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  1. Ive got the opportunity to buy the following players: Fabio Coentrao Van Der Vaaart Luis Nani Kwadwo Asamoah Javi Martinez Jovetic but want to know what people think of the potential rises/drops are and which ones are better to go for... Thanks for any help
  2. Was wondering what people thought the short/long term possible ratings could be for the following players?... Luiz Gustavo Yohan Cabaye Luis Anderson Alvaro Pereira Wojciech Szczesny Thanks for any help..
  3. Re: Hulk and Witsel? Ive actually just got a chance to sign Witsel in one of my gameworlds but got to choose between him and Pastore.. Who do u think? Pastore seems to have gone a bit quiet but i dont watch much french football so never see him play..
  4. Now they have moved to Zenit what do people think it will it do to their potential ratings?
  5. Who do people think the best signing this summer will be? And max potential of their choice? Eden Hazard RVP Kagawa Giroud Podolski Cazorla Michu Oscar Javi Garcia Other If other what do u think? Personally id go with Hazard.. Already Looks class and will only get better.. Potential 94+... Been very impressed with Cazorla as well
  6. Re: £81m for Gotze.... Completely agree with this...It gets so stale when no one accepts bids! If everyone was willing to accept cash deals gameworlds would be constantly enjoyable and kept fresh...
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