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  1. Re: Managers Needed Ok... requests for teams are now CLOSED 35 teams have been taken out of 40 so great start All invites will be sent tomorrow After 3 days any requests not accepted will be cancelled and the gameworld will be switched to public mode so others have a chance to join also Good luck to everyone
  2. Re: Managers Needed got it will send invite tomorrow for Fiorentina when the GW starts
  3. Re: Managers Needed cool add me in game please, Paul Watts, torres shirt next to name GW starts tomorrow so invites going out then
  4. Re: Managers Needed Bilbao Fiorentina PSG PSV Rangers Celtic
  5. Re: Managers Needed div 2 so people know apart from those who requested the rest is random I am even in div 3
  6. Re: Managers Needed Have sorted all the teams into leagues Just to submit the gameworld in the morning, then once its approved I will invite everyone
  7. Re: Managers Needed Depends when SM approve it I'll be submitting it tomorrow morning and inviting people around mid-day / early afternoon hopefully
  8. Re: Managers Needed cool no probs add me in game, Paul Watts, Torres shirt beside name Will invite you when gameworld starts tomorrow
  9. Re: Managers Needed No problem Add me in game, Paul Watts, have a Torres shirt beside my name Will invite you tomorrow when gameworld starts
  10. Re: Managers Needed Finished work now guys Away home then away for the ight C ya
  11. Re: Managers Needed i started in a new gameworld other week and he starts at milan on loan for a season but only barca can terminate
  12. Re: Managers Needed its a season long loan and milan have the right to buy him if they wish in real life dunno how sm work it? possibly.... swap deal though
  13. Re: Managers Needed hahaha dont need to ask me mate, i cant cancel the loan only the club he's loaned to can i have villa and messi and co anyway so.... i wouldnt mind him but im sure i can wait a seaosn
  14. Re: Managers Needed NO CHANCE LOL Pedro is my star for the future
  15. Re: Managers Needed ill give you a buy back lol i want him
  16. Re: Managers Needed send ibra back to barca plz haha
  17. Re: Managers Needed i will invite everyone
  18. Re: Managers Needed wish I could but away form home from tonight till tomorrow night so tuesday morning for me to submit gameworrld is best
  19. Re: Managers Needed 2 days to go
  20. Re: Managers Needed Few Teams Left.... Bilbao Fiorentina Werder Bremen PSG Ajax PSV Rangers Celtic Sporting Lisbon
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