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  1. Re: Real madrid and man united amazing squads available theres no gameworlds for those id's LOL i would look at man utd but would help if they id exsisted lol
  2. Re: The European Championship open to realistic swap deals for barca
  3. Re: The European Championship right.... whos donating me some players for my tiny squad
  4. Re: The European Championship messi for sale...........
  5. Re: The European Championship read back... i quoted last night everyone must accept before my deadline last night, meanign friend requests etc, if not they wouldnt be included and i wouldnt change any teams, sorry
  6. Re: The European Championship they are taken sorry. just the guy who took them needs to leave a team first so he is still deciding what one to drop available is... Udinese Bilbao PSG PSV Rangers Celtic Sporting
  7. Re: The European Championship you should have said and i would have replaced a team for you too late now a guy pulled out of udinese if u want to swap? can look at their squad
  8. Re: Managers Needed League Thread http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=89153
  9. For all transfer and league discussions Good luck to all
  10. Re: Managers Needed unless mata rises in next change.... could be a backup for cup
  11. Re: Managers Needed unless u have ronaldo plus 20 million for messi not a chance lol
  12. Re: Managers Needed hahahaha cmon now
  13. Re: Managers Needed anyone want to donate me some players 22 man squad
  14. Re: Managers Needed all invites sent some people have managed too many clubs so need to drop one or whatever any invites not accepted in 3 days will be cancelled bidding starts now !! Good luck
  15. Re: Managers Needed TOM Mmm already controls the maximum number of clubs they are allowed to
  16. Re: Managers Needed Jonny Eller already controls the maximum number of clubs they are allowed to
  17. Re: Managers Needed rossoldiniho V6 already controls the maximum number of clubs they are allowed to
  18. Re: Managers Needed invites now being sent
  19. Re: Managers Needed You are currently in position 1 in the Custom Game World creation queue
  20. Re: Managers Needed Gameworld submitted, waiting on SM accepting it
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