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  1. Re: Who do u thinks gonna win 2007/2008 LOL, i'm glad Chelsea are not in the Top 4. Its so nice to see. All i want to see this season is that Arsenal win the Premiership, and that Manchester Utd, Man City, and Liverpool, are up there with Arsenal at the end of the season. Chelsea don't deserve nothing at all! iT WOULD EXCELLENT IF Chelsea get relegated. It would be great fun! Thanks for you comments so far, and please keep thjen coming in!
  2. Hey guys, i just wanted your views to see who do u thinks going to win 2007/2008, starting with the top 4 teams at the moment. Arsenal, Man City, Manchester Utd, and Liverpool!
  3. Well, Today something really funny happened to me. While i was talking to tom on xfire, the phone rang....... I answered the phone, then this old women, said this '' Hello, Hello, who is this...... is your nan here, is your nan here'' I said....... '' No my nan isn't here mate........ my nan lives 3 miles away from me mate'' She said....... '' Oh oh, ok then'' I said...... '' Why are you asking me this anyway mate'' She said........ '' Oh because i saw her at the bus stop this morning, i thought that i should speak to her.'' I said....... '' Well mate, my nan isn't here, and you have got the wrong number mate. have a nice day.'' She said........... '' Ok i will' Now people, this was not planned, this was COMPLETELY RANDOM! Thank you for reading. And if the phone rings, be brave to answer this STUPID WOMEN!
  4. Division 3 Results (Turn 3) Ok, this is the Division 3 results. Sevilla 2-2 Zaragoza This was a big match for the managers, Amy and Samir. 20th minute Zaragoza's big player Beckham scores. A equalizer after half time. Fred, Sevilla's player, scores to get them back in the game. It didn't last for long though, Beckham scores his second in this match to make it 2-1. But Sevilla didn't give up, 85th minute Renato scores a goal to equalize yet again, and to finish the game 2-2. MOM: Fred Shakhtar Donetsk 3-1 Benfica Very electric match up here. But nothing happened in the first half. 1-0 to Shakhtar, after a goal by Castillo in the 55th minute. Then they made it 2-0 in the 71st minute, goal scored by Shevchuk. Then 3-0 in the 83rd minute, goal scored by Srna. Shorly Benfica couldn't come back. Benfica did score in the 86th minute, goal scored by Gomes, but it wasn't enough for a draw. MOM: Srna FC Porto 3-3 Sporting A big match between Cally's FC Porto and Ivan's Sporting. And it was amazing 3-3. Sporting started off well, with a goal in the 19th minute, goal scored by Kovac. After half time, FC Porto equalized in the 46th minute, goal scored by Lopez. Sporting scored to get back in the lead, Tonel scored the goal in the 69th minute . 1 minute after that Porto equalized again, goal scored by Assuncao. Sporting then made it 3-2, to finish w Polga scored that goal. And then the last goal of the game and to finish with a draw, after Kamierczak scored. MOM: Lopez Atletico Madrid 1-1 Sydney Fc Nothing that much in this match. But a very early goal, in the 1st Minute, goal scored by Sydneys, Brosque. Then Atletico equalized to make it 1-1, goal scored by Reyes in the 28th minute. Noting much happened after that. MOM: Reyes AC Milan 1-0 SV Werder Bremen Nothing much in this match. Gattuso, AC Milan's big pitbull, scored his first goal in div 3, goal scored in 73rd min. And then SV werder tried there best to come back. But i wasn't happening. MOM: Gattuso Thats all from Division 3. James Smith Reporting on Division 3 Results (Turn 3). Speak to you soon.
  5. Div 3 Match Reports (Turn 2) Ok, so these are the Match Reports, for Division 3. Zaragoza 2-1 Sporting Sir Alex Samir's Zaragoza, are on a flying start to the season, after winning Sporting 2-1. Early goal scored by Zaragoza's Pablo Aimar, in the 16th minute. After Half Time, Sporting equalized in the 57th minute after a goal from Leidson. Sadly, Sportings Darren Fletcher got sent off in 75th minute for a second booking. Zaragoza responded in the last minute, goal scored by Alberto Zapater in the 89th minute. MOM: Pablo Aimar AC Milan 1-0 Atletico Madrid Milan win yet again, 1-0 against Atletico Madrid. Atletico pulled off a great fight until the 41st minute. Clarence Seedorf scored the only goal of the game. But Atletico tried there all in the second half, but nothing was going past Milan's keeper Dida. MOM: Clarence Seedorf Sevilla 3-1 SV Werder Bremen Sevilla, top of the table at the moment,with a brilliant win, 3-1 against SV Werder Bremen. A bad start for Sevilla after a goal from Sanogo in the 18th minute. Bremen's lead didn't last long at all, it took Sevilla 4minutes to respond after Jesus Navas make its 1-1 for the Spanish squad. Kanoute scores 2 goals to seal Sevilla's in the 61st and 65th minute. Great start for Amy's Squad then! MOM: Frederic Kanoute Shakhtar Donetsk 0-1 Sydney FC Sydney got there 3 points today 1-0 against Shakhtar. The only goal scored in the match was by Carney in the 18th minute. But it wa fairly quiet for the rest of the match. Shakhtar trying to get back with 19 shot on goal saved, and went wide. MOM: Lucarelli FC Porto 0-1 Benfica Scott Grainger with a good win over Cally's,FC Porto. Benfica winning 0-1. Goal from Manuel Fernandes in the 56th to win FC Porto. Porto tried equalizing, but nothing went past Benfica's keeper. MOM: Anderson Thats all from Divison 3. I am James Smith reporting on Divison 3. Speak to you soon.
  6. Re: Tom's Chatroom and Forum Elite!!! Juventus sign a new manager JAMES SMITH!!!!!!!!! The Chairman says: " I'm glad to say that we have signed James Smith. We all have faith in him. He shall bring us GLORY!!" James Smith says: I'm very glad to be here at Juventus. I'm so excited, and i know this is going to be a challenge. But i love Challenges. So bring it on.'' Juventus team also say that he is the best manager you could possibly sign! :)
  7. Re: Forum Playray Pool League - This one will last! Hey George, Its James Smith (Looney). Can i join this new league!
  8. Re: Leeds United FC Leeds are very poor. I hope they go down!
  9. Re: Tom's Chatroom and Forum Elite!!! Well tom i'm really excited with this setup. This may be the best setup you could possibly join. All off us here are very good managers, so its going to be a bit of a challenge. I just can't wait till i Batter TOM ALDINHO MORGAN, and JAYZEE, and most of all NATHAN KIRBY! So tom thanks for inviting me to this. I will enjoy........ WINNING. Comon JUVENTUS!!!!!!!!
  10. Does anyone know the latest transfers in the Premiership?
  11. Re: Will Wenger Leave arsenal? Yeh i was wondering wat would other ppl would say so. Thanks for thats m8's.
  12. Will Wenger leave Arsenal next season? Vote here now!
  13. Re: Post your favourite lyrics. Artic Monkeys-Brainstorm Some old track... or brian strom Brian, Top marks for not tryin' So kind of you to bless us with your effortlessness We're grateful and so strangely comforted And I wonder are you puttin' us under Cause we can't take our eyes off the t-shirt and ties combination Well see you later, innovator Some want to kiss some want to kick you There's not a net you couldn't slip through Or at least that's the impression I get cause you're smooth and you're wet And she's not aware yet but she's yours She'll be sayin' use me Show me the jacuzzi I imagine that it's there on a plate Your rendezvous rate means that you'll never be frightened to make them wait for a while I doubt it's your style not to get what you set out to acquire The eyes are on fire You are the unforecasted storm (Brian) Calm, collected, and commandin' (Top marks for not tryin') You made the other stories standin' With your renditions and jokes Bet there's hundreds of blokes that have wept cause you've stolen their ...thunder Are you puttin' us under Cause we can't take our eyes off the t-shirt and ties combination Well see you later, ïnnovator
  14. Do u think David Villa rating should stay or go up 1.
  15. David Villa Rating Change Do U think david villa rating shud stay at 95 or go up 96.
  16. Re: Loans No i mean if your in money problems and you need money. can you loan a amount of money
  17. If your in money problems with your team is it possible to loan money somewhere.
  18. Re: HAPPY BDAY LEE!!! Happy Birthday Lee. its James Smtih from chat room by the way. Hope u have a brilliant day and have a couple a drinks! Cya later!
  19. Who do u think Aesene Wenger will sign?
  20. Re: Barca team over rated I think Barcelona are so over rated. There are worse than Chelsea. They've got Ronaldinho, Puyol, Messi, Eto'o, Zambrotta ect. They are very over rated!
  21. Who do you thinks going to win La Liga this evening. You may vote today. But get those votes in quickly. Its either Sevilla, Barcelona, Real Madrid! Over to You!
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