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  1. Re: France's Second Coming? The talent is there, but will never be recognized with Domenech at the helm. He'll be there until after the World Cup, but then the FFF should try to hire Laurent Blanc.
  2. Re: Where are the French rating changes? I got rid of Givet yesterday (swapped him for Senderos). He's got to go down to at least 88, he isn't even listed as a sub for OM matches anymore.
  3. I see that Ligue 2 and a few Ligue 1 teams have seen their changes, but the best French teams haven't budged. Shouldn't the changes have been completed by today?
  4. I know there is another thread about the draw, but no one is really making predictions there. Here are my guesses at who will move on to the round of 16: A: Chelsea, Roma B: Inter, Werder Bremen C: Barca, Sporting D: Marseille, Atletico E: Man U, Villareal F: Lyon, Bayern Munich G: Arsenal, Fenerbahce H: Real Madrid, Zenit
  5. Amine Erbati, CB, just signed from Raja Casablanca and plays for the Maroccan national team. Guy Gnaboyou, F, from OM's youth system, played in one match against Caen this year, and signed his first pro contract a few days ago.
  6. Re: What will France's Euro 2008 squad look like? Well the list is coming out in just 5 days, unless Domenech decides to submit an enlarged pre-list. I'll give this one more go. Any opinons would be much appreciated. Starting XI: GK - Coupet LB - Abidal CB - Thuram, Gallas RB - Sagnol DM - Toulalan DM - Flamini W/AM - Ribery W/AM - Malouda ST - Henry ST - Benzema Substitutes: GK - Frey, Landreau (but it should be Mandanda) DEF - Evra, Sagna, Mexes, Escude (alternatives: Clichy, Boumsong, Clerc) MID - Nasri, Viera, Makelele, Govou (alternatives: Diarra, Valbuena, Ben Arfa)
  7. Re: best international team I'll qualify this by saying that they certainly aren't favorites to win Euro this summer, but don't count out France. Les Bleus have quality young players coming up at practically every position: Mandanda, Clichy, Sagna, Toulalan, Nasri, Valbuena, Ben Arfa, Benzema, etc. In a few years, I think everyone is going to see France and Spain dominating the others.
  8. Re: Help with some French and Belguim ratings Of those 4 GK's, I'd definitely go with Lloris.
  9. Re: Help with some French and Belguim ratings 88 is not high enough for Valbuena...he has even been mentioned as an outsider for a Euro spot
  10. Re: Help with some French and Belguim ratings Valbuena should go up. At least to 89 I'd say, maybe even 90. He has been incredible for OM this season.
  11. Re: Goalkeepers - Doni(roma) Frey (Fiorentina) I have to say, as much as I like Frey, his biggest problem may well be his lack of time with the national team. Think about it: Coupet has Euro 2008. By the time the World Cup comes around in '10, there is a distinct possibility that it is either still Coupet's or possibly Mandanda's or Lloris' job. Frey could be in the in-between range: he is a top-notch GK, but Domenench or the next French coach may prefer to go with youth after Coupet is done.
  12. My best guess: Starting XI: GK: Coupet RB: Sagna (Sagnol) CB: Thuram, Gallas LB: Abidal CM: Toulalan (Flamini, Viera) CM: Nasri W: Ribery, Malouda ST: Henry, Benzema Subs: GK: Frey, Mandanda D: Sagnol, Mexes, Edcude, Clichy (Evra) M: Govou, Viera, Flamini, Valbuena, Ben Arfa F: Anelka, Cisse (should be Trezeguet, but it won't be)
  13. I have Marseille, and have spent a lot of time making transfers. In 5 league matches so far, I have 3 losses and 2 draws, but I have been better than all 5 teams I've played. Please help out if you can!!! I am currently playing the 4-1-2-1-2 G - Helton (90) RB - Beye (91) CB - Zubar (89) CB - Rodriguez (89) LB - Taiwo (89) DM/CM - Josue (91) RM/CM - Pinzi (90) LM/CM - Nasri (89) W/AM - Ribery (93) F - Cisse (90) F - Toni (94) Subs: G - Carasso (88) RB/CB - Oleguer (89) CM - Cana (89) W/AM - Dempsey (86) F - Pagis (88) The rest of my squad is pretty much youth squad players
  14. I want to play 2 strikers out of Keane (F), Saha (CF), and Gilardino (CF) All three are rated at 92 Is it ok to play 2 CF's up front together, or would I be better off playing Keane and one of the CF's?
  15. Re: Champions League 2007-2008 Worst possible draw for Toulouse. They aren't my team, but I love the French league so I was pretty disappointed. Liverpool will obviously be huge favorites. But hey, it's football, anything can happen! That being said, I think they draw 1-1 in Toulouse and Liverpool wins 2-0 or 3-0 at Anfield.
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