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  1. 21 hours ago, TalentSearcher said:

    United did play well, Scholes and Gerrard analysis were right

    United need to solid 2/3 CB partnership to play together each week/most weeks - Isco goal, Valencia was ball watching and he is prone in doing that

    They also say there is 5/6 players that have a starting spot and more need to pull their weight, mainly in the wide areas like Lingard/Martial or they might see the exit door

    Lukaku did well, he's a positive to score goals


    Lindelof looked way out of his depth and slow.

    Pogba was truly awful.How he became one of the most expensive players in the world i'll never know, stupid haircuts I guess!

    Lukaku scored a chance that my mum could of put away. He missed quite a bit which isn't too encouraging when it comes to the big games and chances become hard to come by.

  2. 6 minutes ago, TalentSearcher said:

    Funny how your laughing at SkySports media etc and you post this on the united thread ages ago.... now who has egg on their face or head up their ass? You

    Believe what you want, Conte wanted Lukaku


    Just checked the mirror, no egg on this handsome face. Also my head is way too big to fit up my ass.

    Look how wrong they were, kinda just proves my point about Sky Sports. Thank you.

    Conte never wanted Lukaku, never EEEEEVVVVR. You stupid idiot!

  3. 1 minute ago, TalentSearcher said:

    OMG Conte was frustrated by it

    Like I said how come when United were rumoured close to Morata, Chelsea never once stepped in and you say Conte wanted Morata over Lukaku

    what a joke you are, all I can say is stick to Stoke news


    I'll mention his name again, Emenalo.

    Emenalo wanted Lukaku, Chelsea went for Lukaku. Conte wanted Morata, Chelsea/Emenalo went for Lukaku.

    Conte frustrated, wanted Morata not Lukaku. Conte frustrated with Emenalo.

    Got it yet? Or shall i draw it in crayon for you?

  4. 21 minutes ago, TalentSearcher said:

    Skysports is more reliable than Gianluca Di Marzio as they have millions of sources worldwide


    21 minutes ago, TalentSearcher said:

    I think you need to dig ur head out of ur ass. Conte wanted Lukaku, why else would he of been frustrated by this? And If Conte wanted Morata over Lukaku, where is the transfer bid? He wants to go etc but if Conte so badly wanted him, why not on the 1st July ut a bid in?


    Conte wasn't frustrated by it, already explained it to you buffoon boy.

    Explained the transfer situation as well, Emenalo ring a bell?

  5. Just now, TalentSearcher said:

    Skysports have better sources than what we do

    I haven't seen Emenalo getting frustrated over this? where does it say Conte wanted Morata over Lukaku?

    Sky Sports are notorious for spouting rubbish along with incredibly late news surrounding transfers.

    Every where! Dig your head out of your ass and quit looking at the Daily Mail/Sky Sports/Daily Star reports.

    Conte pushed to sign Morata at Juve, he wanted him for Chelsea. Emenalo wanted Lukaku. It was reported months ago about Emenalo's desire to get Lukaku.

    Gianluca Di Marzio first reported on Conte being frustrated with directors at the club last month, which further became Emenalo.

  6. 4 minutes ago, TalentSearcher said:

    Did I say Lukaku will need to adapt in previous posts? yes

    I am highlighting that last year hardly any striker in the top 6 except Aguero had a good goal scoring vs top 6

    Going by your posts when he was supposedly on his way to Chelsea he will need to adapt/improve a hell of a lot!

  7. 11 minutes ago, TalentSearcher said:

    That is rubbish according to Skysports

    Few days ago -

    Sky sources understand Antonio Conte is becoming increasingly frustrated at the prospect of Chelsea missing out on Romelu Lukaku.

    We are told he won’t take it well when Manchester United sign Lukaku, as expected, in the coming days

    It was on Sky Sports?! My god it must be true!!

    Grow up peter pan!

    Emenalo is the one that was after Lukaku and not Conte, Conte is frustrated with Emenalo and how much influence/control Emenalo has. 

    Emenalo being after Lukaku has been reported on numerous times over the last few months.

  8. On 7/8/2017 at 7:21 PM, TalentSearcher said:

    @1000db - Did Courtois rating go up during his time at A.Madrid winning things? yes so you can take all his trophies etc out of the equation in his A.Madrid days, he got a +1 in the 2014/15 season.

    Last 2 years your talking about that he hasn't changed, There a good reason and that is inconsistent Chelsea has been finishing 10th and no Europe the following season

    Oblak been consistent even without a trophy by finishing 3rd and getting to quarter finals or better the 3 years he been at A.Madrid

    Looks like Lukaku who many thought had unfinished bsiness at Chelsea is snubbing Chelsea and it's Frustrating Conte as he wanted as well as more transfer activity

    Emenalo wanted Lukaku not Conte, Conte wanted Morata. Looks like he may get what he wants now.

  9. 2 hours ago, AniAniAni said:

    Lukaku's "Premier League proven" tag can be overthrown by a single fact, being that in his most prolific season to date, his goals had no influence whatsoever on Everton's final position in the league table. Say what you want, but to me that is incredibly worrying, as when you pair that with his remarkably low tally against the so-called "top clubs", it becomes clear that he is another one of those "small team bullies" who does not turn up for the important games.

    Today's rumours suggest Chelsea weighing up a bid for Morata, which would apparently be around the 70M mark. Still horribly overpriced, but definitely a better option than Lukaku in my opinion, as at least the former knows how to control the ball when put under pressure.


    Same story with his international career, doesn't bode well but time will tell.

    1 hour ago, TalentSearcher said:

    Lukaku has scored 20+ every year for Everton(20, 25, 26) except the year he was on loan but also got an impressive 17 at WBA.

    No influence? Got the 3 points vs Sunderland, Got the openers vs Palace and City before they drew, Got opener vs West Ham, Got 2 vs Watford even know they lost, Opener vs City again, Got Opener and 4 vs Burnemouth, Helped on the comeback in Leicester game.

    He does have a low tally vs top teams but maybe with better side, he can improve but like I said previous posts, no 1 except maybe Aguero had a good goal tally vs top 6

    Lukaku scored 4 in 11 games last year, Kane did 4 in 10 games, Costa did 3 in 13 games, Sanchez did 3 in 12 games

    Hilarious how all of a sudden you are producing tripe stats to try and highlight how good Lukaku is now he is at United, yet when he looked to be on his way to Chelsea you couldn't find enough to show how poor he was.

  10. On 7/3/2017 at 7:21 PM, TalentSearcher said:

    Pogba was unlucky - hitting the woodwork 9 times, He made bag full of chances which only 6 chances were took. Hargreaves summed him up very well in a Europa league game, saying he is too good in his areas but Looking at his Juventus days Averaged 8 goals and many assisted. He done better than Lampard at his age.

    Conte had nothing much to do, sign 3/4 players and still have the Mourinho team, no European football so easier to work with the players etc. The board never back Mourinho n the summer for him to invest, who know who Chelsea might of got like Pogba.

    US Tour soon but still waiting on that holding CM and striker - People were saying on MUTV, why not bring back Chicharito

    So the reason he has been sh1te is because he is just too good?! Even for you that sounds pretty dumb!

    Below still applies to your points:-

    The difference between true world class players and good players is they convert those tough chances, put the ball in a place where it is harder to miss than score.

    Conte had plenty to do after Mourinho and his ego had done it's work on the Chelsea dressing room.

  11. 41 minutes ago, TalentSearcher said:

    United went on a good run, Just need to turn more shots into goals. People got on Pogba back, He was unlucky, could of been different scenario if the bar attempts went in and player converted more of his passes.

    I say Chelsea had it better but they didn't have to change much, it still a Mourinho side. Mourinho like to fix messes.

     If's, but's and maybe's. If i had 7 numbers on the lottery instead of 3 i'd be a hell of a lot richer!

    The difference between true world class players and good players is they convert those tough chances, put the ball in a place where it is harder to miss than score.


    Conte had plenty to do after Mourinho and his ego had done it's work on the Chelsea dressing room.

  12. 5 hours ago, TalentSearcher said:

    Most of your are like African experts that post on facebook

    If you look Courtois in his A.Madrid days, He was at 88 and jumped to 92 as he was consistent then and making an impact. He got +1 in Chelsea 2014/15 season. Chelsea finished 10th and following season, no European football - that is not top level or consistent therefore NO Raise

    Oblak, started at A.Madrid at 87. Had a long wait to get +1. He got to the CL final at got to 91. Last year He was great and consistent in Spain and CL got 93 - He deserves it.

    De Gea has been saving United for a long time, without him United would be in trouble

    I bet you deep down would of loved Pogba if you got him, of course your not gonna admit that. I am not gonna discuss United here as this is not the United thread.



    DDG is overrated. Fact

    Courtois is better. Fact

    Pogba is over paid and over hyped. Fact

  13. 7 hours ago, TalentSearcher said:

    You and 1000dB are like Liverpool fans - talking about honours in the past especially 1000dB on Courtois in A.Madrid - Are Chelsea fans forgetting the season in between the title wins?

    Simple last 3 years 14/15 15/16 16/17

    Oblak - Games 11, 7 Clean sheets, 6 Conceded Games 38, 24 clean sheets,18 conceded Games 30, Clean Sheets 15, 21 conceded

    Courtois - Games 32, 12 clean sheets, 30 Conceded Games 29, 5 Clean sheets, 29 conceded Games 36, Clean Sheets 15, Conceded 28

    De Gea - Games 37, 11 Clean sheets, 36 conceded Games 34, 15 clean sheets, 33 conceded Games 35, 14 clean sheets, Conceded 29

    Stats don't lie. You talk about De Gea, he roughly has same as Courtois but better 15/16 in Clean sheets.

    What has Courtois done in Europe under Chelsea?

    In between TITLE WINS.


    Chelsea could of finished in 17th and still had a good three years. They still won the league title twice.

    Your stats highlight how overrated DDG actually is.

    5 hours ago, Kev said:

    Oblak and DDG are both better than Courtois, aren't they? 


    3 hours ago, Kev said:

    Come off it - I know you're not an idiot and you know how football works. By that logic Keylor Navas is the best out of the lot. 2 CL titles and La Liga this year. That logic is just poor and you know it doesn't work like that. Unless you think that Maxwell is the greatest player ever because he has 37 trophies, followed by Ryan Giggs as the second most decorated in history. Those guys are better than Pele, Messi, Maradonna, Best, Cryuff etc...?

    Yes, clearly Maxwell is. 37 trophies don't lie.

    1 hour ago, TalentSearcher said:

    I'm gonna stop talking

    If only you would 

    1 hour ago, TalentSearcher said:

    no no, he was part to blame. you should look more at your Director of football and Owner. Mourinho wanted to invest in players like Pogba etc but Chelsea never splash the cash

    I bet Chelsea fans are devastated. They could of had one whole Pogba instead of spending about £10 mill extra and getting Kante, Alonso and Luiz.

    Oh the shame!

  14. 8 hours ago, Sir Rahul said:

    It's being reported by many credible sources, I'm not stupid to post random links.

    Been reported by a number of sources, seems like a done deal to me. I 

    What sources give it as a done deal? 

    I've only seen mentions of personal terms agreed and transfer fee still a way apart. Also Milan having agreed personal terms with Morata and looking to do a deal with Madrid. Not that I would call anything i have seen as having come from a source

  15. Pleased Utd went through, although it would have had to have been a shambles of a performance for them not to. Loving Zlatan and hope he comes back from his injury to play next season with United.

    I think another season for Rashford like this one, in terms of how he is being used, will set him up well to take over from Zlatan as the main threat up top for United. He could probably do it already but I don't think another year like this would hurt his development.

    I still stand by my opinion of Pogba not being what United were so desperate for in the summer, the money could obviously have been spent better in other areas. He has shown glimpses of brilliance with his passing and picking out players but it has been far to irregular for his price tag.

  16. On 2/9/2017 at 1:22 AM, Ste G said:

    What team do you follow Jamie? 

    49'ers myself, depressing season for them.. seems to be translating over to Liverpool now too, fml. If I ever follow another sport I'm going to just glory hunt for at least a little joy from time to time :lol:

    The Bears so I know your pain :lol:

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