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  1. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Rejected Lazio in GC77: Cordoba, Zarate, Boselli, decent depth and a couple of good youths (Moses, Gavranovic) Only 8.4mil, but you could probably make it a decent squad
  2. Re: Remove the option to say "I am insulted by this offer". I don't think it needs to be removed completely. There are some cases such as slimey2k7's example: which really need a response similar to that. I really think that it should be altered to something such as "I do not think that this is a fair deal"
  3. In a privately owned game world, is it possible to kick managers out? I thought it was before but now i can't seem to find a way. There's a guy in my game world who's just taken over who is ruining the club and i want to get rid before he can. I have sent a ticket but i'd rather have something more "concrete"
  4. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC1: Villareal sign: Rodrigo Tello: 13.5mil Davide Biondini: 13.3mil Sergio Almiron: 10.9mil Best bit is that my 4th main unmanaged target Andrea Mantovani had a bid accepted by Wolfsborg as my Biondini deal went through(same team) and the bloke then canceled the deal, and later re-bid. Hopefully i can outbid a couple of people and if not, it's no loss to me as i've already signed Biondini Mariano Pernia is available for P/E or Cash. Looking for the region of 15-18mil if you're interested.
  5. Re: World Snooker Draft 2010/11 Martin Gould please
  6. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 Do you know anything about Arne Friedrich's future? I have reports that he wants to stay at Hertha but i can't find anything concrete.
  7. Re: World Snooker Draft 2010/11 I don't mean that the points from the whole event shouldn't count. I mean that you should only get points if you had the person before the event started.
  8. Re: World Snooker Draft 2010/11 Yes, go Marco I wonder who will pick Tian after this performance?
  9. Re: New Update To SM See It First Here! Completely agree. it looks awful, wastes massive amounts of space on the page, and has moved everything around. Please can we have the option for the old version back?
  10. Re: Anyone gone unbeaten in the league all season? I wonder how many people will believe this :rolleyes:
  11. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 Juan Pablo Pino and Yohan Mollo. Are these two worth keeping? I've had them for a while and they don't play but kept them as i thought they were talented youngsters whop might move to better things
  12. Re: Summer Official Transfers Thread 2010 Completed awhile ago but: Andrew Crofts - Brighton > Norwich City - Around 300K
  13. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC35: Chivas de Guadalajara 0-2 Barcelona Not exactly a shock but these are the sort of games you have to win GC59: River Plate 4-5 Colon The giant-killing continues as River follow Schalke and Villareal in falling to the little Colon 8-4 on aggregate. Got Fiorentina in the quarters though. Apparantely the luck of the draw is not with me GC99: Portsmouth 2-4 Eintract [Frankfurt Great start to the semi, looking good for the final
  14. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread The even mightier (if completely bankrupt) Rotherham and Craig Johnson is at Port Vale (even if he isn't aroound on here anymore)
  15. Re: World Snooker Draft 2010/11 I think Mark.J.Williams is still available so i'll have him please
  16. Re: Chris MARTIN I'd keep him. If he plays even half as well as he did last season he'll get a rise and if he can do that again he'll be 83/84 in no time.
  17. Re: Official Rugby Thread :(:( Can't believe it. We were so close. Only ever had 1 trophy
  18. Re: Official Rugby Thread 20-14 :(
  19. Re: Official Rugby Thread Leicester 10-6 Saracens :(
  20. Re: World Snooker Draft 2010/11 Umm.... Judd Trump Just for having a cool name
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