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  1. Re: Klaas Jan Huntelaar and his rating...
  2. Re: Upcoming Brazilian Ratings!!! Thiago Neves must get 89 imo.
  3. Re: Upcoming Brazilian Ratings!!! Ceni should stay the same, I think 92 is fair for him even though hes played 35 games and scored 7 goals. Yes his is a goal keeper, and a legend at freekicks.
  4. Re: Upcoming Brazilian Ratings!!! How sure are you that Thiago Neves will reach 89? GUILHERME , Milhomem Gusmão for Cruzeiro, played 11 games came on 13 times as a sub and scored 10 goals currently rated 84 and is 19 years old. Must merit atleast 86/7 maybe?
  5. Re: Why hasn't Jan Rosenthal increased to 88? So what if tarnats had 17 years of experience? Aren’t ratings meant to be judged on how the player is doing when there team’s ratings come around? If so surely Rosenthal’s rating should be 88 no matter if he’s had 17 years experience or 2. He's a good young player, oh and Tosic was increased to 88 also, there basically the same age.
  6. Re: Slave are dying HELP!!! so am i right in thinking that if i play a player who has a conidition of say 10%he will still play just as well, like if he was 100% condition? Bonus lol no seriously that is stupid, its shows more skill anyway if you can keep a squad that is producing results but are playing players who are fit at the same time, aspecially if you have a small squad. like i have a tiny squad but a youth squad, so im playing my youth in the cup with say 2 senior players, but then im resting them for the league game because i thought that the conditions effect how they play, obvi
  7. Re: Benjamin Tembe nps mate
  8. Re: Mapou YANGAMBIWA yeh but you dont have to have sky tv, the internets the best way to research for upcoming stars in different leagues http://www.footgoal.net/ http://www.frenchleague.com
  9. Re: Mapou YANGAMBIWA lol can never have enough sport in your life :]
  10. Re: German Changes I think Dusko Tosic should definitely rise to at least an 88, does any one have any news on Jan Rosenthal? Currently playing for Hannover 96 looks like a bright player, only 21 rated 87 scored 7 goals in 37 appearances for Hannover from midfield last season. This season so far hes got 1 goal in 8 appearances and is looking ok. Was wondering if anyone has any information if hes likely to increase or decrease in rating, on German players next rating change?
  11. Re: Benni Mccarthy not scoring ;s no I know its nothing to do with the transfer system I was just saying how I managed to sign him... yeh more games, 8-)
  12. Re: Transfer hasn't gone through Blocked, we agreed on 8mil the transfer was ABD
  13. Re: Transfer hasn't gone through Typical, its been blocked. Im Tranmere rovers EC30 i'm trying to buy benni mccarthy from charlton, 8mil was agreed, he's 30 in less than a month so his value will decrease. Hes currently worth 6.1 mil anyway so 8 mil is fair, nice this gets blocked on the day of the games, I have 1 striker.
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