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  1. Lindelof looked way out of his depth and slow. Pogba was truly awful.How he became one of the most expensive players in the world i'll never know, stupid haircuts I guess! Lukaku scored a chance that my mum could of put away. He missed quite a bit which isn't too encouraging when it comes to the big games and chances become hard to come by.
  2. Come on now, that's too far. It wasn't that bad!
  3. Just checked the mirror, no egg on this handsome face. Also my head is way too big to fit up my ass. Look how wrong they were, kinda just proves my point about Sky Sports. Thank you. Conte never wanted Lukaku, never EEEEEVVVVR. You stupid idiot!
  4. I'll mention his name again, Emenalo. Emenalo wanted Lukaku, Chelsea went for Lukaku. Conte wanted Morata, Chelsea/Emenalo went for Lukaku. Conte frustrated, wanted Morata not Lukaku. Conte frustrated with Emenalo. Got it yet? Or shall i draw it in crayon for you?
  5. Hahahahaha..............Hahahahahaha Conte wasn't frustrated by it, already explained it to you buffoon boy. Explained the transfer situation as well, Emenalo ring a bell?
  6. Does he? Wow, I never knew! How do you do it Holmes?!
  7. Sky Sports are notorious for spouting rubbish along with incredibly late news surrounding transfers. Every where! Dig your head out of your ass and quit looking at the Daily Mail/Sky Sports/Daily Star reports. Conte pushed to sign Morata at Juve, he wanted him for Chelsea. Emenalo wanted Lukaku. It was reported months ago about Emenalo's desire to get Lukaku. Gianluca Di Marzio first reported on Conte being frustrated with directors at the club last month, which further became Emenalo.
  8. Going by your posts when he was supposedly on his way to Chelsea he will need to adapt/improve a hell of a lot!
  9. It was on Sky Sports?! My god it must be true!! Grow up peter pan! Emenalo is the one that was after Lukaku and not Conte, Conte is frustrated with Emenalo and how much influence/control Emenalo has. Emenalo being after Lukaku has been reported on numerous times over the last few months.
  10. Emenalo wanted Lukaku not Conte, Conte wanted Morata. Looks like he may get what he wants now.
  11. Same story with his international career, doesn't bode well but time will tell. Hilarious how all of a sudden you are producing tripe stats to try and highlight how good Lukaku is now he is at United, yet when he looked to be on his way to Chelsea you couldn't find enough to show how poor he was.
  12. So the reason he has been sh1te is because he is just too good?! Even for you that sounds pretty dumb! Below still applies to your points:- The difference between true world class players and good players is they convert those tough chances, put the ball in a place where it is harder to miss than score. Conte had plenty to do after Mourinho and his ego had done it's work on the Chelsea dressing room.
  13. Fun is my middle name. Fact You'll be back. Fact
  14. If's, but's and maybe's. If i had 7 numbers on the lottery instead of 3 i'd be a hell of a lot richer! The difference between true world class players and good players is they convert those tough chances, put the ball in a place where it is harder to miss than score. Conte had plenty to do after Mourinho and his ego had done it's work on the Chelsea dressing room.
  15. Racist DDG is overrated. Fact Courtois is better. Fact Pogba is over paid and over hyped. Fact
  16. In between TITLE WINS. TITLE WINS. Chelsea could of finished in 17th and still had a good three years. They still won the league title twice. Your stats highlight how overrated DDG actually is. Nope Yes, clearly Maxwell is. 37 trophies don't lie. If only you would I bet Chelsea fans are devastated. They could of had one whole Pogba instead of spending about £10 mill extra and getting Kante, Alonso and Luiz. Oh the shame!
  17. What sources give it as a done deal? I've only seen mentions of personal terms agreed and transfer fee still a way apart. Also Milan having agreed personal terms with Morata and looking to do a deal with Madrid. Not that I would call anything i have seen as having come from a source
  18. Pleased Utd went through, although it would have had to have been a shambles of a performance for them not to. Loving Zlatan and hope he comes back from his injury to play next season with United. I think another season for Rashford like this one, in terms of how he is being used, will set him up well to take over from Zlatan as the main threat up top for United. He could probably do it already but I don't think another year like this would hurt his development. I still stand by my opinion of Pogba not being what United were so desperate for in the summer, the money could obviously have been spent better in other areas. He has shown glimpses of brilliance with his passing and picking out players but it has been far to irregular for his price tag.
  19. Hahahahahaha this absolutely destroyed me! How on gods green earth you can call anyone stupid is beyond me. I've known more intelligent donkeys! Alli and Donnarumma aren't established?! Are you having a giraffe! Jesus wept!
  20. Can someone add a player on SW for me? Over 3000 first team minutes. I tried but i am no longer at a high enough level to be able to submit requests, seems a bit ridiculous.
  21. Unbelievable!!! What a game. Greatest come back or greatest choke? Either way he has to be the best ever QB!
  22. Can not be titsed to read all the post since last being on but this post sums up the last two pages, cracked me up! True fans actually see flaws in their team, own up to them and want improvement. Not just make excuse after excuse.
  23. Ash watchin the super bowl tonight? Who you got? Who you want to win?
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