in a high rated squad being blocked from the loan list by the chairman?
  5. Re: Player concerns system Both these statements are plain wrong! Experienced managers are leaving in droves and newbies that replace them only tend to stay around for a few weeks. When my gold membership expires I will not be renewing it - which means I'll leave seven of the setups I'm currently in - after nearly six years. The system is poorly conceived, poorly executed and will be the ruination of the game. I, for one, have had enough and have better things to do with my time.
  6. Re: Player concerns system The best part of this game used to be scouting young talents and nurturing them until you could either integrate them into your team or sell them on. Now, with concerns, there is no incentive to scout players as you'll end up losing them before they get a rating that reflects their true level of ability. That's what is ruining the game.
  7. Re: Club & Manager History Got this club record message today: "Record crowd watches Crvena Zvezda. 17,976,000 fans turned out to watch Crvena Zvezda against Hertha BSC breaking the previous home record attendance. Nearly 18 million turned out and the match didn't even take place!
  8. Re: player updates becoming wayyyyyy to slow How smart is it having a league cap when the International performance is at least two points higher? It has nothing to do with Rooney's recent injury. He hasn't played like a 95 for the best part of a year - whereas Van Persie has.
  9. Re: Player concerns system From what I can see (and from Dev comments on the now closed 'concerns' thread) it looks like the tide is beginning to turn. Maybe we'll be able to keep a first team and a cup team. Our masters are so generous to throw us such a juicy bone:rolleyes:
  10. Re: player updates becoming wayyyyyy to slow Have you even seen Neymar play? Berbatov is past it - that's why Ferguson offloaded him. Let's see how many times this season Rooney starts ahead of Van Persie.
  11. Re: Please remove conncer UNH problem It sucks that SM feel they have the right deny a dissenting voice by closing the long-running 'concerns' thread.
  12. Re: Are player concerns ('lack of games') ruining your SM experience? So SM have decided to close the 'official' concerns thread and delete a whole bunch of my posts to boot. I suppose the latter move was because I had the temerity to say that they didn't care about customer service, which is confirmed by their action in closing the thread:D
  13. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread Its been stated many times: the match engine is pants. I don't think SM can be taken seriously until this issue is resolved.
  14. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)
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