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  1. Re: Xavi for Vidic?? I have Dani Alves, Pique, Adriano, Lahm, Adil Rami, Boateng & Sebotic
  2. Re: Xavi for Vidic?? i guess it can go both ways as they are both world class players and i'm getting Vidic in return. I have Xavi.
  3. is this a good deal. i have mascherano, busquets, iniesta, pedro, messi, thiago, sanchez, fabregas and hazard in the midfield
  4. What are your opinions on these German players: Thomas Müller 93 --> Bastian Schweinsteiger 94 --> Neven Subotić 91 -->
  5. I have Javier Pastore, Mario Gotze & Ganso for my Attacking Midfield. I need to get rid of one to buy either a CM or Winger. How would you rank this players? Thanks in advance.
  6. Re: Best Gk? Guillermo Ochoa moved to AC Ajaccio in Ligue 1 I know AC Ajaccio is newly promoted but should that raise the cap of the team? Is he eligible to go back to 90+?
  7. Re: Magic27 Signatures Awesome! Thanks Magic!
  8. Re: Loans to unmanaged/external clubs I really like this idea, but to add to this, limiting loaning to unmanaged clubs would really benefit everyone not just the high powered teams.
  9. Re: Chivasbarcelona |Graphics| Request Thread| Could i request a sig? Players: Guillermo Ochoa, Pique, C. Ronaldo & Chicharito zacky's best of all - players in manchester united jerseys thanks man!
  10. Re: Magic27 Signatures Hey Magic27, how's it going with the Manchester sig i requested. No rush just wondering...
  11. what future do these young keepers bring? Thibaut Courtois (19 yrs) Matej Delač (18 yrs)
  12. Re: Magic27 Signatures Love this signature! I would like a background like this.
  13. Re: Magic27 Signatures Hi I was wondering if could have a signature with Guillermo Ochoa, Gerard Pique & Chicharito wearing Manchester United Jerseys. I've uploaded some pictures of the players on this link in case you could use them. I would like to have the Custom Game World: "zacky's best of all" inserted in the signature. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. ~Torito ♂
  14. Re: dream team in 8 years time????? This would be my ideal XI in the next "8 years". David de Gea Mário Fernandes-----Raphaël Varane-----Ezequiel Muñoz-----Fabio Yann M'Vila Eden Hazard----------Mario Götze-----Antoine Griezmann Neymar
  15. Re: Squad Advice URGENT! Haha thanks!
  16. Re: Best tactics for my Barcelona side? LOL i would put Iniesta on the wing where Silva is and put Messi in the middle...
  17. I've had this team (Manchester United) for 9 seasons already, and I've only won the league ONCE! (Season 1). I have the players (I think) to win the league. I would really appreciate it if someone took a look at my "first team squad" and let me know what I could improve on. I'd also like advice on who to sell and who to get/sell as in replacements for players. Thank you very much! Player Pos Age Rat CESAR, Júlio Gk 31 94 - (thinking of selling because i don't need two "great" goalkeepers) REINA, Pepe Gk 28 93 - (wanting to swap for David de Gea if possible) EVRA, Patrice LB 30 94 MARCELO, Vieira LB/LM 23 92 MAICON, Douglas RB 29 95 RAFAEL, Da Silva RB/RM 20 89 VIDIC, Nemanja CB 29 96 PIQUE, Gerard CB 24 95 SILVA, Thiago CB/DM 26 93 KJAER, Simon CB 22 90 LUIZ, David CB/LB 24 90 NAVAS, Jesús RM/Wing 25 92 BUSQUETS, Sergio DM/CM 22 94 M'VILA, Yann DM/CM 20 90 ESSIEN, Michael CM/DM 28 95 FABREGAS, Cesc CM/AM 24 95 FLETCHER, Darren CM/RM 27 92 ANDERSON, Luis CM/LM 23 90 INIESTA, Andrés AM/Wing 27 97 PASTORE, Javier AM 21 90 DZAGOEV, Alan AM/CM 20 89 RONALDO, Cristiano Wing/Fwd 26 98 PEDRO, Rodríguez Wing/Fwd 23 93 ROONEY, Wayne Fwd/AM 25 95 HIGUAIN, Gonzalo Fwd/Wing 23 94 BALOTELLI, Mario Fwd/Wing 20 89 HERNANDEZ, Javier Fwd 23 89 IBRAHIMOVIC, Zlatan CF 29 96 BERBATOV, Dimitar CF 30 93
  18. Hi i was wondering what you guys think of Essien... is he dropping? or staying? Also while i'm here... Luis Anderson 90 - will he rise to 91? David Luiz 90 - will he rise to 91? he moved to the premier.. is that enough for +1? Javier Hernandez 89 - 90/91 will he go up +2? he was remarkable this season...
  19. Re: Evra or Marcelo I was about to post something similar to this... but why is Marcelo worth more than Evra?!? This player value thing is a little confusing...
  20. Re: risers within 3 changes Loving this thread! Just had some thoughts on a few players: Thiago Silva, David Luiz & Alan Dzagoev? Are they in for a rise in the next 3 changes?
  21. What do you think of these players I picked as my U-21 Youth Team? Is there a player that you think has more talent than the player I currently have? This is open for discussion. Leandro ChichizolaAlbert Dalmau-----Uroš Ćosić-----Ignasi Miquel-----Dodo Lorenzo Crisetig Jake Caskey-----Mateo Kovačić Gerard Deulofeu-----Harry Kane-----Paco Alcácer *ALSO THEY HAVE TO BE RATED 75*
  22. Hi guys i'm Torito ♂ from zacky's best of all My team has been doing good but when i place my best players against a "crappy" team i end up either losing or tie. I need help with my tactics and i could really use your help. Kthxbye!
  23. Re: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - The next Saints Star imo i say he's getting a +15
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