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  1. Re: help

    SM used to be strong with cheating and ban accounts and now it seems they turn a blind eye to dirty cheats for the smell of cash and they are free to carry on without fear :mad:

    I know it so annoying mate.

    I think it should go back to the good old days

  2. Re: help


    You can report him in the game under multi accounts. They will investiage.

    Yeah but I never got a response on previous double accounts until I added it here as well which is making soccer manager realize how annoyed I am

  3. Hi soccermanager.com I am going to quit the game for good if you don't take action against this guy in European championship 367, he is the Porto and he will take up another team in the league bid maximum for one of his players and use use the money to outbid me for my targets, which is breaking the rule of 2 account but he manages to break it. But recently just to annoy me even more he has gone further and has now got 2 permanent accounts. Here are the links;



    Both in European championship 367 need kicking

  4. Hi in my game world, one of my friends has just joined on a 3rd account, on all 3 accounts he goes out to wreck me by bidding for all my targets, I short list heskey and he then bidded, I bid randomly for a Coventry player, then he oout bids me and this is just stupid as he changes to a team with money when he runs out of money. So I think he should just Have 1 account, hence me coming here as the report is pretty useless. So can you remove these 2 from Euro championship 367;



    Those 2 and thank you if you do take any action.

  5. Hi forumers my league is being ruined as someone is being sour as I outbid them on someone on their shortlist and that the idea of soccermanager isn't it an he then just get another to ruin it for me these account Will jab same stuff, so I would like to have fun Still so please kick these.

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