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  1. Re: Smörgåsbord is here - DIG IN!!!

    last game never took place, never got invited, so i take it i win by forfit?

    anyways, to let those who still check this topic know, after winning div 1 without even changing formation once, i will be stepping down as hamkam manager. i will play the charity shield match first at the start of the next season and then i will be stepping aside.

    i will be leaving all teams one by one after the current or next season. for me soccer manager lacks what it once was.... fun

    so easy to win and so easy to lose by doing nothing lol. tactics mean nothing and for me theres no excitement now

    good lucks to the few left in this set up

  2. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up..

    BAYERN got promoted to div 1.

    last week i picked out around 30 players for next season' date=' i wish i hadnt, 3 risers, one to 78 and two to 80, if the timing had been right, they would have been very handy.

    mr watts, sorry to see you go and sorry to disagree but i have found that tactics are more important than ever because the two teams are always even, not much randomness at all, in fact often shows the SM match engine is not as bad as a lot of people think it is.

    i like the fact that you cant just leave your tactics the same for every game of the season.[/quote']

    each to their own but after playing the game for a long time i just find some of the match results and stats a joke. i had a game in another setup a few weeks ago where i won, so i should be happy, BUT, the other team scored 2 goals but had 1 on target? random indeed. and for ur tactics belief, i left my tactics and starting lineup the same in one setup and didnt bother changing it due to what i think and i went a season unbeaten lol. just my opinion tho.

    this setup has good promise and wish everyone involved all the best

  3. Re: The Principle Of Progression!.. The Ultimate Riser Set Up..

    I am stepping down as manager of Barcelona

    won promotion in season 1, won the cup in season 1 and got to the smfa shield final in season 2

    good set up but for the time i have available to spend on this game now and how random it is and un-interesting as every result is just randomly generated and tactics dont matter i cant jusitify putting sm ahead of other stuff right now. good luck with the setup and all the bets to the manager

    thanks for having me

  4. Re: The Premier Skirmish Division!.. No Buying Over 29 Yrs/87 Rating Cap..


    Stranraer 2 - 4 Rushden & Diamonds

    E.VARGAS 9

    J.VOSSEN 64

    Half Time (1 - 2)

    A.LJAJIC 23, 56

    A.CERCI 41

    E.RIVIERE 62

    Rushden & Diamonds win The Premier Skirmish Division on the final day of the season after an emphatic 4-2 away win over Stranraer

    Watts' side went into the final game of the season hoping to pick up a victory and for Rhyl to defeat league leaders Carmarthen Town

    Rushden had several chances this season to go clear at the top but ended up dropping silly points and falling behind Carmarthen time after time

    Goals tonight from Cerci, Riviere & a brace from MOTM Ljajic secured the title

    Thanks will-gee, well played mate :)

  5. Re: Site speed so poor

    Over the next 48 hours we will be upgrading our servers. This will help to improve your Soccer Manager experience. We would like to apologise in advance for any problems this may cause.

    27 Mar at 14:55 GT

    in case someone missed it

    and its still slow lol

    results have started coming in tonight and now the sites having issues yet again

    get it sorted sm!!!!

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