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  1. Nope, i'm afraid not. Messi elevates everyone around him to perform to a higher level, he is like a living can of Red Bull. No one would get tired with him inspiring them to greatness.
  2. Cute graphic, pretty meaningless though. It's quite funny you mention in a post about peoples replies not being coherent, you haven't actually made one solid point. Just a lot of hot air about goal scoring, creativity and Messi playing in every single position in the team. There are zero points with substance in your argument for lowering the rating of Ronaldo. If creativity is inspiring your fellow players to greatness, it isn't, and Messi is the king of it then why did Barcelona crash out of the champions league with arguably the best forward line in world football. While Real are in the final with an inferior side? Why did Barcelona almost collapse and hand the title to Real? Surely a team with such a gifted, inspirational God would be walking away with every title and leaving everyone else with bare cupboards.
  3. Haha have to agree on that! 99% of your posts are utter tripe but this is gold and actually made me laugh, bravo. So unbelievable its on level par with being probed by aliens!
  4. How can someone be using multiple accounts to loan players out to unmanaged teams?! Nothing wrong with what the manager has done at all. As soon as his players have come back at the start of the new season he has obviously listed them for loan and accepted the bids when they have come in. Maybe follow the 7 p's next time
  5. "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood!" Makes as much sense as your ever consistent ramblings. Ronaldo the greatest goalscorer ever but Messi being a better goalscorer than him. Come again?! Pretty sure others have shown your comment on Ronaldo offering nothing but goals to be a fallacy. No serious injury, I must have imagined about his ankle and thigh problems then. Along with the rest of the sane population. Both equally as great, important to there clubs and national teams. Fair ratings.
  6. Came in here to comment on Hysaj as well, this post sums it up exactly, absolute joke of a rating!
  7. Correct I only watched the first half, I turned it off after becoming bored at watching Bournemouth stroll around and knowing what the result would end up being. Don't agree with the title challenge comment at all but no doubt you should of been challenging to stay in the champions league places rather than actually trying to get in them. I'm not so sure Madrid will come in for him now, probably dejected because he knows his chance of joining Madrid went last summer.
  8. Hahahahaha that was an excellent laugh, thank you very much for that. United are no better than any of the other bigger sides let alone in the whole of England!
  9. Or you played against a very lacklustre side that were dreaming about the holidays they should already be on. LVG has been poor and by rights he should go but to judge it on tonight's game is a little naive.
  10. Shouldn't throw stones when you live in a glass house!
  11. I'd say 86 is way too much of a jump. No doubt the lad has done exceptional so far but it is still in a very short period of time, I would say 83 is fair and 84 max. Carries on his exploits next season (at the euro's if he is lucky to get picked) then by all means rise him as quick as you like, just not yet.
  12. Missed out Glennda, been one of our best outfield players this year along with Arnie. Deserves a long awaited +1. Muniesa I would say should be 50/50 to get a rise along with Geof Cameron. Cameron has done well and been important for us this year, Muniesa done ok when called upon but not played a huge amount. How can you give out ratings if you haven't watched us play then? To drop Afellay is absurd, he took a few games to get into his stride but before his injury he was absolute class for us in the middle. Not even as though he has missed many games, still got 24 starts. I know he may be out until after the new season but that should be no reason to have him drop. This.
  13. Unfortunately I see the three being dropped as Rashford, Drinkwater and Delph. Roy loves both Henderson and Wilshere, I think he will take them simply because of them playing well for him in the qualifiers. Personally I would drop Rashford, Henderson and Milner. I would have certainly taken Defoe instead of Sturridge as well, how he has missed out is criminal.
  14. Carrick has been your worst performing DM this year, that isn't an opinion it's a fact. Blind and Schneiderlin have performed better, even Schweinsteiger has. Don't get all the hype surrounding Carrick still, he was a quality player no doubt but he has deteriorated and is nothing more than a decent player now. Still living off being able to keep hold of a ball and pass it a long distance.
  15. It was a tongue in cheek comment towards TalentSearcher.
  16. Glad someone else has mentioned taking Defoe, I would include him in my squad as an impact player. Look at what he has done in a poor Sunderland side, a goal pretty much every other game and the third highest English scorer in the Premier League. The guy is a born finisher and still has pace to burn, to me he would be an excellent player to bring on after 60 minutes if we are in need of a goal.
  17. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/32461/10281283/manchester-united-have-no-deal-in-place-with-jose-mourinho-say-sky-sources Thought it was a done deal with Jorge Mendes buying homes in Cheshire and bringing in the new wave of players to work with.
  18. I didn't realise that Jordan Veretout rejected Leicester to join Aston Villa! He must feel like a million bucks right now!
  19. Butland should go but with his injury I don't think he will make it, wouldn't want to take any player if they are not 100%. Also isn't Terry retired from international duty? Or have I just made that up LOL Personally I would be horrified if we started to select players from other nationalities that qualify because they have lived here for a certain amount of time. Shouldn't happen. Pretty sure the home nations agreement would stop him anyway.
  20. How many times in a game do you see a player hit a 40 yard pass? You could probably count the times on one hand! Just because a player can pass a ball 40 yards does not mean in the slightest that you should take them to the Euro's! What an unbelievably silly argument to make. It seems that you think because the likes of Scholes, Beckham, Pirlo, Alonso, Gerrard, etc could do it the it means a player is a brilliant midfield general if they are able to pull of a long range pass. Gues what? All those players were pretty great at other aspects of the game as well, pretty sure that there all round game made them excellent midfield players. Not just because they could hit a ball a long way well. I would much rather have the likes of Alli, Dier and Barkley in midfield than Rooney just because he can pass a ball 40 yards.
  21. Sounds eerily like Liverpool in the 90's! I do not see you getting into the top four, I think it is too much to ask now. The only hope is if both Arsenal and Southampton manage to take points off City, even then you would need points from every game and with Leicester at home and West Ham away it is a big ask.
  22. Well stone the crows, I had no idea Talentsearcher wrote for the Sun! http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/7021806/Neymar-Gareth-Bale-and-Renato-Sanches-Its-the-Manchester-United-transfer-target-round-up.html
  23. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/12691/10261338/mats-hummels-asks-to-leave-borussia-dortmund-for-bayern-munich This guy was a dead on cert to join Utd a couple of million times according to this thread!
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