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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I wouldn't do the Thiago silva deal...

    the Pedro deal is more difficult....he will probably rise to 92 this season' date=' Canales might get to 89, but is a great prospect.

    Do you use Pedro? will you miss him from your team if you swap him?

    if the answer is NO to these questions, I say do the deal....

    try your luck and ask for canales and marcelo[/quote']

    As i said, negotiation is a no-no, I tried Canales and Vertonghen and he countered with that one (which was also the original)

  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Ajax have made a new offer to Barcelona to swap Sergio CANALES and Aleksandr RYAZANTSEV for Rodríguez PEDRO

    Cruzeiro have made an offer to Barcelona to swap Pedro LEON and Sylvain MARCHAL for Thiago SILVA

    Negotiation is a non-no on the Pedro one and very unlikely for the Thiago Silva? Any thoughts?

  3. Re: Formula 1 2010 Discussion Thread

    I don't want Alonso to win either' date='it's not because of the Hamilton thing although it was at first but he just reminds of Schumacher a lot were he will do anything to win,now [b']when you instruct your team(Renault) to crash Piquet[/b] into the wall then he went down in my estimation an awful lot and I actually have no respect for him whatsoever as he endangered another man's life,it also shows the immense amount of pressure he likes to put his teammate under and of course this is why he threw his toys out of the pram when Hamilton could actually live with the pressure Alonso put on him,Massa seems quite happy to be the number two driver to Alonso which is why he got an extended contract.

    You do realise that Alonso had no say in that decision. It was the team management that decided that, not the drivers.

    That's like saying John O'Shea is a good player because he plays for Man.Utd.

    I hope you don't only base your decision of the Hamilton/Alonso conflict on what the british press says. The press only know about the tip of the iceberg and even then they screw the facts to get the headline they want. In this case the evidence is biased towards Hamilton as he was the "plucky young brit". I'm not saying that Hamilton was to blame but he was certainly not innocent at all.

    I'm hoping for a Klein or Lotus win but i think that's unlikely. B)

  4. Re: The One 2010 Match Report/Transfer Gossip And Anything Thread

    Many new faces have joined Mainz, hopefully with more to come. So far no real big names, with Bruno Cesar being the biggest, but hopefuly that will change soon.

    Luc Casnos

    Darren McGregor

    Emanuele Giaccherini

    Jonas Strifler

    Alessandro Marchi

    Ricardo Santos

    Johann Berg Gudmundsson

    Yaya Soumahoro

    Daan Bovenburg

    Aziz Behich

    Matthieu Dreyer

    Juan Toloza

    Jonathan Lacerda

    Darren Randolph

    Nick Blackman

    Sean Lynch

    Yoann Folly

    & Bruno Cesar

    So far the rises have been:

    Markus Henriksen +8 to 83

    Jimmy Durnaz +8 to 83

    Ricardo Santos +3 to 83

    Denni Avdic +2 to 85

    Some interesting stuff going on with the other teams but this really caught my eye:

    Srdjan LAKIC has shocked 1. FC Kaiserslautern fans by moving to FSV Frankfurt for £3,947,400.

    5 in 5 and 2 assists would have kept him in my team for sure :eek:

  5. Re: Papal Visit To Britain

    Statistically not true. At the last census less than 15% of people chose no religion. There are many sticks with which to beat this visit and it's an entirely fair' date=' and in my view correct, opinion that the taxpayer shouldn't be having to fork out for the Pope to be over here, but this is a bit of a fallacy I'm afraid.

    As for #2, this is the 24 hour news culture in which we reside now. Anything remotely newsworthy and especially an event such as this that can be spun as historic will be over reported hugely. It's also a happy coincidence for NI that they have a convenient distraction from the phone tapping scandal, and Murdoch's empire controls a lot of the news we digest now.[/quote']

    Yes i suppose, but then again most of those are other religions (including Jedi :P) rather than Catholic. According to my source only around 8/9% (at last count) were Roman Catholic, which is definitely not enough to force the rest of the country to fork out..

    Oh well, C'est la Vie

  6. Re: Papal Visit To Britain

    I don't care if he comes to visit but i do care about 2 things related to it:

    1. Why should we, the British public who are largely Athiest, have to pay for him to come? Why not make the Catholics pay for him? As my friend said earlier today "It's like going into a shop, telling everyone in the shop to give you enough money to buy a box of Celebrations, and then eating them all yourself"

    2. Why does it have to be on the news so much? I can understand that some of his views could be seen as controversial in this day and age, but is a visit really a news headline? The simple answer should be no in my opinion

  7. Re: The One 2010 Match Report/Transfer Gossip And Anything Thread

    New faces at Mainz are:

    Moritz Leitner

    Luuk De Jong

    Davy Propper

    Jimmy Durmaz

    Thibaut Courtois

    Markus Henriksen

    Echiejile (Elderson)

    With these confirmed as well:

    Denni Avdic

    Guyon Fernandez

    Tomasz Kupisz

    Lynel Kitambala

    Already running out of budget, i hope that the transfer listed players get bids soon. It's horrible to see other people bidding on your targets and knowing that you cannot afford to compete :(

  8. Re: The One 2010

    No' date=' when Simon picked them Zagreb had no 88 player, he's just got lucky(he may still sell him to bring in better players)

    [b']You do know your allowed to buy players 88 and over[/b] ?

    Yes but that didn't explain the situation which arose.

    Thanks for clearing it up :)

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