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  1. Vardy and Ricardo Rodriguez signed, not bad. A proper goal scorer to feed off chances and finally a decent LB.
  2. It does seem on the high side when it is a similar value to what Laporte might cost. He is a good player though by all accounts and has some decent experience already. Villarreal have apparently confirmed the transfer will happen to Untied. Interesting to see how your team is starting to shape up.
  3. Let me know what you think once you get round to watching it. There are some pretty gruesome episodes, especially one in the second season.
  4. R.I.P Ali. Real tragic end to his career and the later years of his life. Gladly he'll be remembered for his skills, entertainment and strong beliefs.
  5. There is talk of it being Wengers last year, can't see it myself but how much longer can he go on just finishing in the top 4.
  6. Eric Bailly Yes or No? €40 million release clause. I can't, I'm just a bitter old man that can't wait to watch the world burn. Sky Sports about as reliable as Goal.com and the Daily Star. How can your name not be mentioned in the United thread, you're infamous! Or, and this is just a thought, maybe he was mentioned a couple of posts previously
  7. I thought you were going? Couldn't tear yourself away from me could you. Haha you do crack me up with your witty banter, along with calling me deluded after that first line of your post. Do you and Talentsearcher read the same newspaper? Also a bit worrying that you have taken to referring to the club as a living person.
  8. Shame to go, you really don't have to be scared. I mean if we ever were interested then that would definitely be the reason that it didn't happen. Kudos for finally being honest son. That's what I like to see. Keep dreaming the dream, don't let me or anyone else trample on it for you. (Moved it to the correct thread)
  9. Wait what? Inferior? Are you trying to say Stoke are a small club? That we are no where near the size of the great United? Shut up! I'm going to have to Google this crazy talk, your telling me lies! I like Zlatan and I think he is still quality but the reality is that you have signed an older player coming towards the end of his career on big wages for 1 year, that no other top European club considered. That includes the Mighty Potters haha.
  10. I'd say i'm a happy medium, a little bit delusional but can still grasp reality when needed. Not so sure on yourself though, especially if you think Stoke were interested in Zlatan. Although I guess it would reflect how far Untied have tumbled. Stoke competing with Untied for players, welcome to the lower leagues my pedigree chum. Why try to sound nice? Are you scared? Let your true feelings out boy, you'll feel much better. Glory, Glory Man United.
  11. Haha touche you idiot. How long have you been waiting to drag that up? Congrats though on beating world class teams from China for your big name's signature. Glory, Glory Man United.
  12. Always the way when they convert books to T.V/Film. I thought this series was completely new story line wise, as in now new books are there to base it on?
  13. Vardy not your typical Wenger signing, way too old for him normally. Be a good signing though, feeding off Ozil and James Rodriguez if rumours are to be believed.
  14. Yes, can't wait to see him in the Prem! Even if he is too wear that despicable shirt!
  15. No I haven't read any of the books. Is there much difference to the show?
  16. Makelele, Essien and Cambiasso were DM's for Jose. Where did I mention Blind being as good as any of them? You mentioned Blind not being able to be a DM due to his height, there is a list of players that all did well in the DM position that are as tall as Blind. Height is not a factor. I actually agree that Blind is average, good at best. He is far from the superstar some think he is.
  17. Good god that was boring. Awful performance really, against 10 men! Just hope it is because the squad has been picked now and players are waiting for the tournament.
  18. Ince, Keane, Mascherano, Matuidi, Essien, De Jong, Davids, Dunga, Matthaus, Cambiasso. All listed as similar heights to Blind, not sure why you need to be tall to be a good DM. Manolas meant to be be completed, guess we'll see how good he actually is if he does sign.
  19. Wilshere is so overrated and average he hurts my eyes every time I watch him! Puts in a quality performance every now and again. Drinkwater is just as talented, puts in twice as much effort and is less prone to pulling a muscle from tripping over a blade of grass.
  20. Apparently Giggs has chosen to leave United. Right choice for him if true, very sad that United would lose such an asset though. You do realize you have asked this question in the United thread?! There are no Untied fans from Manchester, let alone England!
  21. Please remind me what Messi did in Barcelona's only tough game in the Champions League this year? Oh that's right, absolutely nothing. What did he do in El Classico? Nothing again, surely not. Even Ronaldo managed to score in it! Messi could only manage a total of 1 against Espanyol, a more impressive 3 against Rayo. I'm starting to worry a bit now, Messi not living up to Ronaldo when it is so easy to accomplish these feats against such inferior opposition. Wait a minute, I think I might know why. It's because Messi is too busy being an inspirational god on the pitch, leading the cheers for his team mates. "Hurrah Amigos. Donde esta la biblioteca, Pedro?" Although I'm not sure Messi is even the best at helping out his team mates on the pitch, Ronaldo showed great promise early on in his career!
  22. Anyone else seen the despicable Paul Grange! Nice to see the police take action and kudos to the Landlord for kicking him out and barring him. Along with the revenge orders lol
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