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  1. Re: Rate My Team Thread very great idea and yu have put alot of time into tht
  2. Re: Rate My Team Thread LOL THE RED ARMY tom u must be cheating in some form nd u dnt need hundreds of players to have depth in ur team
  3. Re: English Championship 1 i wish u could reserve teams lol am starting to get a bit bored of sm its abit stupid nd am the only 1 outof my m8s tht still plays on it and the only 1 in any of the leagues am in to go on forum so a bored lol hopefully their willb a vacentcy soon lol
  4. Re: Kaka lol itsgne through nd now am tryin to buy terry for me m8 with a different club av put a offer in for 60mil + a 21-90 player wud any1 accept tht lol
  5. Re: Kaka if it does go through am only3 players away from possible the greatest team possible
  6. Ive put a offer in for kaka of 50million and xabi alonso would any1 accept tht deal or wud it nt gothrough play say nd explain
  7. Re: Forum closing for a month i mite nt hav it on my sig bt try some R.E.S.P.E.C.T some times it makes this forum alot kinder and i agree it was a pointless post:D
  8. Re: Rate My Team Thread iudnt say rubbish lol thts a reeli good team uve got and am glad i wont ae to play against u lol
  9. Re: Rate My Team Thread yer the defence is origionally amazing the fowards is the best in europe (mayb the world) and the cm is literally unbeaable lol jst wingers
  10. Re: Rate My Team Thread good range of players have u had any matchs yet nd i dont no y u boght becham lol hes crap lmfao
  11. Re: Rate My Team Thread lol dont forget about my team on page 18 lol
  12. Re: Rate My Team Thread here barca team i took them over a couple of days ago so havnt got many players in yet but av got cannavaro coming in tomarro nd juhinho the same. Gk. Casillas Df. Puyol, Zambrotta and Cannavaro(well nt yet bt he will b tomoz) Mid. Xavi, Riquelme Deco nd Juhinio(same as cannavaro) F. henry, Ronaldinhio, Eto the Super subs: F/AM: Messi F: Saviola LM:Guily LB/CB: Abidal so wat do u think. btw am in div 2- 10th(bottem) and only 1 match to go. i joined the clubs about 3 days ago at the max.
  13. Re: English Championship 135 *CONFIRMED* Ian ASHBEE of Hull City, has had a offer of 850k accepted. Hopefully this deal will go through with the least amount of hassle and Peterborough United will welcome him
  14. ive been searching for a while bt their isnt a thread on English Champion 135 so here 1 is. Simon Scott (me) has offically taken over peterborough united and with 7.4mill to spend, they have been in talks with 6 teams including Wigan, Bacelona and Middlesborough. 'This is a great oppitunity to strenthen this team and possible push for promotion'
  15. Re: What do you think about this table? 1 i got lampard coz the manager was a idiot 2 its nt tht many goals 3 pretty good table their 4 thts about 4teams lol thts nt 1 team coz ur keepers are split up lol
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