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  1. Re: Player concerns system

    imagine I had kids' date=' imagine I had all these plus more.. then try to enjoy this game.


    I have a wife and kids and I have also discovered a new love: a browser based game called 'Forge of Empires' that is currently running in a beta version and It's very, very addictive.

    Makes SM look like what it is: old and tired.

  2. Re: Player concerns system

    Most probably' date=' i think it has to do with the player's position. I think (i'm not 100% sure) that the chairman only takes into consideration the [b']first position[/b] of each player, and then lets you loan out the players that are 3rd-4th choice and below.

    In your example, Bojan is a "Forward", so he is considered 2nd choice behind only Messi. Ronaldo's first position is "Winger" and Lewandowski is a CF, so they are not taken into consideration regarding Bojan's loan availability.

    Cheers for that mate:)

    I've been puzzling about why the chairman would choose Bojan to block and I think you offer as good a reason as any. It makes sense for the same reason that when you make an in game tactical change and move a player to his other designated position he always gets a low rating as if he has been played out of position.

    The more I play this game the more I realise that the programming side is run on a shoestring. Oh well, you pay peanuts you get...

  3. Re: Player concerns system

    myabe cause he 22 rated 4th choice so want to play.. if he 4th choice you'll prob need him/will need him anyway.

    Thing is I've also got Marques MAICON (age 22, rated 87); Romelu LUKAKU (19, rated 88); Emmanuel RIVIÈRE (22, rated 87) and Nils PETERSEN (23, rated 85) who are all more likely to rise at the moment than Bojan.

    I didn't want to sell him because I think he has long-term potential but I guess that's the nature of the game these days:(

  4. Re: Player concerns system

    Just had an attempt to loan list Bojan (rated 88) blocked by the chairman. so it doesn't seem like the lad will be getting many games next season as he's fourth choice behind Messi, Ronaldo and Lewandowski. Next thing you know he'll be developing concerns.

    This seems to be a new development. Has anyone else experienced an 88 rated player in a high rated squad being blocked from the loan list by the chairman?

  5. Re: Player concerns system

    The system is fair and makes more ppl join the worlds you are in.

    overall=SM concerns system is ok.(just need info % on the player page for there concerns)

    Both these statements are plain wrong! Experienced managers are leaving in droves and newbies that replace them only tend to stay around for a few weeks. When my gold membership expires I will not be renewing it - which means I'll leave seven of the setups I'm currently in - after nearly six years.

    The system is poorly conceived, poorly executed and will be the ruination of the game. I, for one, have had enough and have better things to do with my time.

  6. Re: Player concerns system

    keeping player you are not using is taking the fun out of the game.

    The best part of this game used to be scouting young talents and nurturing them until you could either integrate them into your team or sell them on. Now, with concerns, there is no incentive to scout players as you'll end up losing them before they get a rating that reflects their true level of ability. That's what is ruining the game.:(

  7. Re: player updates becoming wayyyyyy to slow

    it is happening' date=' but its not being shown on the ratings changes page, for example france national & germany 3 bundesliga have been done over this week and last...

    tomorrow we will be back to serbia (javor, ofk beograd i can see featuring on soccerwiki heavily) plus south africa! (orlando pirates, moroka swallows & supersport utd)[/quote']

    Get real! Who cares about the leagues you have cited. What we want is for the major leagues to be reviewed monthly and for international form to be taken more into account. It's ridiculous that Neymar is only rated at 90 but Berbatov is still rated 91 and Rooney is still rated higher than Van Persie.

  8. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)

    So because we are new to this thread' date=' and dare to have an opinion that doesn't match with your own view. This is a huge problem.

    So in other words, the SM Forum is more of a dictatorship or popularity contest, rather than an exchange of views, thoughts, opinions and debate?[/quote']

    Jeez that was a quick response! That post was only up 30 seconds before I deleted it - yet you still found the time to get in a response:confused:

    You need to get a life mate:D

  9. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)

    Don't worry Jose' date=' Jimmy Mack and his "chums" attacked me for daring to have an opinion and debate concerns. It's as if they're right and everyone else is wrong because they have 10 million posts and 50 million reputation points!

    So don't worry Jose, you aren't the only one these people attack and I think that if we are trolls then we should invite these lovely people to come and visit us in Middle Earth one day.[/quote']

    Thing is tho' we had you pegged as an SM 'plant' weeks ago. It would be great if you really did want to debate the issue but the reality is that you just want to make snide attacks on people that have a genuine concern about the direction that SM is going in. Maybe you should bugger off and take your mate with you.

  10. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)

    My boy.

    I will not be dictated to on how I choose to respond and reply.

    The comment I made on this subject of Player Concerns' date=' are my views.

    And I stand by them.

    I have read the thread.

    I understand exactly where people are coming from, and many varied points have been made.

    I take them all into account.

    If you disagree, then so be it.

    The word "troll" is overused and meaningless.

    Opinions are like arseh*les.. Everybody's got one.[/quote']

    Well.well, there's something you don't see every day: a troll on a high horse:D

  11. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)

    Of course I must be a troll for having an opinion and defending it when challenged.

    No you're a troll for suddenly showing up on this thread, not taking any account of the ongoing debate but persisting in making inflammatory remarks. If you act like a troll then don't be surprised when you get called out on it.

  12. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)

    You really have no idea what U are talking about.

    none of us are AGAINST CONCERNS. We are against all the bugs that make CONCERN system as far from realistic as possible.

    There has been a list that covered MAJOR issues and that list should be followed up.

    That's the trouble with this thread, people come on here with half-baked opinions without having spent any time reviewing what has been said previously.

  13. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)

    I just can't believe that they didn't bug test the new concern system before going live with it :eek:. You'd think that someone would at some point ask the rather obvious question of "What happens when a player is injured?". Unbelievable.

    As I said previously, this reminds me of the recent situation with the meltdown at RBS. Typical corner cutting leading to the destruction in reputation of a carefully built brand. SM is going down the tubes.

  14. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)

    Count me in

    Count me out! For what it's worth I just posted the following in the setup newspaper prior to quitting my Internazionale team:

    "As a protest at the changes introduced to the concern system I am leaving this setup. By the middle of next season the escalated level of concerns will have torn the heart out of the squad I have spent years building and I'm not willing to stick around to see that happen.

    Goodbye all


    One down eleven to go!

  15. Re: Player concerns system

    Eg Take thiago' date='1. rating- 89

    2. Real life starter-no.

    3.Teams squad size-Concerns Scale i suggested above.High,medium,low.

    4.Team average rating.

    Based on all this concerns should be set.

    i guess thiago should get 10-15 games.

    If that doesnt happen then the player is put on transfer list at the end of the season & leaves.

    About concerns on loan.If a player has rating 3 or 4 below the average rating

    player can stay on loan.No concerns.[/quote']

    Very good suggestion that seems far more sensible than the one currently in operation. Don't know why you had to start a new thread though because there is already a long-running one and a newer one with a poll.

  16. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)

    Oh wait so Chelsea have Xavi' date=' Schweinsteiger and Cambiasso in the same position but still Bridcutt is concerned and requesting a transfer, "fricken hell concerns are a joke" :rolleyes:[/quote']

    Yeah, I guess that's where the "man management" comes in. :rolleyes: Obviously the manager should have taken young Liam aside and explained how important he was to the club's future, begged him to stay and doubled his wages. Oh and a couple of weeks cruising on the owners yacht would probably have helped too

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