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  1. Re: THE BEST FORMATION (inc Poll) what tactics did you use?
  2. Re: valuing wots evryone else think
  3. how much would you sell the following for? malouda beckham stam nedved giggs
  4. Re: THE BEST FORMATION (inc Poll) i play 4-1-4-1 with Benfica it works well but can anyone tell me good tactics team style:D etc. i lose some real bad and scrape through sum:confused:
  5. Re: newspaper come on sm do something about it:mad:
  6. is it just me or has the newspaper been missing things out when i buy someone they never appear in the transfer section:mad: also the transfer rumours section has given up completly and hasnt changed in ages why:confused: :(
  7. Re: player changes come on sm update ur searches
  8. Re: Transfer cheating yeah i had that problem too
  9. Re: player changes i mean that when u search u should be able to order them in some way, by country/rating etc to make it easier for new players
  10. Re: player changes u know wot i mean! wot about the idea
  11. i reckon that you should be able to order the players on the new players screen e.g. by ability so you don't hav to look at all the screens wot do u lot think?
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