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  1. I have a fair few wingers in my squad, and I was wondering which ones would be the best to sell at the moment; Josip Ilicic Antonio Valencia Miralem Pjanic Gaston Ramirez Jano Ananidze Lewis Holtby Antoine Griezmann Adam Johnson I also have Thomas Muller, Samir Nasri, Mesut Ozil, Andre Schurrle and Ander Herrera who are in my first team squad but I really don't want to sell these. Selling one of the eight above can help me bring in another defender so it would be good to sell one of them. I have had a bid for Griezmann of £14m and Holtby £14m both off external clubs. Any opinion would be very helpful! Cheers
  2. I've put a bid in for Glen Johnson which is Ignazio Abate and £5m. Is this a good deal or should i cancel it?
  3. any chance of this guy rising? if not, are there other young AM's in the game to buy that will rise?
  4. Is there any chance of him rising in the next ratings?
  5. Re: Bommel and Guissepi Rossi? Sell Gentner, Sissoko, Xabi Prieto, Pedro Leon and go for younger, better players. Marko Marin, Ander Herrera, Adam Johnson, Marvin Martin, Theo Walcott, Antonio Valencia would be much better wingers instead of Pedro Leon and Xabi Prieto. And centre/defensive mids that are better than Gentner and Sissoko would be Gustavo, Wistel, Defour, Khedira, Lass Diarra, Dani Parejo. Most of those should be cheap and rise in the next few rating changes
  6. Re: Darren Fletcher Cheers for the input everyone. Fletcher would have a better chance of playing for me than the other two. Thanks
  7. I've bid for Darren Fletcher but the manager then counter offered my Jack Rodwell and Theo Walcott. Should I do this deal? I don't play Walcott as I use Muller, Nasri, Ozil and Valencia as my wingers, and Rodwell is in my youth team as I normally play Yaya Toure, Vertonghen, Hummels or Bruno in centre mid.
  8. Re: Too many wingers/midfielders Grosskreutz Bruno Cesar Strootman Sell these 3
  9. Re: Transfer Help With My Team Well firstly, don't sell your stars(Neymar, Lukaku, Hazard, Gotze, Musacchio, Ranocchia, David Luiz, Hummels, De Gea) because chances are, if you have just taken over it, people will bid for them anyway. You don't need to make a massive change to the team, but you could either invest the £10.5m in some risers, or see what position you would need to put more depth into
  10. Re: RB, who to buy? Try one of these: Cesar Azpilcueta 21, 89 Micah Richards 22, 89 Toby Alderweireld 22, 89 Mauricio Isla 22, 89 Marcio Rafinha, 25, 89 Ignazio Abate 24, 89
  11. Re: Young Wingers chances are I would sell for money, OR i could offer Walcott and money for Mata, as my mate doesn't really want him, and he is an Arsenal fan so that could be helpful
  12. Re: Young Wingers 123_ABC you helpful son of a gun! Should i sell Theo Walcott or Antonio Valencia or keep them?
  13. Re: Young Wingers I've got £30m as well as selling young risers I don't need. I may use some risers to get them and use a bit of money as well
  14. I have Lewis Holtby, Antoine Griezmann and Gaston Ramirez, but would like Marvin Martin or Ander Herrera as well. Should I use any of my current young wingers to get them? Or just bring in Martin and Herrera anyway?
  15. after agreeing to sell Arbeloa for a sexy £25m, i am in need of a right back. i have Thiago Silva, Hummels and Marcelo in my defence and currently have Abate to cover the position. Is he likely to rise? If not, is there another right back out there (88+) that would rise anytime soon? Micah Richards for example?
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