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  1. Haha I would have to agree with you on Missandei, along with Daenerys and Melisandre for the same reasons! I want either Ramsay or Tyrion. Ramsay cause I can see the same "see u next tuesday" attitude as me and Tyrion cause he's Tyrion haha! Both probably unlikely though I guess. I'm finding Sansa boring now and Jon Snow as well. Just hope they have some good plans for Snow, otherwise they should have left him dead.
  2. Rashford is fine at 83, more than enough of a rise. He has burst onto the scene and done very well but it is also a short period of time, should he continue through next season then he can have a bigger rise. Similarly 94 is absolutely fine for De Gea, if you don't think he is worthy of a 94 rating then maybe you should get some glasses. Or better yet, get some eyes! Did you, I am very sorry in that case although if I am honest I pretty much skim read your posts. Mainly because normally they look more like hieroglyphics they're that poorly constructed.
  3. Don't have much of one, not seem a whole lot of him. Why I said I wasn't so sure on him for United.
  4. They have also pulled betting on Zlatan, yesterday he was 1/10 on to sign for United. United are now second favourites for the title with Chelsea, at 5/1. Pretty disappointing odds, not enough value there.
  5. Seems like you have made serious enquiries on both Manolas and Icardi. Icardi could be good but not so sure on Manolas.
  6. Me, sarcastic? Nooo, Never. I’m glad you agree with me. Not that you had any choice, I am always right after all. So you agree that Townsend does not deserve to drop then. I can only assume that is why you have used examples of players undeserving of rising. Glad you agree with my correct analysis again. Townsend deserves to drop because he is culpable by being associated with a relegated team that he wasn’t really much to blame for. Along with examples of players that you didn’t think deserved to rise due to them being very poor but in good teams. That makes absolutely zero sense, you’re more mixed up than a fruit cake sunny Jim. 90% of the last bit is illegible but from what I can gather Townsend would stay, maybe a chance of a +1 if he wore a Leicester shirt with the same performances. Little hypocritical to drop him -2 to 86 in that case just for being in a Newcastle shirt.
  7. Delort failed at Wigan for gods sake! Personally I wouldn't mind Wenger to sign any or all of them but pretty sure they are a world away from the world class forward the fans are after! The actual forward is Morata and Real Madrid are weighing up on whether to accept the bid or not.
  8. I really hope you sign Zlatan, for no other reason than I want him in the Premier League. Love his arrogance and ego, his after game interviews on MOTD would be quality.
  9. It is very much relevant, you brought up Jansen to help with your argument. It was a very poor reference and added no value to your post. The point is that you cannot use the Eredivisie as a yard stick against the Premier League or a player that has only played in that league with little to no top level competition. Jansen has had a very good season and he may well go on to score lots of goals for a big team in a top league, until he does that you won’t know how good he really is. Why? Because plenty of players have excelled in the Eredivisie but have then been found wanting when moving onto a more competitive league. Most should drop or all should drop? Surely by your own admittance every player has been part of the team and therefore is culpable for Newcastle’s relegation. Therefore every player needs to drop in ratings, solely for being part of a relegated team. Wait what?! This is Football, not Tennis. Well blow me, how silly do I feel. Oh no wait, that was you trying to make a funny. Quality banter. Yes he is part of the team, a part of it for a grand total of 12 games. That equates to just less than a 1/3 of a season, in that time he has done exactly what he was brought in to do. He is absolutely less culpable than the rest of the team, for his lack of games in a relegated team and for his performances. What would you do to his rating had he been part of Leicester with 12 games, 4 goals and 2 assists?
  10. Apart from the rumoured €50M bid for Morata. Meanwhile Glory, Glory Man Utd continue to be linked with world beaters like Andre Carrillo!
  11. With Rui Faria to be Mourinho assistant again that leaves Giggs out in the cold, not that anyone thought Mourinho would have Giggs be his assistant . I think Giggs would be better off parting with United and moving to a lower league club to begin his management apprenticeship. Rumoured €38M bid rejected for Varane.
  12. When was the last time you watched The Championship, seems like never. It is competitive and one of the most difficult leagues to compete in, I'd argue that it is better if not on the same level as some of the lesser first divisions in Europe. You are seriously trying to use Jansen playing in the Eredivisie as back up for your argument? Luuk De Jong, Jose Altidore and Marco Van Ginkel are just a few examples of players that have excelled in the Eredivisie yet failed in higher more competitive leagues. Luuk De Jong being quite fitting in that he failed at Newcastle. Any player above 86 has to drop? Why 86? You do know that the last time Newcastle were in the Championship Andy Carroll rose to 88 and Nolan rose to 87. Last season Hull got relegated yet Curtis Davies didn't drop solely because Hull got sent down, same with Diame and his 88 rating or Snodgrass and his 87. Have you actually watched Townsend this year at all, I find it difficult to believe if you think he has been nothing better than Ok/less rubbish than the rest. Contributing 4 goals and 2 assists in just 12 games for a relegation team when he has had little to no football for the first half of the season is pretty decent. Players who have been poor for Newcastle and have been culpable in them getting relegated should drop and I wouldn't argue if they drop a fair few ratings. To argue that Townsend deserves to drop solely because he has been relegated with Newcastle is ridiculous.
  13. So he has been picked as a favourite or because he has been the better player? Kinda not making any sense here. He has pretty much the same level of minutes as both Ox and Walcott, not as though he has had no competition through players not playing and making him a selection by default.
  14. Nice to see the voice of reason back in Ben. I have to agree with the midfield pairing of Rooney and Schneiderlin, I wouldn't be too excited by that if I was a Untied fan. Hardly the pairing to strike fear into the rest of the big guns in Europe. Rooney being able to pass a ball a long way on occasion a Scholes it doesn't make him. The CM pairing seems to be the position that throws up more questions than answers out of any need for your team.
  15. First you say he was picked for being a favourite, then that he has been better than the other wingers that could be picked ahead of him, now because he is a favourite. You're more up and down than a Yoyo lad.
  16. Yeah they have been poor and have struggled to get into the Arsenal team, they certainly do not deserve to be picked ahead of Townsend. That is what happens when you get picked on form, not on being a favourite. If it was solely on who is Roy's favourite then Walcott would have been a shoe in. Thanks for helping to counter your original point lol
  17. Regardless of what SM actually do, if you honestly think Townsend deserves to drop a rating to 87 you are mental. There is no sane argument for it, an 88 rating is fine for a championship player. Townsend has been with Newcastle since January and has been in fine form for them, not his fault they have been relegated. If he carries on his form he should happily stay at his 88. The last time Newcastle got relegated players like Carroll and Nolan rose in ratings for there form in the championship, players also dropped but they were 90 rated and only went to 88. There are plenty of wingers that Roy could select ahead of Townsend and some that are absolutely his favourites, he has been picked on his form.
  18. LVG sacked, official announcement at 1pm when the New York stock exchange opens. Welcome to the new saviour Mourinho! Silverware, big name signings and total domination are on its way!
  19. Townsend will probably stay at his rating, only joined Newcastle in January. He has been in superb form though, certainly doesn't deserve to drop a rating simply for being in a relegated team. If he gets a move to another premier league club and carries on his form he should be well worthy of a rise.
  20. Congrats on Braga getting some silverware Pedro, happy for you. I know how much a simple cup would mean to someone supporting a smaller club.
  21. Unfortunately the forum is no better, maybe even worse. I think you will struggle to get this idea off the ground. Shame you let TCO92 finish, I was enjoying that custom.
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